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Universal ceiling of sanity and Earth challenges

Transcendental literature for smart phone compositions I draft. Whose transcending is anchored metaphorically to the two coupled earthquakes, each a week or a week and a half apart in the Pacific Northwest, and Seattle (8.0:7.0 part of the fault line under the University of Washington campus in Seattle).

Ideas tend to go through this exoplanet in one second. The way they (idea quanta) go through a person in the same one second, both as solar (cause: our sun or other mass) specs, or string theory oscillating enharmonics or Megacreation orchestration and twists or turns effect to give a complete idea or complete impression from waves of string “grain” effect intersecting as the margin of error increases in the universe and before it is anabollically-physics corrected.

The dead liberate from the body. The body’s remains has made an impression on this exoplanet. And the dead’s Intellect needs to separate from the body to leave it’s eternal spirit impression on the universe. We are intimate in idea quanta with this, our universe. And the soul journeys from belief system to realization effect that the spirit-intellect finds release that may be, a heaven out of hell, and a hell out of heaven, or just Niravanna–that is peace, joy, loving embrace with the universe in spirit and constructive mojo, order singularity with the Higher Power and intellect bliss or damnation. Amen

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

Abraham Boulder

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Jesus cannot live on Earth without God the Father, without God, the Creator

Is it madness to speak if God? Or is it madness to speak of the son of Christian Creator, God the Father, without His Greatness.

When we are offered Earthly presence, not of just Earthly presence of your Jesus, but your Jew Hebrew presence where Spirit meets exoplanet of 100 million exoplanets in God of the Universe’s domain, His Creation, not ours, our physical presence, a generational journey that should not be halted until we live the Boulder Period of 276 million years–when dinosaurs lived 173 million years, and we can do better not worse.

You listen to the Aryans of Mesopotamia who killed the Ionian Civilization Greek race and brought Hellenistic scholarship, but also Greek tragedy involving murder, and suicide like Rev. Jones and Jonestown.

It is the Semites of Israel whom within their holy Torah, has the Book of Generations. To offer the sacred idea of Destiny for a diverse neighbors from which different racial families provide the greatest opportunity for survival of the human species, according to fundamental biogenetic law.

Those of half-brothers and half-sisters must not let neurosrructuraly or biochemistry abnormalities (psychiatryl lead them on to murder and suicide.

There is no great glory in it. And no heaven awaits those that slaughter and butchery provides a oath to Heaven. As the 5th Apostle would say, “No Heaven for human extinction. Onwards, to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.”. From Creation of homo sapiens of God

Abraham Boulder

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Dark Metaphysics – Neurohermeneutics

Carlyle speaks character of a Mason whom bricklays with care and the building lasts for many years, many storms, many seasons.

Well, we have a couple 9.0 & 8.0-earthquake to encounter that will a bumpy ride a week or a week and a half between each one.

Then we have a 8.0 & 7.0 coupled-earthquake in Seattle proximity that the fault line includes under the University of Washington.

Okay, so why am I here. Because I’m Russian and tragedy happens.

But tragedy by starvation is completely unnecessary when experts say they can end hunger world-wide soon.

It is an outrage that Russia doesn’t feed his/her (anima/animus) own and allows unnecessary tragedy using the excuse that “it’s Russia.”

Come down from your high horse and get food to your loving people, who love you very much Putin. Do it. Don’t think it. Do it.

Abraham Boulder.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

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How to fight a war with a F-35

We have the normal five senses to handle this plane.

But there is more to handling it “than meets the eye” or the other four senses.

So the other dimension is feeling your way in quantum physics with meta-normal feelings.

What is “out there” is in your heart (or not), and, consequently in the core of your brain stem: the fight, or flee of 2 million year old endoskeletal, warm-blooded, milk breasts, and young inside of evolving homo sapiens sapiens mammals.

Considered by some to have been created from the biogenetic evolution of these mammals and ordained with sacred cerebrum of homo sapiens sapiens to continue physical evolution of our cerebrum as Human Command with tools like AI quantum computing and bioengineering adapting our cerebellum to better cope with an exoplanet that acts more and more like the laws or principals of the universe with singularity constructive mojo of meta-normal stemming from Creator God, Our Father who art in the Heavens and “we too will go there–Destiny–in our lifetimes.” And this exoplanet behaving less like the “Garden of Eden.”

You can’t fight a war with no purpose or mission. At least not with the sensitivity of these jet fighters.

Figuring that action occurs in 85 percent unconsciousness it’s probable that most of the universe fits the pattern of our private, personal unconscious: amount of universal dark matter=similar percentage, or 85 percent=85 percent private, personal unconscious, including the commons (of unconsciousness).

Now in quantum space, there is matter and anti-matter. Also included is “intent.” Whereby we can expect to get what we’re wishing for. Or get what you don’t want, but get anyway.

If you are fighting a war with the intent of “blowing everything up” in the age of globalization, you cannot converge the metanormal to singularity of the “Creator” because your fight is not restrained and restricted so as to not interfere with private R&D promoting homo sapiens sapiens sapiens Destiny, or your intent to simply blow everything up that happens to also hold a specific mass on this planet. (Clearly existing, with intent

In this case, one meta-normal spirit focuses on “destroying everything” and the other introduces “intimacy with the universe,” (bringing us to the Father, Creator, God of the universe) meta-normal singular focus praying for constructive aim, constructive achievement, constructive, effective conclusions on real deadlines.

The difference in intent, purpose, mission and results are the difference of an organisms anabolic system and nutrient-rich catabolic action and energy availability versus it’s Aryan (death) catabolic energy and motion of rot and decay frenetic organism action. One is an “energy to complete destruction,” or anti-matter handled in it’s dervatives.

And one is, the only one, is Destiny of our Species. And of the singualrity metanormal mojo–or, “matter–of God, the constructive goal, achievement, conclusion by meeting literal deadlines.

Matter versus anti-matter.

Spirit=type of performance of matter at the quantum physics level involving energy and motion.

Anti-matter entails energy and motion for sheer, or complete destruction.

Both involve “intent.” Matter intends to build on matter with a margin of error needing a recalibration.

Anti-matter seeks entire elimination.

Both are not necessariy compatible in a globalized civilization#9 in the Sinai crosswinds.

Abraham Boulder

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King Homo sapiens sapiens

Subjected to royal exposure whom can prepare world population, adjusting cerebellum and ecoequilibrium extrapolation first for 11 years (done in 6 years), then 250 years for human-singularity transformation for group cohesion and species survival skills.

It is now. Now that human subjects need to be identified as homo sapiens sapiens to anchor with what is scientific fact in anthropology in order to raise royalty to a refined leadership that is based on scientific fact and not waywardly adrift, in leadership delusion.

It is denial of this need that rings not of liberty but falseness of anthropology, the science of man.

It is not a question that royalty exists, it is whether it is built on falseness (unacceptably vagueness doused in literature of a fiction sort), or built upon the labors of truth, justice, and collaborative empire, of man so stated as “homo sapiens sapiens” species.

And the language that reaches the Almighty in It’s kingdom serves to singularly retain skilled human command with hands of opposable thumbs for handling AI quantum computer tools with a sacred cerebrum that physically evolves it’s part of brain organ on the human nature of command leadership, and AI quantum tool deftly learning service to mankind, not “being mankind.”

Abraham Boulder.

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Can you relate.

Fill-up creates holes mini-ghettos that the sleaze and slime of his existence. He moves guys in willing to do twenty years and murder to leave me exposed then he collects rent from them having downplayed the condominium and seizes control of its units.

I’m ashamed of such character and I desperately seek a safe place to live, a part from fill-up.

Abraham Boulder,

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85 percent seen in the light of learning.

Random physics, mutation physics, changes in or increases in the direction of “fields of grain,” idea quanta data emerging from cause and effect hits that include different hits in sequence as cause and effect feedback from margins of error universally and advances in evolution to complex organisms, starting part-by-part and causing different effect hit demarcation from the evolved-part cause “locking into place,” and sending anabolic physical activity hit effects until enough idea quanta data of cause and effect hits of data leads to anabolic organismic activity and complex organism.

Abraham Boulder.

Also, homo sapiens sapiens is made of viral, mammalian, and human genes.

Not to understand this, is to miss understanding human civilization, especially of Semites, and their shared destiny impetus put forward by them for each and every of the generations of human creature.

What remains is lizard snake rat brain human degeneracy interested in copulation with the dead with decompensated gene expression resulting.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

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