Song, My song

Song, My song
I don’t want to do it!
Just because, Just because,
1 billion dead on the mainland
6 billion to go.

I’m now in Sears,
Does this have to go out!?

K’ching, k’ching,
Goes the pullin’ of Velcro,
On the purse strings,
Only so much to go around.

You know people want to work in communism,
But what do they have on their mind,
You wonder if their communist worker in America,
Means you’ve gone from existential philosophy of nothingness,
To a trap of biological death.

You don’t think it happens to you,
Think again,
How’s the insurance industry,
Who owns the assets,
Who owns the rights to writing the policies?
And the exclusions…

Do they exclude you…
Are you left to die,
Because you’re not management,
From the left,
And from the right,
Business makes Adam Smith cry out to the world,
He says read about Moral Sentiments,
They are about you,

Don’t give up on Democracy,
Keep it robust,
Choose candidates,
That say,
My Moral Sentiments,
They are with America,

No business,
Right or left,
Has any business of starving workers out of a living wage,
No business belongs monopolizing a market,
Adam Smith agrees,

No business right or left,.
Has the right to kill off the worker,
In business, as usual, global genocide,
In a global economy.

No business has any business, right or left,
Goin’ against the historic Hayek,
Who says that business is centered on liberal economics,
Whether it be Social Democrats from Germany or Britain or FDR,
Or right leaning economics a lot of the professors do profess,
Think not that it can’t be,
Social Democracy and liberal economics,
Robust democracy, that keeps the American worker alive, not dead, avoidance of socialist communist party or socialist fascist party winning–that ends democracy, and liberal economy.

Post-communism and post-liberal economics
The way to go,
Enabling the Invisible Hand to exist
Payin’ the worker his value in dollars,
For skill, for experience,
Instead of homosexual understanding of occult reviews.

General makin’ Earth wobble with TNT nuclear detonation,
Ain’t what Nobel meant by winnin’,
I can blast the world into silence,
With the words to my song,
Hear me long,
Long, long, long,
For generations,
Hearin’ my song.
Hearin’ my song.

Generals passin’ by in their cars,
The world riding on its bicycle
You know when the bicycle hits the pothole,
How the generals laugh as the world hobbles by!

Hears the lyrics to the song,
Can anyone drive the tunes,
Make it work,
Have us hummin’ a few bars,
Drummin’ the beat,
Make us aglow!
With enthalpic warmth,
And everlasting power!
—Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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