Perhaps, a thing or two…draft,draft.

Perhaps, a thing or two…draft,draft.

First, there was Spinoza whom spoke in terms of the Universe as God, no more. So, no more to Spinoza.

Kant termed “radical transformation” to mean a very human change from thinking only of yourself, to feeling for, and serving others, as well.

Thus, God served to inspire a human Natural Law occurrence under Christian auspices.

Hegel took the mystical and made it the State, saying that what is (now), is the way it was meant to be (convenient!) for the King of Prussia.

Mystical from myth needing to suggest a Forefather Progeny Everlasting that lives to substance in Universal Energy’s, Motion’s, Destiny of Cycle of Organic and Intelligent And Wise life forms before Heaven Eternity. From Super-Nova to exoplanets to ideas culminating generations’ quest to know why we’re here.

Philosophically, “You see growing up as Hegel says Man has is not enough,” says God, “because Now to reach a 1,000 years of the Christ on Earth, Man must learn the trade of applied wisdom to his applied technologies and applied sciences to make himself more of Himself on Earth, i.e., not Jonestown, or aggressively suicidal (through homicide).

This then, prepares Man for the Kingdom of Heaven, having gained wisdom on how to behave intelligently in the Presence of the Divine image.

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