The alternative introvert- strengthened leader

Social ideals include social events and meeting all kinds of people. Keeping a large group of friends and spending a lot of time socializing.

But for most, the ideal doesn’t hold. People can be dismayed by two-faced backstabbing people and the more people you are exposed to the more chance of encountering such people types.

So the best we can do is have a few good friends that tread lightly in a friend’s domain and mutually maximize quality time in friendship socializing with the back-of-the-head knowledge that you have to return to the daily grind in the near future and you want your quality time realized for your balance of work and leisure which may include getting different perspectives on a particular subject and agreement on other things.

This is not to take away from the wife or husband, or children needs for quality time. It’s added focused of quality time from a few good friends.

As for the lack of comprehensive socializing. Values identification involving groups locally, nationally, and internationally from news sources can Id’ a sense of belonging to community at-large from volunteering time or money for needed services on this planet Earth.

Abraham Boulder

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