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The alternative introvert- strengthened leader

Social ideals include social events and meeting all kinds of people. Keeping a large group of friends and spending a lot of time socializing.

But for most, the ideal doesn’t hold. People can be dismayed by two-faced backstabbing people and the more people you are exposed to the more chance of encountering such people types.

So the best we can do is have a few good friends that tread lightly in a friend’s domain and mutually maximize quality time in friendship socializing with the back-of-the-head knowledge that you have to return to the daily grind in the near future and you want your quality time realized for your balance of work and leisure which may include getting different perspectives on a particular subject and agreement on other things.

This is not to take away from the wife or husband, or children needs for quality time. It’s added focused of quality time from a few good friends.

As for the lack of comprehensive socializing. Values identification involving groups locally, nationally, and internationally from news sources can Id’ a sense of belonging to community at-large from volunteering time or money for needed services on this planet Earth.

Abraham Boulder

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Critical social psychology

Socialism’s ideals are made invalid because of applications tied to communism and the Soviet. Despite ideology, totalitarianism works against the worker, eradicates personhood, and leaves a shared poverty that the majority do not want to live.

Political parties should address identities matters to valid social psychology for valid behaviors that serve “the common good.”

Things get complicated when conclusions of applied scientific methods yield an invalidness of scientific results because the trials done on subjects are small in number.

Scientific truths or validity must be the primary pursuit to move social phenomenae to a forward leaning mode or social progress via applications of sound (and valid) social psychological conclusions from valid scientific experiments.

This further complicates when half the American populations are socially isolated and the socially adept include bullies, rapists, opportunists, exploiters, profiteers, nihilists and anarchists and deconstructionists; extricating vitality and leaving the good dumbstruck, dumbfounded, befuddled, dazed, and bemused.

Helpful books include Belong; Connected; and A Path Appears. [Available at Half Price Books.]

These books address the subject of social connection. They are motivators to get off your own duff and do something meaningful with your time, particularly to participate in group activities and group think.

It is when our self is connected to a “we” that we afford a nasi or balance in our psychology that benefits one’s own ego, and group consciousness.

Healthier individuals interacting in healthier groups lead to a healthier society. A post-Enlightenment Era.

I do not want to leave the audience witnessing this discussion with overall dismay.

Just as good can come from the group, group dysfunction can disrupt a healing balm from connectevness and group identification.

While participation in the group is key to group intercourse, group and individual pathologies do exist and usually need aid that’s more than a band-aid.

Although not everyone is keen on solving social problems, a college course of “Intro to Social Problems,” attended and learnt from can give one an idea of the scope of dysfunction in groups and the potential solutions that have and are considered today.

Social progress in America can be a very negative meaning. However, group think, group intercourse, group and individual health are very constructive positive or negative affect.

This is constructive social progress not forced, but implemented readily to assist individual mental health.

Less revolutionary, than “a welcome home.”

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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And now: Soviet psychiatry, Soviet union/global

Northeast Asian [Soviet state] psychiatry

Institute of social psychology torture

State is

Truth unequivocably by the pain, the utter and absolute agony induced in an individual or an entire nation with “look ma, no hands!” Proves that the state exists and, nothing else, is the value system of society.  The state.

Society is nihilistic in projection of values.

Radical revolutionary reactionaries and chieftains continue “the march” to human obsolescence. From 1900 Russia.

-Keven. The fight for freedom is the fight to be free of this tyranny. Both in avoiding the agony of tyrant states’ truth for the individual or for the nation. It’s a fight against valueless society, as depicted in “The Crises in Democracy” (on the internet).

It’s answered by the God fearing man and woman, and child[ren]. And atheist retaining ethical principles, decency, good nature, and determined to develop good social skills (out from social isolation).

Abraham Boulder

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When Hope and History Rhyme, II

By Douglas R. Burgess, Jr.

“A must read for any student of modern American history.”

Peter Burns, QC, Dean Emeritus of the University of British Columbia Law School and former chair of the UN Human Rights Committee Against Torture


“President Bidden demonstrated his core belief every person is deserving of equal rights under the law; he also believes that the United States must hold other nations to account for their abuses . . . [and the U.S. government be held to the same standard].”

Brackets mine.
-Abraham Boulder.  (“Keven”)

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Shot in the head

Three times by Philip Bertrum Devinsky

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Now it’s come to this

Phil special elite ammo to Russian spy who awaits info on Google headline ads to blow my head off.

Phil apparently, allegedly firing miniature bullet propellants at my head.

Attacking the home front. Such a miniaturized bullet that’s efficacy leaves me “dumb and mute,” still is a “shot heard around the world “

The President allegedly feels betrayed. He’d rather see Phil work on me rather than him. But is either target a correct attack? And for whom?

Abraham Boulder

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I want my sanity

Being raped by PCB in aggressive feelings can leave me anhedonic.
Please be careful and not support his overlyaggressiveness.

Torture engaged in on parallel format where it is claimed (but not happening by my own doing) to cajole me to anti-integrity, anti-constitution, anti-character, anti-uprighteousness.

This is done by prison guards to prisoners.  The prison guards do not have American citizenship and counterintuitive they engage in espionage compromise to encourage (a form of brainwashing) the imprisoned to attack American society any way they can upon release from detention for the sake of their dictator.

Same way, my partner and I have a strict budget.  So my partner and I stay st home and my brother, Philip Bertrum Devinsky, assumes I’m in detention in the home front.  He doesn’t pay rent upstairs.  I have interest in seeing him leave. I don’t even like the guy.

If someone would confirm it is in fact my brother doing  a sibling psychiatric offense (without brain disorder inflicted on me–a lot of chronic stress and distress involved that’s mentioned in the DSM4 and DSM5).

I don’t want this guy neae me.  I can get a no-contact order to remove him for a mile buffer around me (necessary I think because he rears the children up their buttocks and they’re all too wound up (or emotionally put down) around my immediate environs).

Please assist.

What’s pure puke from these so-called professionals is that PCB may be in house detention from Attica prison and Walla Walla prison and they give him the liberties to melt lead and pour liquid lead on to me in nano form. I feel the heat. I feel the weight. And what’s more, he attacks my genitalia to destroy my genes. Attacking my sex organs that the enemy doesn’t engage in.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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MIT goes Soviet.

But in a non-academic way. Doing espionage against freedom by intentionally wiring an individual victim’s brain for enslaving and muting genius, aptitude and mental faculties.

What may be parts of the operation are: (1) organisms or bioagents, (2) nano wiring and nano tube and nano piapets application tools, (3) miniature “earthly gravity and graveness” (bionano) structures (working in two dimensions entailing different structural integrities and movement of matter and energy).

I don’t know how “mini” they’ve gotten. They emphasize applied technology techniques.

Rather than wiring my brain by a cousin doing maronic antics.

This physics may apply to a metalicbio skin of a war plane or terrestrial vehicle or sea worthy vehicle that uses nano technique to “wire up” while working in the imbedded, partially metalic skin. Complete access between solid metal and nano wiring without earth- gravity drilling and earth- gravity pliers.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Today; 3/19/2022

The humanitarianism of totalitarianism is the optimum absurdity of this decade.

A machine that thinks itself a god is insanely absurd.

A totality of nothingness invented by science, perpetrated by religious leaders, and prayed to by Aryan death seekers and maintained by an imbalance of Nazi perspective.

It is freedom without responsibility that is freedom of the absurd, an revered entity (human host to a snake) of nothingness talking and rearing the dead for conversation with their own alternative ego that is conversation with your own total consciousness while using a dead carcass as a medium between ego and alter ego.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Beseech you to keep AI anthropologically correct

Because there are those that wish AI to dominate and possibly enslave mankind (humankind), there needs to be an AI Firewall and an AI Anti-virus.

As a stalwart, the AI Firewall can be called, “AI George Washington” the AI Anti-virus called “AI Jonas Salk (found a cure for the scourge, polio).”

Always treating AI as a tool with human command. The interface can be programed to customize the users’ capacity to apply AI software from a IQ range of a retarded brain IQ to an exceptionally intelligent brain IQ

Programmed as a tool, and customizing user application ability, of human command.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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