Do you ever wonder?!

So the Dalai Lama, the spiritual heresy to elan vitale in truth rather than false goodness, attacks mankind with lama-lizard snake brigade render us fate fatal, having gotten everyone to be good boys and girls in behavior reminiscent of Brave New World.

What this book doesn’t end on–is complacency that leads to Jonestown, and hedonism that we embrace to succor to Charles Manson genocide cults, all-salient, all-pervasive.

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

P.S. May I add, that my opponent, not the esteemed Dalai Lama of actual imbalance, but the degreed Moron of folly and fame, whom proceeds to make idiocy of some of the most important matters Man has ever faced, and women ignore for power grabs that they pose a leader just as inert as the one they question. The problem with inertness is that it can lead to mass death and destruction.

What wasn’t done in the electoral college of the Republic under the U.S. Constitution may be done if the election is invalid.

And that is to find a third party candidate willing to tackle world problems and get us to 500 years of Science II, Tool AI, bio-engineering Homo sapiens for universe’s environments, and quantum speed to meet the deadline demands so urgent today.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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