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Free Will, not denial complexes.

Free Will, not denial complexes.
Sociobioethical construct politically and economically, pulls forward like a tractor pull force generating revolving planet Earth as a globally magnetized source of enthalpic energy from this event, resulting in evolving physics to evolving chemistry to evolving biology of homo sapiens to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens dictated as free will, instead of denial or denial complexes. Forward thrust! Kick it in, baby
—Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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Enthalpic energy of living finest hour is sanity!

Enthalpic energy of living finest hour is sanity!
Rousseau congeniality and optimism besides — occult homosexual understanding replaced for the love of Voltaire given to him by Rousseau that the dread that Voltaire’s experiences of the 13 global potential catastrophes, are met each time by our travels by the Icebergs, wise in the wisdom of our fathers in the Netherlands, with mothers’ influence.  And that our applied science develops with the Creator, God of sanity by our side. Hand-in-hand we solve engineering problems that beseech the applied, physical technologies of cultural anthropogy that when solved, answers by remedying these global problems, of our races’ species’ survival.

We quest, all races to homo sapiens-to-the-15th, and avoid Rousseau’s lonely direction that would have us slam into the Icebergs, smiling at our anguish that we have sunked the ship, and the future of mankind.

This destiny, shared with Voltaire by Rousseau, sails beyond, to technological marvels of hydrogen refueling stations that the existing hydrogen cars use, and future cars will use invented and engineered with the aid of Toyota’s available patents; the fission nuclear plants we need so readily; and fusion-powered nuclear, plasma, energy plants designed by observations at the Thomas Edison labs that takes productivity methodology of industrial discipline by his namesake (much like Noble’s), instead of occult humor that leaves engineering systems fraught with serious problems at the onset of going online, or every step, every turn, thereafter.

Let no man, woman or child think idly when this requires species’ discipline, that all races are needed in this venture–that the adventure–the race shared by all is one involving competing efforts coordinated by, in collaboration with one another’s academy of sciences pulling in the same direction.

The first fundamental law of the species of homo sapiens is the right to exist as humans by birth.

The second fundamental law of the species homo sapiens is that management of all races is done by the law: “diversity in all races yields the greatest probabilities of survival of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.”

No language of any social science takes higher consideration than the genetic, survival of the species. And no language of homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens holds relevance greater than the greatest risk to all in the universal environment we take claim to, the prevention of extinction 13 times, the most important universal environment effecting our genes being, our very survival in the universe.

We all sail together with the understanding that our destiny lands us together affected and effected genetically by our environment, and for the sake of species’ continuence, the third fundamental law of homo sapiens is that we all arrive at our destinations as homo sapiens sapiens sapiens, all meeting the criteria of survival under universal law consistent with all races on Earth.

—Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy. Abraham Boulder.

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Will the Kingdom Hold With Moral Sentiments of the Wealth of Nations

Will the Kingdom Hold With Moral Sentiments of the Wealth of Nations
Russian mob has executive brains in Germany for the European Union and for all those lusting for Jesus, bereft from our Creator, God of sanity, whom when prayed to in the name of their Son of God keeps the nation-state secure as is understood and indeed practiced with the King James Bible. A very necessary occurrence for a Kingdom to continue and not be dominantly smugglers against the bread and butter economy of liberal economics.

Let us go to fission power before fusion power, and let us have the hydrogen refueling stations now.  Let us find the innovative juices to use the patents available, possibly free, from Toyota, and this hydrogen car and refueling stations shine throughout all lands!
–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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Song, My song

Song, My song
I don’t want to do it!
Just because, Just because,
1 billion dead on the mainland
6 billion to go.

I’m now in Sears,
Does this have to go out!?

K’ching, k’ching,
Goes the pullin’ of Velcro,
On the purse strings,
Only so much to go around.

You know people want to work in communism,
But what do they have on their mind,
You wonder if their communist worker in America,
Means you’ve gone from existential philosophy of nothingness,
To a trap of biological death.

You don’t think it happens to you,
Think again,
How’s the insurance industry,
Who owns the assets,
Who owns the rights to writing the policies?
And the exclusions…

Do they exclude you…
Are you left to die,
Because you’re not management,
From the left,
And from the right,
Business makes Adam Smith cry out to the world,
He says read about Moral Sentiments,
They are about you,

Don’t give up on Democracy,
Keep it robust,
Choose candidates,
That say,
My Moral Sentiments,
They are with America,

No business,
Right or left,
Has any business of starving workers out of a living wage,
No business belongs monopolizing a market,
Adam Smith agrees,

No business right or left,.
Has the right to kill off the worker,
In business, as usual, global genocide,
In a global economy.

No business has any business, right or left,
Goin’ against the historic Hayek,
Who says that business is centered on liberal economics,
Whether it be Social Democrats from Germany or Britain or FDR,
Or right leaning economics a lot of the professors do profess,
Think not that it can’t be,
Social Democracy and liberal economics,
Robust democracy, that keeps the American worker alive, not dead, avoidance of socialist communist party or socialist fascist party winning–that ends democracy, and liberal economy.

Post-communism and post-liberal economics
The way to go,
Enabling the Invisible Hand to exist
Payin’ the worker his value in dollars,
For skill, for experience,
Instead of homosexual understanding of occult reviews.

General makin’ Earth wobble with TNT nuclear detonation,
Ain’t what Nobel meant by winnin’,
I can blast the world into silence,
With the words to my song,
Hear me long,
Long, long, long,
For generations,
Hearin’ my song.
Hearin’ my song.

Generals passin’ by in their cars,
The world riding on its bicycle
You know when the bicycle hits the pothole,
How the generals laugh as the world hobbles by!

Hears the lyrics to the song,
Can anyone drive the tunes,
Make it work,
Have us hummin’ a few bars,
Drummin’ the beat,
Make us aglow!
With enthalpic warmth,
And everlasting power!
—Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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Please: do battle!! Compete!!

Please: do battle!! Compete!!

Patience! Patience!  This work of postings awaits you in dedication to subject and the object of its appeal–the reader.

First, competing is monoracist victory vs. the multiethnic, multiracial law of genetic science that states, “diversity in ideas genome and races, yields the greatest capacity for the genetic species of homo sapiens to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens victory via competing with yourself and getting bearings on your positioning of getting things done in conjunction with others.”

Second, we develop the theory of brain diversity involving idea poppin’ innovation in the collective society of Jungian principles for globally achieved sanity for continuance through the narrow passages, 13 total of potential global calamities.

The collective society is defined by sane terms of Jungian depth psychology and depth psychiatry (subliminal ideation and affect) that is not socialist. Post-pythagorean perspective of the trapezoid of the idea quantum, discrete unit idea, housed many times in the abnormal brain of the society, is housed in his/her psycheeconomy growth (assets) and psycheconomy deficits, which then gets acquainted with ideas which the schizotypal personality can then, at his level of functioning in society, sell the idea in a manner described in my last posting that unleashes the potential of the applied entrepreneurial economy–making profits and selling ideas at information-age speed on the internet while advancing and upgrading the smart software of the US patent office which gets bought by the entrepreneurial creative brain in society, whom minds the start-up business and succeeds 9/10 of the time to fail and succeed; to profit, to begin again, and continue to live, a livable lifestyle through failure, success…failure, success…failure, success until which time, success does indeed occur; whereby a total different management is necessary, and different brain in society, that sustains its consistent growth in profits of the company, or takes it public, and increases its growth by increments as required by its corporate status; which then, should it continue to grow and compete successfully; gets bought by megacorporations led by CEOs with different brain structures, holding the market share oftentimes with two other megacorporations, or smaller businesses to compete in a mature economies of scale market.

Concluding, the idea quatum makes it throughout society with its varieties of brain structures, and this deliberate described process can be done by a more fluid, flow dynamic, subliminally, in sane terms, not including socialist notions, that start with the individual personal, private unconscious that enters a psycheconomy surplus of a collective, common unconscious of his group who, by exposure of different individuals of different groups (often racially) to other different groups (oftentimes, racially) whom have their own psycheeconomy surplus while contending with the deficits of any particular group that strive to keep ideas From flowing; retains idea quntum from that group that are psycheconomy surplus, to profit for himself, individually.

The individual, then provides a demanded product at mass distribution to all groups from his idea quantum, competing with other products that are shown in a product line of the same idea category of retail from other groups revealing the idea quanta of the product material they manufacture.  It is the unique idea quantum(s) that determine the appeal of a product, and the reason why a product may be chosen to be bought by a consumer from a line of competing products with different or not-as-well-done same idea quantum(s).

Bare in mind that the subliminal process of the collective society described, 1) is not socialist, and 2) entails all members of society, including the disabled, whom also contribute to this vast pool of collective idea quanta in the society, in that they scientifically, rarely only, have only a psycheconomy deficit. But, instead, manage also a psycheeconomy surplus. The disabled share in the wealth of the macropsycheeconomy surplus of a sovreign nation, and by co-existing, although oftentimes with only bare essentials, the disabled help in the idea genome idea quantum(s) and the profit making idea quanta, of the genetic evolving species to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens from homo sapiens. –Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy, Jeffrey.

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Smart Copyright.

Smart Copyright.
We mine information, so smart information can aggressively locate an original quote, credit the author, copyright it to him/her, then require a penney or do it for every hit mentioning the idea and would have a flourishing applied entrepreneurial economy. –Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy!

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Brain use of America. Energy to burn–enthalpy.

Brain use of America. Energy to burn–enthalpy.
Mind is Soviet empire.—Brain command must, for natural order to be retained of phenomenon of Sacred Spirit, known as “Father, who is in Heaven,” also known as “Redeemer of Earth” to be identified as God of sanity whom retains the Highest Authority of Natural Order property of sanity, His higher power known in Alcohol Anonymous with initial caps, serves Mankind, humankind to keep us in the singularity of what is reasonable and, therefore, what is applied wise in action, always parralleling applied science and applied technology, but having a clear distinction of “up” so the needle points “true north,” but may include true south, true east, and true west as legitimate physical placements directionally in the universe. Prayed to as Most Excellent King of the universe, the Creator of creation myth, having created the human species of homo sapiens to continually evolve in sapiens, parralleling creation of living forms other than human species evolving for their invisible hand of evolving physics, evolving chemistry, evolving biology, and evolving theology that is the Mainstay of the human species. Behold, the God of sanity, King of the universe is upon us. Go with sanity assured and business as usual, keep the faith of Sacred Spiritual retreat, so replenishing the soul is possible, and retained, and the future of mankind is assured.

Abraham Boulder, “Keven”

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Poison on the mind.

Poison on the mind.

China’s main organization likes the poisons of China, like cigarettes. China, Russian, possibly German regimes believe their is wisdom from “knowing” from cigarettes and industrial poisons. Knowing that it affects, to effect global history. Americans find key “poisoned” personnel taking the US and the world to a “poison Armageddon,” greater than the “naive” wisdom of liberal societies’ discipline of social sciences’ neuroplasticity–especially liberal economics and democracy, from Cortisol-destroying brain depth, to neuroindustrial poisons killing amphibians, and occult-stregnth that kills the enthalpic energy to live in seniors’ and compatriots’ focused on the enthalpic elimination of the young of the species, first by fiction titles of books enveloping them in dystopian ideas, then making the young blind to the fission nuclear reactors of Sweden (eclipsed by a well-intentioned vote-in of socialism that destroys their freedoms and may stop the construction of safe reactors); hydrogen refueling stations demanded by hydrogen engineered manufactured cars, a marvel to behold. Thomas Edison labs (eclipsed by the occult, melting researchers’ brains), seeking a system better found by observation in safe-employee codes, and digitized recordings, that can be filtered to observe in the complete spectrum of light after-the-fact of recording, what is to be, continuous plasma explosions serving as fuel to power plants of industrial nations globally. Hence, the future thought, not to exist, does! -Keven. P.S. This is a species striving in the brain stem, for survival or self-destruction.

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
We fight for liberal ideas neuroplasticity in the battle of socialist cortisol neurodecline and death, social both, one of social ill and death, the other resilience and thriving, and the enthalpic energies of living.
Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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Attention. This is important.

Attention. This is important.
Soviet social science of socialists fundamentally is against the species, hence, very, very entropic.

Social science of liberal ideas bring the creative brain of Harvard Medical School’s book (Harvard Publi)., to the understanding that the powerbase of the populations determining a government illegitimacy can be met with a collective neuro meltdown exhibiting in neuro behavioral science a remarkable increase in cortisol collective application and response, to destroy the population power base by decreasing, coercing as it is, the brain size in parts of the brain developed in liberal ideas’ social science. Hence providing us with the need for lectures and use of social media to critically discuss freedoms and collective neuro meltdowns caused by the Soviet, encouraging social cortisol control and eliminating species’ neurodevelopment that focus on evolving liberal ideas in social sciences that normally lead to neuroplasticity.
Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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