Awake, oh Dear land!

Since President Jimmy Carter and following presidential administrations from both major patties, we have collected legal documents that have been used for legislation and contract law that were not reviewed for their constitutionality. Not at legal passages buried in 1,000 page documents.

It is these documents that the light of day and fresh air allows for constutional law task masters to determine the actual validity of these documents as constitutional law.

And thrown out if inadquate.

Notations taken with regard to the constitutionality of a triacate and whether it needs to be included in present day amendments compiled for a present day U.S. Constitution.

Continuing American tradition of using the U.S. Constitution as the back bone of this nation; mutual advantage, international trade, secure borders and outreach to do our America 1st responsibilitues to ourselves and the world.

And in the spirit of the book Modern Death which has three stages to death when there can be actually five, six, or seven stages in life and thereafter.

We say riga mortis set in on Western civilization only to be overshadowed by the appearance global civilization and global societies and local “nature nations.”

This is Thomas Aquinas third volume where people feel comfortable with their Jesus and science stops trying to be a religion.

And the 1,000 year Jesus reign continues with scholars that don’t convince the religious intelligent to not have their faith and their belief in their God because of their professionalism and atheism.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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