Be Bold, not Gandhi.  p. XXii. Occupy Spirituality. The time is Now. The liberal economic system needs to be a working system. Where the old global economy “lacks long-term investment” (HBR), the emerging global economy, and it’s new markets and it’s new investments can, when invested diversifly, lead several business to making huge profits on methodology similar to Berkshire Hathway’s© earlier commitment in real value investment, with all practicalities in place.  Doing this business, gets the job done.

“Given today’s crises the world over, we can no longer afford to hide our contemplatives in comfortable monasteries. We need to reunite contemplation and action, we need spiritual activists and, indeed, spiritual warriors on the street, in . . . [the] professions, and [foundational] institutions, who can reinvent them[selves and can aid in others doing the same,] with ecological values, and [liberal/individual and conservative/communitarian values of conscience built on action, resolve in spirit, and firm in determination;] for the sustainability . . . [of our] species, as well as the health and beauty of this [exo]planet.”

-Introduction by Adam Bucko and Matthew Fox

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder made additions to text.

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