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Ecological Intelligence

By Daniel Goleman

“The expanded empathy adds to a rational analysis of cause and effect the motivation.” p.44

From a different angle: there is a scientific love–objective–less subjective.

That entails genuflection, or pronounciation inflection that comprises affect intelligence that can be picked up in conversation.

In the subconscious under “psyche economy surplus” a certain mentality serves as a discipline for constructive muses, business analysis subjecting pioneering pensivity NOT to old guardian thinking.

It is the stepping stone to constructive thinking with practical consideration for profitable enterprise meeting required sustainable thinking, or applied “ecological intelligence” spoken of by Professor Goleman in his above mentioned book for this moment and this century.

-Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Reasons for human decline and profit creation methodology

I’ve written on reward taking that can quite fast emerge as physical degeneracy or mental decompemsation.

An excellent reason for this, besides having enjoyed oneself and maxed out physiology, is that work environments are actually places where they demotivate employees then supervisors or management says to the employee to get the demanded high or very high productivity levels anyway.

With these two reasons, you can see a rejection of wholesomeness for “business battle.”

Having gotten some sleep, orange juice and an egg fills normal nourshment requirements for a.m. work.

But when constructive demand begins to pressure employees for constructive output, 14 day sabbaticals of nutritional science engineered to “change yourself” can be binary: (1) to look for profit making, and (2) to try some methodology not visited until now.  Something healthy and constructive.

After preliminary two weeks, 30, 60, or 90 day excursions can satisfy scheduling needs and refine productivity requirements.

In addition, changes in the blockchain adds to adjustment requirements of business constructive strategy implemented from your inside out.

Therefore meeting requirements for a paradigm shift when meeting industry requirements for production, or start-up economies of scale.

You can’t solve the problem in the same mentality you created it in.

“Out of your mind” by Sir Ken Robinson

Paradigm shifts change the mind.

For things to stay around for employees to bother you must have a sustaibable market from which to devise items rekevant to the new paradigm shift.

Is demand accurately portrayed?

Is sustable market in major growth?

If growth exists in sustainable markets, what do people want to complement the sustainable markets?

Abraham Boulder.  -Keven.

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The Washington Post: Adding asparagopsis – a type of seaweed – to feed will block most methane emitted by cows, scientists say

The Washington Post: Adding asparagopsis – a type of seaweed – to feed will block most methane emitted by cows, scientists say.

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Awake, oh Dear land!

Since President Jimmy Carter and following presidential administrations from both major patties, we have collected legal documents that have been used for legislation and contract law that were not reviewed for their constitutionality. Not at legal passages buried in 1,000 page documents.

It is these documents that the light of day and fresh air allows for constutional law task masters to determine the actual validity of these documents as constitutional law.

And thrown out if inadquate.

Notations taken with regard to the constitutionality of a triacate and whether it needs to be included in present day amendments compiled for a present day U.S. Constitution.

Continuing American tradition of using the U.S. Constitution as the back bone of this nation; mutual advantage, international trade, secure borders and outreach to do our America 1st responsibilitues to ourselves and the world.

And in the spirit of the book Modern Death which has three stages to death when there can be actually five, six, or seven stages in life and thereafter.

We say riga mortis set in on Western civilization only to be overshadowed by the appearance global civilization and global societies and local “nature nations.”

This is Thomas Aquinas third volume where people feel comfortable with their Jesus and science stops trying to be a religion.

And the 1,000 year Jesus reign continues with scholars that don’t convince the religious intelligent to not have their faith and their belief in their God because of their professionalism and atheism.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Hey cousins, sisters, and brothers. . .

We’ll get through this. Let’s enjoy, responsibly.

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Eastern Orthodox deacon hopes to give severe illness to AB by gravity feed.

Slvan Milosevic seem present to confer with Fill-up

Wig-wam strictnine in left arm veins gravity feed.

I have equal rights WA state constitution for heteroseuality.

PCB (allgedly belongs in Attica prison) intends for me to die with him, rearing me profanely in very aggressive emotional intelligence (or lack of a psychopath) against the only (constructive) (sacred) God and Avi.

Taking advantage of boundary breaches of DSM4+5 sibling issues that he apparently uses on general public.

Using aerojet (fan) rail guns to transport disease down to residence below.

Sorcery occult witchcraft warlock

Extreme, radical, very very aggressive homosexual pejorative death cult.

It’s on the books as criminal proceedings (sorcery). Should nail PCB for spending too much time among the dead.


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Break bread

In order to improve the State, you mow them into the ground.

What’s the schedule for annhilation, elimination?

When do we go to “blueprint for clean removal.”

To “cataclysm.”

Are we ready for eradication?  Are we to build “work experience” with plastic mannequins; tons of them.

Or settle with “work experience” with something else?


Rabbits for example.

Or, turkeys.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Abraham Boulder

-Keven Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

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He doesn’t exist

PCB is over. He does not exist. If does exist, it’s coup d’etat.


Mavhiavelli can entail a sleaze bag who wants to do things publicly for the general constituents, or is he going to do so?

As for me, if we confirm slickiness, we may wind up with constituents receiving lobotomies for people of conscience, or even for rebels-in-spirit who want to keep private enterprise, and cyclical voting in the constitutions of states and the central state.

If things change, and they will, let’s string some well thought out amendments to the constitutions, updating them, and entering the 21st Century.

U.S. Constitution is our backbone. Let’s make it more real and pressing.

Metaphorically, the locomotive will be leaving the station. To start Him up the need is for “first things first.”

Survey the terrain, it’s changed, and with that the tracks need to lead in different directions.

Even if this is virtually done on computer in 3D hologram pictures. Imagine that happening.

Metaphorically, we have to lay more railroad tracks that get us to new railroad station destinations.

A blueprint for solutions to American emerging markets, trading globally.

With each track leading to emerging markets, not completely known 2 or 3 years before.

Key here is “antifragility,” resilience (same thing).

Engineering for sensitivity to natural market behavior close to our hearts and built for sustainability for a Destiny for generations-to-come.

Of homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens. All humans with respective to their own niches in railroad engine send off.

Oh, by the way. You have to do things correctly to get to the moon or Mars.

Well same thing coming down to Earth.

Things need to be done correctly, or we never get off the ground to solve our united problems.

All is one? Well, so are our problems.

As they say at BTS 3701, U.S. Air Force:

“Lead follow or get out of the way.”

Abraham Boulder

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Mud slime slim

I have spoken of subhuman evolutionary inheritance entailing losing your brain and heart and concentration of physiological singularity similar to one-celled mudslime.

Such a development, native to forest tree stumps, does prodding with numerous nuclei directed at, and seeking human waste, dead matter, and general filth.

Do it. It is not incredibly smart, the mudslime. “Shake-a-loose the slim form’s embrace” let’s you know it perchance tightens around your chest and you cannot breath.

If it goes where two be aware of it’s temporary grip which is a scare and a laugh and harmless for the onset.

Maybe things are too wet. Drying them by the fireplace gives you peace of mind.

Maybe a little less prodding. Do you good.

Abraham Boulder.

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An attack on whales checking the shit hole made of nature’s Puget Sound

Aryan death, nazi imbalance, soviet pseudo science.

A result of Western civilization’s demise and the contra of World civilization & world society emerging.

Soviet is Straussian philosophy: lies, lies, more lies.  Laws enacted are Post-Straussian actions.

Post-Enlightenment is beyond post-modern integration of various fields to develop synthesis reality or the paradigm shift away from 20th Century thinking and to solve the problems created in the 19th, 20th, 21st Century that can’t be solved in the old mentality.

Abraham Boulder

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