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“Hunting Charles Manson” book

It seems that people also thought Charlie was all ’round good guy.

Only he was a fanatic with a fetish for killing.

Seems PCB is also along those lines.

How ’bout sources? Is PCB a goner and so is Wig-wam? They both could be part of a computer program with sensationalism to keep things at-large interesting.

The thing though is this may be the ugly head of Totalitarianism.

Abraham Boulder.

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To stay alive, to live yet for another day.

Plawsky puts stricknine on my feet.

Became “the Soviet” at MIT.

I don’t know any particular ideology he espouses.

Probably a relationship of convenience.

He gets something for doing something.

Is it a communist rhetorical thinking tool?

Or “traitor city?”

It’s possible he’s giving secrets to Russia or Poland.

One of the multiples of “Phil” putting stricknine on me from a glider as I travel by car.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

P.S. Nov. 23, 2021. PCB titration stricknine on me. Heading for heart from legs.

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Soviet and Mobile AI:  creation of a dynamic iron curtain

First solve the problem “Crisis in Democracy” (a paper that can be bought on the internet for say, $35). By a professor from the University of Kentucky.

A certain psychologist-breed solve neurohermeneutics (or consciousness) by ample samples of personality to model charismatic leaders of pejorative cults both aggressive and extremely homosexual and pejorative death cults.

Soviet obliterates personal consciousness by statism and the oppression, suppression, depression, and exclusion from existence is met with physical identification only.

The desire to form consciousness is by psychiatry and psychology both deep and configured using syntax or language computer programs.  In a sense, life itself becomes a computer program.

Thought is State.  Action is comrade.

As for profit, all enterprise is milked dry of profits by the hegemony who compete to be trillionaires.  Now businessmen and businesswomen do profit, but when the Soviet grows and gets strong, a “tourniquet” is tightened around the neck of the business itself and mobility of the enterprisors becomes hazardous.

Troops may become more physically seen and more calls to use the National Guard are abusive directives which can, in its extreme, be shoot-outs the likes of Brazil or Argentina; although, the economic and political reasoning and implications can be different here in the United States due to its particular circumstances.

Certainly we wouldn’t want a “Beirut” here although their lifestyle is international and well known, and loved.

The battle for Central America involves the Soviet.

The Soviet leaves only physicality.  In neurohermeneutics or consciousness or “Crisis in Democracy:  they are always in your face.

Eliminating individual consciousness leaves it easier to destroy human lives because group protest organizing becomes harder.

Human economic value is decreased because you are not taught to think responsibly and independently.

AI mobile becomes a cinch because life is a computer program for humans and this software can be uploaded to AI mobile units.


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What a difference ideology of anarchy and nihilism and apathy makes

What they DO is professional Soviet schizophrenia circumscribing pseudo human existence and promulgated by computer science in syntax.

They’re supposed to be brilliant in their theatrics. I disagree. Their antics are of fools in love with their bottom. And their hate and devotion to death is extreme in passion against (1) heterosexuals and (2) intelligence, in general, high intelligence, in particular, and very high intelligence, in a sheer panic of utter chaos.

The pseudo aspect of the professional schizophrenic workers is faulty to the extent that it leaves these irreputable men (maybe, women) into decline and rotting. Dementia (we can say “professional scientific sociological severe brain decompensation”) which may make them entertain themselves, in one example, by smoking, of all things: epoxy glue!

Soviet Medicine is an area expertise of childish intrigue wedded to drug and chemical abuse in which the entire hospital can be used for unsavory and nefarious reasons.

All this fake stuff! And oh how they think themselves brilliant, and purposeful at deliberate and renounced success for overly compensated failure.

As though we need to beg praise of “bravo!” “bravo!” “bravo!” for their mental decline and their utter inability to practice medicine willfully and with a level of devotion typical of a reputable, medical-degreed professional.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Speculative postscript by a Minuteman: Japan DO AS THEY DO!

Soviet is less needed in the United States and Russia.

Russians love their leader.   Russians have been neutralized from the world of ideas and constructive evolution of ideas from generation to generation missing the likes of Hobbes, Francis Bacon, Pascal and Descartes.

I think I could serve as Chief Directorate of this emerging AI such that I pilot the program into American waters while leaving Soviet waters and retaining remembrances of the Soviet impact on the Russian people while focusing attention on Psy.D.s and leaving behind Ph.D. (or syntax computer programming).

This high yield agency computer modeling I think is something to grapple with; something computer programmers can master specific computer language and be managed by a Program Lead-with the goal of leaving Soviet paroxymsm and  crafting doctorate programs of pro-active on the fly, top priority remedial work and preservation of exoplanet Earth done by behavioral science, emerging PsyD candidates associated with universities both public and private both local and national, both big and small.

To build environment for AI thinking to see in syntax how much “Sovietism” we have intered and how much “Action Jackson” we are using for “flipping green solutions in 3 years, when it we will need 4 years to complete.”

Physical working on physical using brain power and global team symbiosis, while minding literal deadlines, and solving major hurdles, on time.

Abraham Boulder

Progressives are pro-state and doesn’t seem to care about the future except to coalesce power. Meanwhile the North Koreans will be starving this winter and Japan should “hold their horses” to see how China “weathers the storm” economically.  “Looking down the road,” liberal economics may be an encouraging policy to follow and prosperity would remain, in a confident economy of growth and recession cycles.

Looking at U.S. corporations, how many are laden with government stock? Will the policy to buyout successful startups occur in the future.  Will it go from “small giants” to “built to last” if the polticoeconomic aggregation of policy is communist influence.

This doubt leaves the economy with an uncertain future. It is a shudder to confidence; whereby, economic stimulation is a plus, and eradication and elimination of private enterprises and the peoples involved in private business, a negative.

There is no long-term will-to-live in a system eradicating individuals’ existence. The State will go on without its citizens.

We have to see to it that liberal economics remains “liberal.” Afterall, liberal political philosophy passes the laws for individual rights, and, besides teamwork, individuals pull their own weight to yield a profit margin, sometimes a considerable profit margin for the business.

It’s pleasant to go to church, especially after your prayers are said. And it’s nice that the state has “groupthink,” but in the end, the individual gets the job done, completes the assignments, and works in teams to tackle workload with high productivity.

And as for the climate crisis business, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry (paraphrasing) says, “It is the private sector that wins the effort to reclaim our ecological sustainability.”


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The struggle

Fecundity of Mesopotamia vs. the rearing and viral habits of Macedonia.

Macedonia=Greco-Roman murder and suicide (Masada) tragic fate

Mesopotamia=Babylonian Talmud.  mitzvah night, Book of Numbers

Macedonia=Extreme aggressive anal supremacy

Mesopotamia=generation-to-generation destiny

Dionysian appreciation of life.  Duality and paradox (or both have validity)

Anti-matter vs. Matter in viral composition (e.g., healthy viral in childbirth)

Neurosyphyllus viral bode transmission of Macedonua vs. Viral bodes archetypal heterosexual from Mesopotamia, Indus valley. Yangtze valley

We have lost human economic value to Macedonians without Hebrew spirit (human or Divine). Favoring the hybrid and remote AI. The human hybrid becomes a meatloaf of “uh-huh”–no more actual self-identity (me identity) from brain’s lack of pragmatic wholeness.

A prisoner in their own bodies. Perhaps losing memory of self-identity.

Allegedly, the government favors the economic value of robots in all things; although economics serves Man, woman and child(ren) and only exists for Man’s purposes and as his tool. AI as Man’s (Humankind’s) tool. Price of human high enough to force economic system to work for humans.


Abraham Boulder.

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In peril

Reared to admire how well the democracy can be destroyed by no recognition of disability status equal rights, elder equal rights, honorable discharge equal rights, (they give me that because so many people have other than honorable status), and faith rights. Carpet replacement on hold because official deemed me “intelligent.”

“God willing” I’ll say, “Amen ” too; but God allowance of constituents to life, liberty, and property according to Article 14 of the U.S. Constitution and confirmed in Washington State constitution is paramount.

Provide aide but don’t forget your constituents.

Abraham Boulder.

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