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Cycle of eternity

  • God of Unity, Creator of: spirit; and scientific matter and energy; animating a dictum to subparticles via idea quantum “to evolve” physics to chemistry to biology to Orville Reddenbacher popcorn© popping idea quanta of Man, Woman, and child(ren) of discovery and destiny.

    Keven Jung Young

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    Homo erectus (constructive) and Homo sancrom (for living)

    Vs. Homo coccssus and necromancy (living hell and serial death and relations’ death–singular death)

    Human physical body centers and approach to living or extermination– “getting the feel ‘right’ of the terrain for war”)

    Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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    Do Heed!

    Sacred entreaties to the Lord our God (the only one God, said to amplify his greatness as a Higher Power for those seeking refuge in sanity, and to identify the universal ceiling of sanity, genuine love, and redemption from the only one God. Our love.)


    I adore you, O LORD, my strength, 3 LORD, my crag, my fortress, my rescuer, my God, my rock in whom I seek refuge, my shield [shield of Solomon], my mighty champion,-my haven.- All praise! I called on the LORD:. From TANACH

    Shield of Solomon, now those wise statements reasoned to determine validity in the 21st Century, those ideas valid are WQ, wisdom intelligence, capable of being harnessed for full generations and keep us out of subparticle physics chaos, or to the brain organ very, very acute brain dosorder, left to rot brain damage or chemical imbalances that render completely imcapacitated the individual whom has no appreciation of his material gains that he has acquired, and to whom’s madness thinks huge numbers of currency and acquisitions are the silliest thing in the world, because he and everyone else–haslost their minds completely. Something that can happen quickly if not interceded. Look how fast the ice caps melt!

    Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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    Alas! Be speak our Times!

    Pope in Christian virtue, shows St. Augustine testimony that “Man is between urine and excrement” and though we may Not Know why, and what we Do know, is a lot, then God becomes a sort of sacred oddity?!

    With this we swing back to Man being little better than a worm, for in one sense, he is just that.

    And Hobbes take on our cunning to kill father and brother on account of the fact that the we are the terribleness in us, amplified by the devil called Satan, is now, also called Lucifer. Providing the daemon for our own destiny.

    What does this mean, if anything?

    Well, my learning from the esteemed professor in The Great Courses© whom professes or professed at what could be an excellent facility for learning–especially with his, or her contribution . . .

    What I learned from the professor on Kant, is that Kant mulled on Man’s occurrence, and what of it? For 10 years, he professed without publishing–until he produced an 800-page treatise.

    Well, Hobbes, found focus on personal prizes, with greatest trophies and gold, kept in commons, to bring on the good in business and receive currency to buy the goods, on personal time.

    Kant, saturated with Man’s nature for devilish acts concluded that within His nature were “radical evil.”

    For me, that means: descending to Hell . . . nonstop, that is to say: a non ending, continuous descent into hell that, if it were “not so bad now” would soon be making you sweat, followed by fear, followed by terror, and I-want-it-clear: A very, very acute particle-physics brain disorder Jung would term, at his time–schizophrenia. All the while descending further, and further down–non ending.

    Such would be one’s fate that your spoils cannot be enjoyed, and service to you cannot be rendered, because servants, in what amounts to, quantum chaos, would be acutely schizophrenic themselves.

    Assured by Kant, that, you, as human, can choose feeing your soul to Heaven by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord Savior, after getting a taste of true Hell, in Kantian personal experience, it seems the fascination with fate fatale is but a quest for old men to send the whole Earth’s population in communitarian, Jonestown conviction to the grave along with these particular old individuals, in a “I-am-God” modern mentality, completely full of hubris, and lacking in compassion and mercy

    Such compassion and mercy centers on, “our knowledge is poor at best,” and “the mystery” is a mystery, even if you can’t identify each particle and subparticle, and account the amount of energy applied naturally descending to urine and excrement, and worms of decay. We have the spirit and it’s God’s!

    So then it becomes a matter of how and when we “check out,” and we need to be clear our divergent solutions come from–doing–on exoplanet Earth, and economic incentives encouraging constructive actions and economic disincentives discouraging Earth sciences university-determined destructiveness, that, when possible, becomes decriminalized, to observe the destructive activity and submit workers and businesses in fresh, competing start-up subsidiaries doing their busy-ness on what is correct to do on Earth and what keeps liberal economics from obsolence with Hayek-Keynes Nixon Perot attention.

    This is all corporate funding to go into organizations that serve the times we are in, and compete in for creditworthiness based on stewardship and results. This could be a private bank’s decisions, much like Moody’s rating of bonds.

    Take for its worth.


    Abraham Boulder

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    In so doing, our problems solved.

    The system, the human mechanics tread an equilibrium of trade known as the “invisible hand.” 

    It expresses that Man, and Woman, occupy themselves in busy ways that serve their own self-interest, and marginal utility assures, demand for the item declines with the supply volume purchased.

    There is in these marketplace exchanges, an equilibrium in business’s behavior that serves as a phenomenon of Nature within our species.

    Keep it, and we’ll walk out of the desert we’re in.  Reform it, without equilibrium destruction, and liberal economics remains a working system, with transparent, double entry accounting for success.  It is, as they say,”To Win!!”.

    Abraham  Boulder

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    Winner takes all. (The House takes and excites “the masses” that: the-House-comes-tumblin’-down.)

    post-Straussian Aryan gambling. It is the philosophy’s validity.

    Abraham “Ricardo”

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    Counterargument of intent–A careful assessment of the situation at-hand: a falacious reasoning development, vying for power.

    All that exists: “Stately stated statements stated stately by the State–sratements,” as fact, and the only thing existentially viable.

    Neither scientifically correct reasoning, i.e., Not self-evident or empirical observations and conclusions through fair assessment, or posteriori; but a priori fallacies, treated as scientific laws and conclusions of post-Straussian facts, that are not only false, but also treated as actual truth, and enacted into law, on the basis of post-Straussian arguments– irregardless of whether the arguements are correctly completed, or not.

    Abraham Boulder

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    Do you ever wonder?!

    So the Dalai Lama, the spiritual heresy to elan vitale in truth rather than false goodness, attacks mankind with lama-lizard snake brigade render us fate fatal, having gotten everyone to be good boys and girls in behavior reminiscent of Brave New World.

    What this book doesn’t end on–is complacency that leads to Jonestown, and hedonism that we embrace to succor to Charles Manson genocide cults, all-salient, all-pervasive.

    Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

    P.S. May I add, that my opponent, not the esteemed Dalai Lama of actual imbalance, but the degreed Moron of folly and fame, whom proceeds to make idiocy of some of the most important matters Man has ever faced, and women ignore for power grabs that they pose a leader just as inert as the one they question. The problem with inertness is that it can lead to mass death and destruction.

    What wasn’t done in the electoral college of the Republic under the U.S. Constitution may be done if the election is invalid.

    And that is to find a third party candidate willing to tackle world problems and get us to 500 years of Science II, Tool AI, bio-engineering Homo sapiens for universe’s environments, and quantum speed to meet the deadline demands so urgent today.

    Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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    Be Bold, not Gandhi.  p. XXii. Occupy Spirituality. The time is Now. The liberal economic system needs to be a working system. Where the old global economy “lacks long-term investment” (HBR), the emerging global economy, and it’s new markets and it’s new investments can, when invested diversifly, lead several business to making huge profits on methodology similar to Berkshire Hathway’s© earlier commitment in real value investment, with all practicalities in place.  Doing this business, gets the job done.

    “Given today’s crises the world over, we can no longer afford to hide our contemplatives in comfortable monasteries. We need to reunite contemplation and action, we need spiritual activists and, indeed, spiritual warriors on the street, in . . . [the] professions, and [foundational] institutions, who can reinvent them[selves and can aid in others doing the same,] with ecological values, and [liberal/individual and conservative/communitarian values of conscience built on action, resolve in spirit, and firm in determination;] for the sustainability . . . [of our] species, as well as the health and beauty of this [exo]planet.”

    -Introduction by Adam Bucko and Matthew Fox

    Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder made additions to text.

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    From what? to where? Is there too much disturbance in our line of thinking, and Aryan credo in our schools of thought?

    It is of great, great gravity the disturbance-fusion generated by Wig-wam’s fill up in top ramen.

    What does this mean!!?

    It is very great concern. Deep emotional, and mental illness, and grave homicidal tendencies of Aryan tyranny and credo underlie emotional intelligence (an ongoing verbal assault from the intellegience itself) on consciousness, subliminally challenging liberal values and meaning behind the philosophy of the “individual,” and it’s legal system, in open societies, such as to cause an effect, or a long-chain of effects that “master-mind” abnormalities in finance, and irregularities in human behavior.

    It is serving “the best interest of society;” and the best “good” of the individual; that takes us away from self-interested “homicide” and “suicide” on our mutiples of personal, financial horizons.

    Into the new markets frontier, portofolied for a future You actually Invest in.

    “Walk your talk, Gentlemen and Ladies, let us let the bull–run the length–of this existing, time-honored planet.

    Let order rule, and profits earned in Earth science academe off-shoots. Let corporate world business turn it’s Titanic away from on-going

    Let our arse not be our solution to our finale–civil, orderly–picnicking at the moment of destruction.

    Let our spear be more than a place to tuck away in holes.

    Let the javelin be thrown, and make it’s Mark! 300 – 500 years of pure science, technology, and profit!

    Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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