85 percent seen in the light of learning.

Random physics, mutation physics, changes in or increases in the direction of “fields of grain,” idea quanta data emerging from cause and effect hits that include different hits in sequence as cause and effect feedback from margins of error universally and advances in evolution to complex organisms, starting part-by-part and causing different effect hit demarcation from the evolved-part cause “locking into place,” and sending anabolic physical activity hit effects until enough idea quanta data of cause and effect hits of data leads to anabolic organismic activity and complex organism.

Abraham Boulder.

Also, homo sapiens sapiens is made of viral, mammalian, and human genes.

Not to understand this, is to miss understanding human civilization, especially of Semites, and their shared destiny impetus put forward by them for each and every of the generations of human creature.

What remains is lizard snake rat brain human degeneracy interested in copulation with the dead with decompensated gene expression resulting.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

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