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Hey, it’s about you (multiples of human singularity)

Something personal, but it effects work to, and continued profits.

President Trump wants us to surrender to Greek fate: “we lose in the end.”

But teleologically we are philosophically on this universe’s exoplanet to find answers to two definitions of teleology found in Webster New World® 2009-2017©

So, the journey continues, and history will make it’s mark!
(1) the fact, or quality, attributed to natural processes, of being directed a definite or having an ultimate purpose.

[My grammatical marks]

“toward” implies: to reason with a purpose in mind, and does not imply Armageddon.

Hegelian philosophy explains an ultimate purpose of man/humankind discovering ultimately, “as if for the first time,” his reason for existence and meaning aside from annhilism, genocidal annhilism, and as Karl Popper said (paraphrased), “guilty of, and capable of stupidity, not just genius in thinking.

(2) the doctrine that natural phenomena are determined by an overall design or purpose in nature.

That by me, means: evolution and continuance for 276 million years (the Boulder Period–our remains petrified in rock); when dinosaurs–not too smart lasted 173 million years.

The business universe’s and businessmen and woman want Trump to remember he’s a politician, and to bend to the private sector’s requirement that President Trump not Nation’s ship like the Titanic–into the Armageddon iceberg.

Abraham Boulder

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“Our commitment must be to continue the vitality of this company–its growth in physical terms, and also it’s growth as an institution–so that through another 150 years. Indeed, so it will last through the ages.

John O. Smale, Former CEO, PROCTOR & GAMBLE celebrating P&G’day 150th Birthday, 1986.”

IN:. “Built to Last” by Collins & Porras

“Especially when legally, constituents of America redefine this “corporate” entity to make big profits only, and begin the competition of subsidiaries or buyouts of startups, with profit margin reserved especially to accommodate Earth Sciences from private institutions, or university not paralyzed by a metaphysical applied communism meant to stop intellect and destroy the world!”. Abraham Boulder

“Hedge Funds need a 200-300 year legacy with coupons every 15 years until the exoplanet returns to some sort of equilibrium.

“This will serve as investment in real markets with real currency, and exercise liberal economics and democracy through Science II, quantum Tool AI and bio-engineering, with room to grow with amendments to the U.S. Constitution now, if necessary, and down the road.”

Abraham Boulder

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For educated Christians

Moses went up at Mt. Sinai at a moment of history when human singularity was achieved and the Laws were established with the concept of human destiny was reached, even when you schlept (were “dragging” in gait).

Ancient Greek learning includes [ancient] Greek fate [check “Western mind”] which with regard to Jews, was metaphorically represented by Greek-oriented King Herod’s Masada, where Jews went and may have explored taboos before they faced being slaughtered by the Romans whom engineered stone steps constructed for the butchery, or, as in this case, the Jews took a knife to each other.

Those of the 5 books of Moses–enslaved Jews work out in 400 years, a religion when no longer in Israel and ruled by Cesar. Cesar becomes by faith, Christ, and the Vatican emerges with what becomes the Pope historically with the Church with Paul’s help, and faith.

But Christian scholastics and the Renaissance still harbored the Form–greek fate.

Taking the Old Testament out of some Protestant sects, may have been “from the heart,” but leaves education by Christians retaining Greek fate, and lacking in the document of human species’ Destiny.

Adopt it, the Only One Father God, to keep Him a human singularity of Destiny.

Join Sir Issac Newton and the sanity work of Carl Jung for a thousand year reign of Jesus on this exoplanet, probably with the longevity made possible by bio-engineering.

Grab your Destiny!

Abraham Boulder

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Learn, prosper. Dynamic flow.

Actual learning is paradigm shift

Dynamic (flowing) paradigm shift.

Continual in divergent analysis, finding answers, and final solutions, and determining and acknowledging shifts themselves as they occur.

Analyze developing results within the new paradigm.

Determine, and if it is a new shift, acknowledge during the following prosperous periods, and redeem and place in account receivables, or continued reinvestment in this particular paradigm.

Stay open to learning.

Abraham Boulder

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Both sides of the coin: principled point of action.

If one asserts by “no one” or “no body,” then you have a fallacious argument.

To talk of nothing is to talk of something underworldly.

No one can do nothing really, and nobody does it as well–but only clandestinely.

Speak in the negative, is not that it doesn’t exist–it merely means it’s covered up.

Hence, value index, includes negative decimal places to negative one (nuclear winter), to human clandestine operations not legal, that decriminalization during investigation is recommended, to determine human loss, and exoplanet Earth destruction.

A beginning of accounting of true human behavior of the old economy that exploited resources, including human, and destroyed lives and our exoplanet.

Look to a future of bio-engineering, bio-genetics utilizing quantum Al tool computers to serve the human species to utilize specific genetics of biomass for isolation of industrial effluents with the intent to recycle, reuse the toxins, or make them inert.

Abraham Boulder

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A reading: stereotypically for male adults

Person is destroyed is a false premise. In metaphysics, what is experienced is not separate from the groups you and others identify with.

Control in Dao of contraction and release can have Om-Man effemination supported by hetrosexual abuse by Man infant necromancy.

A leader whom leads by serial infant necromancy has an occult drive to destroy the global economy.

Destroy civilization, rather than going beyond such a philosophical impetus, and by doing so; instead, rebuild civilization and world societies.

What is needed is not Utopia philosophies but effective problem-solving techniques married to divergent brain tactics.

Additionally, “forward thrust” behavior that captures an intimate long-standing relationship aids plans for realistic futures. If only to see further than the tip of our noses.

Keven Jung Wm. James Tolstoy, and learning more and more re: Sanchez Asia

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Take a moment.

There is no reason that satisfies invalidation for the coupling of science of actuality and the belief system that generates behavioral science in history for the goodness and greatness in man whom otherwise tends toward terribleness.

Such a belief can be metaphysical, spiritual, or Spirit.

Abraham Boulder

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Hey! Salute! To your health!

Sufferin’ slings and arrows–vulnerable because of corruption, and a sell-out–a fire sale. We have to remember this nation is ours as carpetbaggers stuff their loot in their valise and exit America (a vacation spot, perhaps, only, no more than that).

We have to remember that, although aligned with sovereign nations, this is our front yard, and backyard, and the Town we call, “home.”

The home-front seeks profit and venture capitalists whom see 5, 10, and fifty years down the road. Changing industries responding to new demands for real markets on a reasoned basis –not a sell-out. Oh, no, not acceptable, that happens frequently enough!

But the trailblazer: now here, we see: the maverick, swimming upstream while all kinds of sewage, or wastewater effluents flow downstream.

The new real markets: reasoned correctly by correct statistical equations, the equations worked out by feeding into the variables isolated one-at-time for results: values reasoned on the basis of life/death: the actual projected demand.

Based on price equilibrium occuring, with actual projected demand, and supply’s response to that demand (an increase in supply to meet a high demand [or, nascent industries’s starting profits for livelihoods] for sustainable goods. A balance of supply and demand, resulting in a balanced fixed price.

These being nascent industries can gain additional profit by private intiative; such that a rating system, like Moody’s Company, assessing in cooperation with university Earth sciences departments, a value on a value index from -1 < y, z = 0, x <= +1, which means y is Earth sciences destructive, z is neutral (and unused), x is aiding, enhancing, or solving ecosystem-equilibria systems.

This index value, x = positive decimal, can then be multiplied by price, and then added to price itself for economic incentive.

Or multiplied by price (if the value from the index, y, is negative decimal number) and then the negative mutiplication-equation product is added to the price, which, in this case, it would be decreased market price (economic disincentive).

Accounting for human-damage-to the earth via Earth sciences index value is responsible accounting of human destruction, objectly.

Decriminalization of acts, done on or before, certain manifesto date. Halted, at the time so declared on live broadcast. Keeps prison beds for human violent crimes and stealing. Cooperation by “destruction paticipants” gets information covered up, revealed.

After the Manifesto is declared, unacceptable Earth destruction can be a life sentence for the perpetrator.

Abraham​ Boulder

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Who is this pee of infant mortality??!

He is Bugsey, He is diseases. He is individual and group Death. He is active. And he reappears as familiar.

Brain fart relinquishing control of the central nervous system to work existence he wishes to take over and exult in Indian Aryan Soviet Communist Totalitarian Death dance.

Better, “L’Chi-am.” Destiny. Fate and Eternity. Better, limited constitutional government to prevent voiding existence.

Of our Western Tradition, heritage, God, and to avoid ruling out Eternity. To prevent Bugsey dictating to us a bug’s life.

To Hell with this trillion-bug schizophrenia or disorder, away from the central nervous system!

To Hell with dance of death, assault, rape, creation of an re-appearing familiar form, chanting in the Church of Satan with the state that is not to have any affiliation with churches, in the first place!

To amphetamize himself into supposed superiority.

He mocks me. Slanders. Acts criminally against my existence in the hopes to diminutize my efforts for effective, constructive results that will bring this world back to a level of sanity that he despises. He is “speed work,” ultimate desperation in delusional commitment to our silent and apathetic demise.

His oppoid abuse hides his hatred of humanity and existence. Him thinking himself brilliant to foil the world to give up, living!

I stay my pen, and take a bath, knowing he will not rest, until all is dead! Better he go, us stay the course, us answer Destiny. Survive. Thrive.

Abraham Boulder

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Challenge #1

Jew center of duality. Learner to do things better, to benefit the whole human species.

Center of Universe Is the Tai Chi. The vital creative energy of the universe. Constructive effective action is supported by the Jew proponent.

Jew and Chi similar in that Creation, what is an “Existing,” is creative energy, or vital life force, opposing decay and death–and the manipulation of the dead (Aryan behavioral science) to cause the Tao to center around death, is; instead, opposed, for the center of the universe to be Life (Jew with Family Tree) Destiny, tragically ending individually in fated death–and as enlightenment for revitalization of the living and “the Call” in idea quantum to evolve physics to chemistry to biology to idea- quanta worshiping human singularity through the cosmic vital energy life force, and incorporating our exoplanet physical existence with the sanity and genuine love and health of the Higher Power, especially, but not only, when scholarly hubris demands outside search outside the “box of Man,” and divergent brain thinking evolves us to WQ, wisdom intelligence, vital, grave, full of gravity (or meaning), and levity in healthy humors, for our diverse human Destiny.

Abraham Boulder

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