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How to read the Constitution–and why. By Kim Wehle. Pp. 15-17

Timely, please read. Abraham Boulder.

“The attorney-client privilege is a judge-made doctrine or rule that keeps communications between a lawyer and client confidential if they are made for the purpose of obtaining legal advice. The policy rationale for it is that if people thought that conversations with their lawyers could be obtained by an opponent and used against them, they wouldn’t talk to lawyers in the first place. The theory behind the attorney-client privilege is something like: society benefits if people talk to attorneys when their legal rights and obligations are at stake. The First Lady is not a government employee; that is, she is not paid for her service with taxpayer dollars. Prosecutors within the independent counsel’s office argued that the attorney-client privilege did not apply to Mrs. Clinton because she was not a government “client.” An appeals court later found that the privilege did not protect Mrs. Clinton’s conversations with White House lawyers, and the US Supreme Court refused to hear the case, so the lower court decision stands.1 I share this anecdote because it was the first time I grasped the importance and longevity of decisions about the powers of the government. What it means today, for example, is that conversations between President Trump’s government-paid lawyers and his daughter and adviser Ivanka can likely be subpoenaed in a civil lawsuit or criminal investigation without contending with the attorney-client privilege. The debate within the ranks of the independent counsel’s office revolved around questions of precedent: “We want this for purposes of this investigation, sure, but if we get what we want, what does it mean for future White Houses—maybe Republican-led ones?” Once the subpoena power was construed to include the ability to obtain this kind of information from a sitting president’s spouse, it went in the next prosecutor’s toolbox, where it remains. A more haunting example of the toolbox phenomenon has to do with the so-called war on terror under President George W. Bush. Famously, then deputy assistant attorney general John Yoo drafted a set of memoranda that defined torture as severe pain associated with “death, organ failure, or serious impairment of body functions,” accompanied by “prolonged mental harm” over a duration of months or years. With such a high bar to a torture ban, the memorandum gave the president a green light to conduct interrogations in ways that most people would find abhorrent and abusive. The torture memos made possible the notorious Abu Ghraib scandal of 2003 involving human rights atrocities by US Army and Central Intelligence Agency personnel in an Iraqi prison. Around the same time as the torture memos, now professor Yoo authored another memo asserting that presidents have plenary power during a time of war to monitor the communications of US citizens on American soil without first obtaining a warrant. In effect, the memo suggested that the Fourth Amendment’s ban on unreasonable searches and seizures—and the Constitution in general—does not apply to the president when the country is at war.2 The correctness of Professor Yoo’s conclusions as a matter of constitutional law was—and remains—hotly debated. The torture memos were immediately withdrawn by Jack Goldsmith, who succeeded Assistant Attorney General Jay S. Bybee as head of the Office of Legal Counsel (and became Yoo’s boss) under the same Republican president.3 However, once ideas of unfettered authority to torture or to spy on US citizens without a warrant were put into action, they became part of the lexicon of presidential power. Although Congress has since placed some limits on torture, that presidential power is now in the toolbox, so to speak, to pull out later if a president with a “Yoo view” of executive power sees fit. As a result, politicians and judges of all political stripes must be very careful about how they exercise power when they have it, because they are setting precedents for those who will hold power in the future.”

Today: 1/14/2020. I pray you care

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How ’bout sending M from the revolving doors he went in, right back out from where he came from

“destroy integrity and make indiscreet the most dependable individual.”

From: p.82 Sidney Gottlieb…search for mind control.

-it seems “Mgolden egg noodles” interest with me is exactly the same.

Wants a precedent from his outrageously improper handling of an American constituent and also that it is done within the borders of USA sovreignty with applicable U.S. and Washington State constitutional civil rights.

Uses an entertainer from a casino during attempts at mind control and biological control, torture, and murders, seen on Arab television.

Abraham Boulder

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What works

Principled in Gottlieb syndrome, identity government services may think to eradicate the person’s identity and invent a smart box full of new personality and habits.

While habit formation and cosmetic surgery can go a long way to eliminate a person’s past, “eliminating the person by neurosurgery” is eradication of the actual person and requires the engineering of modifiers to the “neuro-essence of the person” to keep the person outlined with flags, and not “throw out the baby with the bathwash.”

More specifically, the destruction and eradication of brain mass that is crucial for the self-identity of a person cannot be “swiped clean” by it’s elimination; or, you will wipe out the “life of the person.”

Physiologically, general brain mass coupled with remainder body mass both attached to a smart box for personality directive and nonspecific and specific identifiers has the problem of no Human life and biologically acts as mud slime lacking “brains and ardor” with many nuclei posing aggressive thrusts for waste food or decaying matter instead of real, nutritious food for scientific nutrition and healthy living (such as, gradients to telomere growth, noncancer causing) that revolutionizes health while we control AI tool with Human Command

By eliminating the Human in body and brain mass, you have indirectly created a subhuman species interested in human desecration and totaling the Human to nothingness.

Further, my creative force for global society is malaligned, misused by mud slime directors and agents to make the cause of [belly[ infestation and contagion manifest for annihilation efforts against the human race. Enter Gilgamesh in spirit.

What is totally unacceptable is the way agents and director find constituents expendable BeCause they (the constituents) are upholders of the backbone of our society, U.S. Constitution and respective governments of the fifty (now 51? Samoa) states of the union. Also that they are mistakenly and criminally expended within the borders of the United States.

Abraham Boulder

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Too much kill.

So they cut out identity from brain resulting in no brain physiology.

And the same physiology for the heart.

What they attempt is to cancel a person, then put state material.

So no heart, no brain physiology–no “ownership.”

Then they put in a “smart box.” It will really be a dumb box because the applied technology is not that advanced yet. So the box needs to be stupider than the practioner, they figure.

They work with this physiology no-brainer, no-heart with a dumb box electronically and they program it for filth.

Sex with the dead, sex with sex addicts, no showers, no sleep, eating poorly.

So what comes of this.

The Thing is very aggressive and filthy.

So what does it become?

Mud slime. The whole organism becomes mud slime. One cell mechanism. The smart box is artificial and even if they tell it to be aggressive this, or aggressive that. The person is a single cell mud slime with multiple nuclei that prod aggressively with no brains or a heart to do anything right.

The results of behavior entail prodding orifices for decayed matter with no physiological brain, or physiological heart to speak of.

Only a huge personality style from the dumb box because they thought to counter spirit and neurohermeneutics with an effusing personality “nightmare ebullient salesman” that is okayed by Psychology Today that should really only be a personna immaterially. Their intentions schema–sketchy at best to not bludgeon the public with “incarnate dogma of government or private personnel”

Lack of education, overly aggressive, filthy to the max. And Gottlieb syndrome yields a decaying, no brainer, no heart, overly aggressive personnel of alphabet soup killing those out of sophisticated chi that is no comparison for “chang:” Not just chi’s vital force of the dead, but of chanf”s living and creative force as vital force.

Clearly, I am superior. Clearly they want to end my life.

Human brains resorting to snake and mouse thinking and mud slime. Not using human brains on human matters. Finding constituents expendable when they are very much needed.

Trying to establish a precedent of “expendables” from American constituents within American borders. Seeking mind control and control of biology.

We have freedom. Free for persons to have life, liberty and property. Section 1. Amendment 14. U.S Constitution.

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy

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I lie down in green pasture overhead a clear night sky . . .

He leads me to a- water in places of repose; 3He renews my life; He guides me in right paths as befits His name. 4Though I walk through b- a valley of deepest darkness,-b I fear no harm, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff—they comfort me.

2He makes me lie down in green pastures;

[I dream of human singularity, of defense, and of life. First Eternal, an everlasting light. Then Destiny’s flame guiding us on generation-to-generation path, until we sing with the angels and lose most physical form to navigate the four corners of the universe via entanglement. A moment not too soon. And granted physical evolution of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens by human command, AI tool.]

Be they bold.

In practicuum. Metanormal human singularity. To prosper with the Divine constructive element. Human command AI tool. Sacred cerebrum and sacred lymbic system and of sacred heart adjusted to Earth’s requirements and space travel for our home.

-Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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Free say

Hatred of my brothér and my childhood friend, has no bounds.

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Billions for Gottlieb

Ever see those mechanical services that your wife sits at, that file her nails, do her hair, and massages her thighs.

Well beauty is one thing, and manipulation is another.

At the same time: magnetic materiel are placed for cranial stimulation (pleasure and pain), radioactive material is also placed as a neuro stressor; both raising anxieties, both hampering sound judgement, which can be somewhat depressing.

All the while, titrated liquids in plasma bags controlled by the smallest cc’s. Drizzling on my head.

A billion dollar pin ball machine, may even monitor brain waves. Versus Iranian mental Gilgamesh brainwashing, where the thinking is “we can torture as well as a billion dollar machine.” (We can go outside Western notions outside of Abrahamic Divine Providence for Universe Anarchy Catastrophe).

Providence means jobs, jobs, jobs and AI getting very smart can also increase human functionality by being extremely user friendly and assisting us instead of enslaving us.

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