Critical social psychology

Socialism’s ideals are made invalid because of applications tied to communism and the Soviet. Despite ideology, totalitarianism works against the worker, eradicates personhood, and leaves a shared poverty that the majority do not want to live.

Political parties should address identities matters to valid social psychology for valid behaviors that serve “the common good.”

Things get complicated when conclusions of applied scientific methods yield an invalidness of scientific results because the trials done on subjects are small in number.

Scientific truths or validity must be the primary pursuit to move social phenomenae to a forward leaning mode or social progress via applications of sound (and valid) social psychological conclusions from valid scientific experiments.

This further complicates when half the American populations are socially isolated and the socially adept include bullies, rapists, opportunists, exploiters, profiteers, nihilists and anarchists and deconstructionists; extricating vitality and leaving the good dumbstruck, dumbfounded, befuddled, dazed, and bemused.

Helpful books include Belong; Connected; and A Path Appears. [Available at Half Price Books.]

These books address the subject of social connection. They are motivators to get off your own duff and do something meaningful with your time, particularly to participate in group activities and group think.

It is when our self is connected to a “we” that we afford a nasi or balance in our psychology that benefits one’s own ego, and group consciousness.

Healthier individuals interacting in healthier groups lead to a healthier society. A post-Enlightenment Era.

I do not want to leave the audience witnessing this discussion with overall dismay.

Just as good can come from the group, group dysfunction can disrupt a healing balm from connectevness and group identification.

While participation in the group is key to group intercourse, group and individual pathologies do exist and usually need aid that’s more than a band-aid.

Although not everyone is keen on solving social problems, a college course of “Intro to Social Problems,” attended and learnt from can give one an idea of the scope of dysfunction in groups and the potential solutions that have and are considered today.

Social progress in America can be a very negative meaning. However, group think, group intercourse, group and individual health are very constructive positive or negative affect.

This is constructive social progress not forced, but implemented readily to assist individual mental health.

Less revolutionary, than “a welcome home.”

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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