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Leanin’ on Death. Vision of Life.

‘Take a machine, and write a program.”

What can we do with 10 billion bucks.

Whose paying for this anyway? I am. $100 billion worth.

What’s it worth to junior? Redemptive quality. You build a cleaner, you”ve got to back it up with things that keep the varieted genes of the species alive, destined for generations to come of both male and female. That’s my destiny, if I don’t suffer a fateful fall before then.

Death mode vs. a banjo serenade aiming for each of homo (sapiens) (sapiens) to stay alive. Destined for life in the universe. Leavin’ the Garden of Eden, but preserving things ’till biogentic variety recreates closed ecosystems.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy,

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Science of warlock! Maybe, it isn’t fiction?

Government is for the living. Government is for those that exist. If we don’t that’s because we got work to do.

Don’t let the slim mud machine tell you different. Why with all the brain and heart and soul missing on this one-cell robot–it trolls from tree stumps and comes alive when bleach aggregates of viral bodes emanate from ethnic cleansing sites worldwide.

Witch or warlock, filth from a urethra tube singularly stretching to a precise contact point on your body, ‘oft times repeated, is a filthy Shakespearean black cauldron spot begging for infection or infestation from the occult sorcerer.

In a culture that can include Soviet psychiatry, thug beatings, and North Korean POW camp strategies.

Wow! Don’t forget, you could have had a V8™.

Totalitarians take check & balances Deep State and turn it into Modern Non-existing digits of homo creatures overwhelmed by a totalitarian state hemoraging deficits like in Brazil, Venezuala, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador.

Trapping, destroying civilization for genocide cleaning service that upholden to fiscal policy that reduces the population in its borders, goes after constituent and replaced government workers, or people with “robot people.”

Abraham Boulder

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Human species intimacy with the universe and life on exoplanet Earth.

Consciousness in universe that focuses on intent of decisive cause with consequential effect guided by human interpretation of living forms such that the human creature, homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens) is for existence, or for it’s destruction. What matters, or anti-matter.

Anti-matter is energy for the destruction of all matter. If it destroys matter, it then destroys universe’s intelligence which is a feedback of causal events “strummed” events that “bounce off” effect loci as a feedback loop on events. Hence, an intelligence development based on experience in the universe and not an initial, original intelligent design.

Intelligent feedback based on experience became in effect when simple living organisms repeated “waves of grain” singular effects that didn’t progress to multiple feedback loops and kept in effect single organisms, simple for 2 billion years.

My ambition is to learn the language and the understanding of the language steming from the mitochondria of cells.

For God of life “commanded” and “set laws” to live by, to find discipline for generations of progeny as a destiny to fill the stars with human seed, and populate the heavens.

And now we find the command is inherent in the DNA in mitochondria. And the laws are biological–laws of life to fulfill our destiny of generations to come of homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens) seed throughout the universe answering the intelligence within the universe itself since life’s early existence.

And human DNA command of viral DNA whom may execute function but not deter Human Command. Male and female anima and animus in Nasi. Socially intertwined, loves embrace.

Physical evolution through culture involving the apposable thumbs to press into service AI quantum fusion genius always under Human (homo sapiens) Command. Always used as a tool for human hand grasp, hence gravity and graveness, Redeemer of Earth, Lord Savior, God of beginnings, God the Creator, God of Sanity (universal ceiling of Sanity) and health, God of redemption and resilience, some material wealth, some immaterial wealth obtained–serenity, equanimity, and genuine love. Amen. Peace.

Opposing Mud Slime Slim with his viral six-shooter, his bugs, his germ fest’ filth, his proding slime that attacked him, himself, six times. Whom contracts disease to cause a contagion, a plague. And rapes and kills the best (the worthwhile); with Benedict Arnold as his co-hort (M© egg noodles in a box).

God is in the expanse of the universe, despite voids and vacuums. “To know” is to envision this. The exoplanet Earth is well-positioned in the Milky Way Galaxy, amongst billions of galaxies. The House of the Lord’s is huge and his garage fits 3 cars: an electric car, a hydrogen car, and solar car. Love we will give, traditional in His way, love we get, or demand. Compassion, I guess, we get.

How ‘we going to get around? Entanglement. I guess we can go a’ packing in little shorts and trousers, bras, blouses, and socks to meet nature’s needs for tiny size of matter (mass) for entanglement to work.

The thing is that tarde grade, a single cell animal that looks like it’s galloping in space when hydrated, can travel the universe (in a shell).

A conceived, fertilized human egg needs to travel just as well via entanglement with a few extra commands at headquarters DNA in the mitochondria to blossom, mature, and handle environments it would be guessestimated to be out there.

Abraham Boulder

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Did someone find a guy like this. Is it more than movies?

Russia ballet danced by a sworn failure advocate. He must be ex Humana machina.

A souless artificial turd. Focusing on fulfilling duties by viral DNA, creeping around like mud slime with no head, no brain.

A gigolo who “rules the world” and shames Hashem (it’s a lie!) into retreat by being an alien diety of Indian origin. Including God of crazies and God of happies.

Sworn to rot to engage decompensating genetic human expression. A Hannibal, a Ted Bundy, a Chatles Manson, a Rev. Jones.

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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Can’t he get it? Take a long vacation.

Warlock. Four n-explosions in Northland Asia.

One n-explosions in North Central, cap removed to expose fart?

Nazi “Gotlieb maneuvers” in and out of the outfit, centering on scrotum to supply fiflth in little known microtubes or piapet directing filthy substances but nano-sized to go through holes in ceiling with no floorboards present.

Recruited to have no brain or heart executing function (very low-level). DNA commanded of viral machine and mud slime whose is collosally filthy, dirt, sewer rats not withstanding: personality salient in Nazi disorder whereby a persona would be normal Neurohermeneutics saliency.

The filth of a nation. Fill-up and M© egg noodles.

Imbecilic. Moronic. Stupid.

Very dumb.

Someone went to love canal. Met a mouse turned rat and disemboweled himself for the canal.


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What, neurohermeneutics

University of Edinburgh is welcoming departmental philosophers from various academic institutes, philosophical circles.

They will have competition.

The 100- and 200-bed psychiatric facilities (behavioral hospitals) in Tacoma are taking in “students” of their own.

Called “patients” although at the high-risk of hyperbole for this label, patients adorn the hallways under psychiatric programs rivaling Ph.D programs like the one at University of Edinborough (but more certainly, the University of Washington–where you can get a B.A. in philosophy, economics, and politics, and have only studied communist approaches to collegiate studies. No subject variant. The demise of liberal arts education and institutions of higher learning, apparently.)

Now what about “students” at the psychiatric hospitals?

First course would be Pain Management 401, rapidly descending to exploit pain intelligence with “look Ma, no hands” and make undoubtedly clear that “Dorothy is no longer, Kansas” (unless China, I e., Communist Party owns property in Kansas).

This torturous milieu “manufactured” as applied sociological “infrastructure” of controlling severe affective intelligent stressors produced in a “total the SUV and the person, or patient, in it” (except the stressors of depression, oppression, and rejection are crumpling your confidence, your generation-long complicity to nothing (end results), your acute bafflement, and, at the end of day, “oh-oh” self-realization of error in the type of institution we have licensed as a “psychiatric facility.” Madness encapsulated into pill form to give to each patient to swallow whole. Liberal ideology creedo, “Viva la difference” gets crushed by Khrushchev’s shoe.

Abraham Boulder

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Political field is not anywhere near even! America denying it’s brethren!

I have “alphabet soup” Intel on me in an environment where 100-bed and 200-bed psychiatric facilities owned by China in Tacoma and in many locations in the United States can manage extraction of persons from American society because the person took initiative of handling political risk that involved economic opportunity but the current law applications got corrupted and has circumscribed civil order and in cooperative governments like Washington State, the oppressed worker sought can-do rights that even President Trump made Visas available for a “lottery of opportunity.”

Rogue Intel workers side with the psychiatric facilities to pressure members of society, i.e., populations within the American borders and constituents on business or pleasure beyond U.S. borders, find that a double think in King County and Pierce County is developing with regards what a person thinks they should do forthrightly in day-to-day actions and what they may actually need to postpone to keep clear of such facilities that hold a narrow view of workers applying initiative for shelter, food, medicine, rest & relaxation, and transportation and out of necessity, winning in a capitalist economy.

Kudos to China to recognize the very strong need for psychiatric hospitals. What is of concern for me and others who help by taking progressive steps in politics, economics, and local history–that is–acting practically to avoid local and national socioeconomic stagnation.

Rumors go around that China persons in these Chinese facilities have been murdered, possibly tortured. One white person also allegedly faced such prospects.

While these rumors are alleged acts of violence and alleged acts of torture, these facilities can look unfortunately locally for impetus from the community.

Pacific Lutheran University is discussed, with claims that PLU allegedly doesn’t teach “Jesus” subjects or most pupils do not take these college courses. And the theme of credited courses is Lucifer exclusively.

This leaves open attitude-taking that focuses on dark nature and pragmatically, worst-care medical practices instead of best-care medical practices from employees or interns from PLU students working at these Tacoma mental health hospitals.

China as totalitarian regime can by it’s communist party “really turn on the juice” when word is: “go political!”

Educated workers can be schooled to provide “indecent care.”

Many American-owned mental health institutions have failed to comply with the city, county, state and national laws defining “proper care.”

Under all circumstances, we can do better and we must allow ourselves the opportunity to see this reality in fruition.

Abraham Boulder

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