Challenge #1

Jew center of duality. Learner to do things better, to benefit the whole human species.

Center of Universe Is the Tai Chi. The vital creative energy of the universe. Constructive effective action is supported by the Jew proponent.

Jew and Chi similar in that Creation, what is an “Existing,” is creative energy, or vital life force, opposing decay and death–and the manipulation of the dead (Aryan behavioral science) to cause the Tao to center around death, is; instead, opposed, for the center of the universe to be Life (Jew with Family Tree) Destiny, tragically ending individually in fated death–and as enlightenment for revitalization of the living and “the Call” in idea quantum to evolve physics to chemistry to biology to idea- quanta worshiping human singularity through the cosmic vital energy life force, and incorporating our exoplanet physical existence with the sanity and genuine love and health of the Higher Power, especially, but not only, when scholarly hubris demands outside search outside the “box of Man,” and divergent brain thinking evolves us to WQ, wisdom intelligence, vital, grave, full of gravity (or meaning), and levity in healthy humors, for our diverse human Destiny.

Abraham Boulder

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