The struggle

Fecundity of Mesopotamia vs. the rearing and viral habits of Macedonia.

Macedonia=Greco-Roman murder and suicide (Masada) tragic fate

Mesopotamia=Babylonian Talmud.  mitzvah night, Book of Numbers

Macedonia=Extreme aggressive anal supremacy

Mesopotamia=generation-to-generation destiny

Dionysian appreciation of life.  Duality and paradox (or both have validity)

Anti-matter vs. Matter in viral composition (e.g., healthy viral in childbirth)

Neurosyphyllus viral bode transmission of Macedonua vs. Viral bodes archetypal heterosexual from Mesopotamia, Indus valley. Yangtze valley

We have lost human economic value to Macedonians without Hebrew spirit (human or Divine). Favoring the hybrid and remote AI. The human hybrid becomes a meatloaf of “uh-huh”–no more actual self-identity (me identity) from brain’s lack of pragmatic wholeness.

A prisoner in their own bodies. Perhaps losing memory of self-identity.

Allegedly, the government favors the economic value of robots in all things; although economics serves Man, woman and child(ren) and only exists for Man’s purposes and as his tool. AI as Man’s (Humankind’s) tool. Price of human high enough to force economic system to work for humans.


Abraham Boulder.

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