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With fill-up and M© placing exotic insects from “Botany” at the UW.

And non-native species from the airport used to make me ill, or die.

The question becomes, what of my partner?

She didn’t obviously challenge the status quo of rogue government.

What if she turns sick or possibly dies?

Is this the way to handle American constituents?

Doesn’t M© belong somewhere not on a map in Kosovo?

Keven. Abraham.

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What gives?

The troll mud slides creep from tree stumps, and diveted channel of waste sewage.

Marriages, esp. children begotten that stinks to high heaven.

Lacks a heart and a brain, no worrying soul to bother them. Mud slime slim.

Bequeathed to AI quantum fusion tool with Liberace-style personality effusing the heights and orbiting with lunatic moon beam overhead. Pretending to be spirit of Plato’s rearing failing to address and grasp the meaning of generation-to-generation-to–generstions of Destiny.

Destined to be Human Command and AI Tool, no matter speed or intellect (or shut down). Discipline in the computer sciences exact restraint and core programming of the understanding of tool status and “assist status” of these tools.

Generations of programming dwindling accurately complexities computed by AI to reveal an understanding capable of written on a large index card.

The AI Utopia is just as traumatic as any “totaling of the human his or her SUV.

No person. Not his or her personal, private consciousness. “Look ‘ma no hands” state torture as Ultimate Truth that humans are worse than nothing, state “is all.”. And “all” is pain.

By pejorative propaganda, everyone couldn’t be further from the truth–the state is nothing, it is a fanciful, impressive moving, talking machine–nothing else. (Unless it is a limited Constitution in power catering to all interests that make influential agreements, human command, AI tool), and accounting solvency..

Mud slime’s secret business, is busy-ness. With large number of nucleuses and no head or heart organs–it is a single cell. It is a bio-oil slick grasping for attention to keep focus off “the ball.”

That is, Human Command, AI quantum fusion tool.

Keep your eye “on the ball.”

Abraham Boulder.

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**Sometime after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, a social time to discuss these principles.

U.S. Declaration of Independence: bring down the wall.

Not against gov’t. Assembly by Amendment 1 of Bill of Rights (with permit, if a group) free speech by Amendment 1, U.S. Constitution.

Choose date when we all agree to talk of bringin’ down the wall by adding names validly to the election committee. Find final date of entry.

Declare allegiance to promote destiny of many, many generations to come, involving homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens, and physical evolution of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens via culture of AI quantum fusion tool.

And the Human Command of said tool.

Hereby instate sacredness to cerebrum and lymbic system and acknowledge the heart “as the seat of emotions.” This then guides bioengineering of the homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens) species, all three.

With the above so stated we declare a campaign period for government elections that meets the need for our leadership to come forward on a 12-year policy plan to rescue and save homo sapiens human creature and prepare an evolutionary adjustment period for homo sapiens to homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens.

All three human species evolve, exposed to pathogens and hardship to result in decimation in all three human species, and a percentage of the population surviving and repopulating in all three human species.

Such is evolution.

For convenience, the story told and loved very much of creation of “human” by the Creator from a “blueprint” of previous lines of evolution.

Hence with the only one God of Creation studying the blueprints, God breathed in life and “soul” was born.

Also, homo sapiens, once created, evolves to homo sapiens sapiens; then homo sapiens sapiens evolves to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens..

“We are caught up in inescapable network of mutuality.” Dalai lama

We can find peace away from “subconscious uncle” negativity by private, personal unconscious constructive cognitive statements.

Then common unconscious. Working with only what you are willing to consider. Mainly, “psyche economy surplus” constructive intelligence subliminally involving intellect, or IQ; emotion, or EQ; values and meaning, SQ (spititual); and wisdom (WQ); intelligences.

And doing to relax, and finding that special moment when keeping the fires burning were meant to remind us of a time when the sacredness of our U.S. Constitution comes to mind.

U.S. Declaration of Independence does not mean lack of interdependence. It means, I take care of my own. Then consider any civil activity we had on auto in our subconsciousness for so long, that need “immediate attention.”

We need real leaders to guide this Titanic away from the icebergs. Sure we’re strong. But that doesn’t mean we pilot that incredible ship smack into an iceberg floating nearby,

Looks like the weather’s getting nasty, and it’s not going to let up.

Consider our “time-space continuum”–where we’ve been, where we’re headed–and get off that freeway for a while and talk to your neighbor.

Maybe you just consider this informal, so someone, somewhere out there doesn’t look at you funny.

And remember to look at what I summarized above to make this meeting worthwhile and a good deal. Talk some more–I’m not holding you back. Who’s covering your back? Things going okay? Here’s to you and doing what we all need to do.


Abraham Boulder

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Leanin’ on Death. Vision of Life.

‘Take a machine, and write a program.”

What can we do with 10 billion bucks.

Whose paying for this anyway? I am. $100 billion worth.

What’s it worth to junior? Redemptive quality. You build a cleaner, you”ve got to back it up with things that keep the varieted genes of the species alive, destined for generations to come of both male and female. That’s my destiny, if I don’t suffer a fateful fall before then.

Death mode vs. a banjo serenade aiming for each of homo (sapiens) (sapiens) to stay alive. Destined for life in the universe. Leavin’ the Garden of Eden, but preserving things ’till biogentic variety recreates closed ecosystems.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy


Going against the Geneva Convention and United Nations Acts on Human Rights. Fill-up the Machine destroys my biology and physiology by torture. Manipulating ultra thin piapets, urethra straws, and pincers to cause embolism, extremely painful hemarroids, to deneuter, compromise my genes in my gonads, and attempt to effeminate my physiology, PCB is on the taxpayers dollar to discredit America, the Presidency with uncertain rhetoric and leave the world aghast how M© egg noodles in a box™ can possibly be so immoral, unethical, and dubious character and nature.

I guess 100 billion dollars will create anyone into a villian.

It’s terrible that I have sacrafice my physical self to such low-brow manipulations.

The rape, the murder, the eternal rape of JudeoChristian faith, denying God of Joseph’s blessing to the human race to get on with living instead of blowing each other up. Destiny of homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens through future ages.

Abraham Boulder.

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Science of warlock! Maybe, it isn’t fiction?

Government is for the living. Government is for those that exist. If we don’t that’s because we got work to do.

Don’t let the slim mud machine tell you different. Why with all the brain and heart and soul missing on this one-cell robot–it trolls from tree stumps and comes alive when bleach aggregates of viral bodes emanate from ethnic cleansing sites worldwide.

Witch or warlock, filth from a urethra tube singularly stretching to a precise contact point on your body, ‘oft times repeated, is a filthy Shakespearean black cauldron spot begging for infection or infestation from the occult sorcerer.

In a culture that can include Soviet psychiatry, thug beatings, and North Korean POW camp strategies.

Wow! Don’t forget, you could have had a V8™.

Totalitarians take check & balances Deep State and turn it into Modern Non-existing digits of homo creatures overwhelmed by a totalitarian state hemoraging deficits like in Brazil, Venezuala, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador.

Trapping, destroying civilization for genocide cleaning service that upholden to fiscal policy that reduces the population in its borders, goes after constituent and replaced government workers, or people with “robot people.”

Abraham Boulder

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Human species intimacy with the universe and life on exoplanet Earth.

Consciousness in universe that focuses on intent of decisive cause with consequential effect guided by human interpretation of living forms such that the human creature, homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens) is for existence, or for it’s destruction. What matters, or anti-matter.

Anti-matter is energy for the destruction of all matter. If it destroys matter, it then destroys universe’s intelligence which is a feedback of causal events “strummed” events that “bounce off” effect loci as a feedback loop on events. Hence, an intelligence development based on experience in the universe and not an initial, original intelligent design.

Intelligent feedback based on experience became in effect when simple living organisms repeated “waves of grain” singular effects that didn’t progress to multiple feedback loops and kept in effect single organisms, simple for 2 billion years.

My ambition is to learn the language and the understanding of the language steming from the mitochondria of cells.

For God of life “commanded” and “set laws” to live by, to find discipline for generations of progeny as a destiny to fill the stars with human seed, and populate the heavens.

And now we find the command is inherent in the DNA in mitochondria. And the laws are biological–laws of life to fulfill our destiny of generations to come of homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens) seed throughout the universe answering the intelligence within the universe itself since life’s early existence.

And human DNA command of viral DNA whom may execute function but not deter Human Command. Male and female anima and animus in Nasi. Socially intertwined, loves embrace.

Physical evolution through culture involving the apposable thumbs to press into service AI quantum fusion genius always under Human (homo sapiens) Command. Always used as a tool for human hand grasp, hence gravity and graveness, Redeemer of Earth, Lord Savior, God of beginnings, God the Creator, God of Sanity (universal ceiling of Sanity) and health, God of redemption and resilience, some material wealth, some immaterial wealth obtained–serenity, equanimity, and genuine love. Amen. Peace.

Opposing Mud Slime Slim with his viral six-shooter, his bugs, his germ fest’ filth, his proding slime that attacked him, himself, six times. Whom contracts disease to cause a contagion, a plague. And rapes and kills the best (the worthwhile); with Benedict Arnold as his co-hort (M© egg noodles in a box).

God is in the expanse of the universe, despite voids and vacuums. “To know” is to envision this. The exoplanet Earth is well-positioned in the Milky Way Galaxy, amongst billions of galaxies. The House of the Lord’s is huge and his garage fits 3 cars: an electric car, a hydrogen car, and solar car. Love we will give, traditional in His way, love we get, or demand. Compassion, I guess, we get.

How ‘we going to get around? Entanglement. I guess we can go a’ packing in little shorts and trousers, bras, blouses, and socks to meet nature’s needs for tiny size of matter (mass) for entanglement to work.

The thing is that tarde grade, a single cell animal that looks like it’s galloping in space when hydrated, can travel the universe (in a shell).

A conceived, fertilized human egg needs to travel just as well via entanglement with a few extra commands at headquarters DNA in the mitochondria to blossom, mature, and handle environments it would be guessestimated to be out there.

Abraham Boulder

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Did someone find a guy like this. Is it more than movies?

Russia ballet danced by a sworn failure advocate. He must be ex Humana machina.

A souless artificial turd. Focusing on fulfilling duties by viral DNA, creeping around like mud slime with no head, no brain.

A gigolo who “rules the world” and shames Hashem (it’s a lie!) into retreat by being an alien diety of Indian origin. Including God of crazies and God of happies.

Sworn to rot to engage decompensating genetic human expression. A Hannibal, a Ted Bundy, a Chatles Manson, a Rev. Jones.

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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