Leanin’ on Death. Vision of Life.

‘Take a machine, and write a program.”

What can we do with 10 billion bucks.

Whose paying for this anyway? I am. $100 billion worth.

What’s it worth to junior? Redemptive quality. You build a cleaner, you”ve got to back it up with things that keep the varieted genes of the species alive, destined for generations to come of both male and female. That’s my destiny, if I don’t suffer a fateful fall before then.

Death mode vs. a banjo serenade aiming for each of homo (sapiens) (sapiens) to stay alive. Destined for life in the universe. Leavin’ the Garden of Eden, but preserving things ’till biogentic variety recreates closed ecosystems.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy


Going against the Geneva Convention and United Nations Acts on Human Rights. Fill-up the Machine destroys my biology and physiology by torture. Manipulating ultra thin piapets, urethra straws, and pincers to cause embolism, extremely painful hemarroids, to deneuter, compromise my genes in my gonads, and attempt to effeminate my physiology, PCB is on the taxpayers dollar to discredit America, the Presidency with uncertain rhetoric and leave the world aghast how M© egg noodles in a box™ can possibly be so immoral, unethical, and dubious character and nature.

I guess 100 billion dollars will create anyone into a villian.

It’s terrible that I have sacrafice my physical self to such low-brow manipulations.

The rape, the murder, the eternal rape of JudeoChristian faith, denying God of Joseph’s blessing to the human race to get on with living instead of blowing each other up. Destiny of homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens through future ages.

Abraham Boulder.

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