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Social Earth Capitalism (political group)

Includes Chopra’s metaverse and human verse. “Spoken” in neurohermenutics.

A bridge not too far.

Personal, private unconscious.

Common unconscious in reserve, in social brain, discussing figuratively complete or completing ideas (novel, take a hike), in imagined or remembered venue setting of golf, tennis, the mall, hiking (places, perhaps physically attractive). Utilizing psycheconomy surplus in constructive intent, effort, achievement, Final ontime, remedy, Final final ontime.

Essential habits embraced for the next 250 years. To do things correctly, mostly right, sometimes out of “necessity” wrong. Sometimes, on occasion wrong is correct.

Sometimes retreat is the most educational.

Insight via hindsight by insight review for foresight efficaciousness (money, ontime, results correct), foresight.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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At a time when Russia attacks a sovereign state.

Russia sphere of influence after war.

Populations coping in Russia and Ukrane welcome.

American support of sovereignty of Ukrane.

Sphere of influence China now.

Sphere of influence India when whether or not allegedly a “CEO” is incompetent from human hosting to snake, rat, or insect (40% of human DNA, can be changed or evolved by viral DNA in human). Incidents global, little understood. Possibilty, it exists. Not certainty. Nazi, not nasi. Run by Indian Arab 450 lbs weight. Who rules Phils (multiples), Wegs (multiples), CEO human host. Our top government leader seems to be involuntarily led to organizational psychiatric brainwashing within society by Phils and Wegs. Goldstein and 4 yr child served as a Phil IQ.

Japan allegedly having challenge of human hosting, allegedly interfering with leadership. Very “Asian” influence/environmental, occurrence. Possibilty, does exist. Uncertainty of existence occurring. Nazi, not nasi.

Brought on to allegedly do something remedial in alleged historical scenarios. Perhaps of no avail. Swedish King seems to be host to castle serpents. This is a notion of possibility. Not accusation. Not to criticize. Not to condemn. I have a book, The Good and Evil Serpent that is Christan stufy. Take a look at it and see if anything–anything at all seems to apply.

Lamas lizard snakes ?Tibet? Lamas rats from VA Beacon hill lab. Insects “botany” of UW or Seatac airport hub. Superfly. Sasquatch beast in chambers.

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Macho banter

For male rearing male. Rape more like it. He mirth in it’s illegality and then mirth on committing manslaughter.

Despite it being criminal in civilian code and military code.

We don’t need this type of leadership! Definitely, not.

Abraham Boulder

White is trying to transfix the Pacific Northwest into Satanism at the eye level. Cause me ticks with gravity feed poison at my temples to denigrate religion, ruin, destroy my vision. Imperile my life. He acts extremely immature and his emotional level is inappropriate for a senior retired professional. His sense of responsibility to the good of society as the community-at-large, is lacking entirely. He neither exhumes a sense of responsibility nor acts in such a manner to show he is without senior brain judgment aberrations . He moves assuming ID he has no right to display.

There is a certain element that wants to know how I know. Five senses physical is fine. In discussion it centers on Vienna Circle. What is physical is physical besides the blind feeling “different pats of an elephant imagining different life forms.”

There is neurohermeneutics defined by me in accordance with secular terms used in the the thought exercises of Nietcszhe. Arguing “God is dead” we then have the thought exercise question, What then is meta in metaphysics or what is metareality in Chopra’s metauniverse.

If. you look at Chopra’s book Metahuman in the front of the book the critical acclaim is outstanding–such astrophysicist and a dean of a university, for example recognizing it with high honors.

Now Chopra got in trouble in society for being a pejorative cultists. His book is excellent. But he’s taking an extreme position (for argument sake). Common sense, even uncanny common sense leaves us with the available of the status quo to accep clear or lucid common sense, if he or she seems right to him or her as follows:

This is taken from Oxford American dictionary and includes pretty common sense definitions of dimension.

dimension /dəˈmen(t)SH(ə)n,
▸ noun
1 (usually dimensions) a measurable extent of some kind, such as length, breadth, depth, or height:
the final dimensions of the pond were 14 ft. x 8 ft
the drawing must be precise in dimension.
▪ Physics an expression for a derived physical quantity in terms of fundamental quantities such as mass, length, or time, raised to the appropriate power (acceleration, for example, having the dimension of length × time −2).
2 an aspect or feature of a situation, problem, or thing:
▸ verb [with object] form or shape (something)

Easy enough to say two physical realities holding the same space are dimensions from subsubsubparticles and large body physics. Acceletration rates are different, it’s different realities. Of course, mass of subpart less and large bodies are different.

What Dr. Chopra did state that large body physics is illusion and the only reality is tiny, tiniest, tinier even more.

This definition will have a 17 or 18 year-old thinking that large body physics is illusion because author Chopra repeatedly say so, then steering his Dodge Challenger at 90 miles per hour straight into a brick wall. Not that I’m telling him to do that.

Dr. Chopra is biased to one reality without recognizing a different reality “that has its own reality because they both are two dimensions with different mass behavior acting in the same location in the universe. Different behavior. Different mass size. Different acceleration rates, different units. Two dimensions. Two realities.

There are those that say there is 14 dimensions in a location that is specified. This is not to say multiverses. Same universe, possibly 14 dimensions.

So something exists beside 5-sense large body physical and it is a metauniverse in metahuman. A reality in metaphysics not dependent on God belief that is a dimension of reality that we are experiencing subconsciously. That we see things (subpartcles) because when we looked the wave oscillating energy in a location (loci) collapses to particle mass and we thereby see electron x-ray the results of mass instead of oscillating wave energy (although that may change).

So there’s a phenomenon of cogent, discernable logic, both intellect, and for some affective intelligence. Logic of language syntaxes and emotionally understandable groupings (e.g., opposites)

Comprehension is dependent on neurological structure of a brain, possibly the very chemistry allowing perception of this form of intelligence in the metauniverse of the metahuman experiencing the information in metaphysics.

As for God, you believe or you don’t. You therefore believe he exists or he doesn’t. You faith in him, not just yourself. But certain intelligence phenomenon of information is day-to-day mundane that may involve finding a spoon instead of a fork. And you experience mental or emotional responses to your search that in metahuman metaphysics, but does involve a Divine source.

Is there a God? Does He matter? Those that believe in Him, do they matter? Does decency matter? Do we discuss this or do we blank out, develop voided minds, submit to the AI robot and kiss our asses good-bye?

We continue to solve our problems. This personal God serves those that cannot get along without His love, His Higher Power. Some may see this as weakness. Knowing how horrible we are when put our minds to it, I say there is stregnth in believing in the love of a God, Higher Power, greater than fully capable, our swollen heads.

Consider employing those whose addictions are user-oriented, instead of having a continued set of addictions.


Abraham Boulder

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Scientific progress: Social psychiatry unconsciousness= totalitarianism sociological infrastructure of state whole consciousness generated by computer programmers, caretakers, patients, the chemically addicted = psyche economy deficit, negativity (not positive or negative constructive)

Soviet-Nazism channeling = sociological infrastructure

The creation of a psychoanaltyical pathway from the extremely acute neuropsychiatric patients to induce a particular human subject to pretend to have the elements of these neuropsychiatric consciousnesses (in the multiples) that are then socially channeled by the “socially” labotomized to “lock the subjects” into this sociological infrastructure.

Insane desire for science to fail.  To prevent the widest distribution for coverage of individuals of different stripes and stars, working against the individuals that are the best of us, the destructive elements of the subconscious of a suicide mission of agency by way of psychiatric brainwashing to impede progress (and since 1949) to destroy the world.

The subjects actually don’t have the social consciousness deceitfully devised.  The individual consciousness of the subjects may be of constructive social elements.

Deceit=shoved into cellar or attic, repressed ideas shoved into the alter ego.  Man-made lunatic God that can actually be quite beautiful and orderly.  Schizophrenic God may be really be just utterly incomprehensible, not a sick god, but absolutlely beautiful (sublime) and quite orderly in spiritual nature (with chaos elements), confused with the human subconscious’s elements repressed or otherwise, pathological.

Further, agency is held together by false heart associations of nonscientific analyses of lie detector tests.  And the noise and obvious bias in fingerprints and other forensic tools that such agency exacts on criminal prosecution which leaves reasonable doubt of guilty judgments. Reasonable doubt of truth accuracy. Further consideration on whether they “got their man (or woman), or to set the suspect “free to go.” What is it being done that is their “undoings.” Remedial action instead of inaction.

Further, White is trying to capitalize on my (possibly) great work by character assassination of me, Abraham Boulder, with reference to my broken nose or for me to be a buffoon, claimed to have moral defect in character when the defect is in corporate or foreign government exploitation and attempts at bullying me. I do not play “victim.”

The word “conviction” carries the weight of social neuuropsychiatric labotomies in neurohermeneutics.  An unhealthy, unnatural, heavy void state social.

The surveillance state in mass hysterics against the varieted populations of stars and stripes of varying IQ, types of intelligences, and different private experience.

A corporate or foreign government attempt in the USA to homogenize the population in the U.S.’ boundaries just like China does to the Uyghurs to eliminate difference, culture, and innovation and personal, private success.

To cleanse the outfit of depth analysis and its projection into the avenues of psyche economy surplus and deficit for efficacy and cognitive acknowledgment of what is good in agency and what is without analysis and not considered in administrative efficiency. What is great must be for the eyes of the “most excellent” because they can be the “most quickly assassinated.”

White’s judgment is off and in his near 100-year-old brain:  what is meant “of the best intentions” leaves an outcome of wretchedness and despair, of horrible outcome for the constituents legal in their citizenry to be free of a limited constitutional government hell bent on insisting the U.S. Constitution has no relevance today.

Instead of dismissing the backbone document of this country, a constitutional committe of Amedment 14 “life supporters” and “free agency” lifers can survey by-laws of the databases of the big law firms in New York (for a legal fee) to determine what to throw out as unconstitutional and what remains legal, supported by new amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
Abraham Boulder.

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Edmund Burke

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.

Edmund Burke, Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents

Tags: struggle

No power so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.

Edmund Burke

Tags: fear

If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.

Edmund Burk

The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.

Edmund Burke

The use of force alone is but temporary. It may subdue for a moment; but it does not remove the necessity of subduing again; and a nation is not governed, which is perpetually to be conquered.

Edmund Burke

Rage and frenzy will pull down more in half an hour than prudence, deliberation, and foresight can build up in a hundred years.

Edmund Burke

Whenever a separation is made between liberty and justice, neither, in my opinion, is safe.

Edmund Burke

Better to be despised for too anxious apprehensions, than ruined by too confident a security.

Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France


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1900 Vienna unconscious vs. 1900 Russian radical revolutionary politics leading to 1917 and 1929 totalitarianism and the complete obliteration of personal, private consciousness and unconsciousness

1900 Moscow, nihilism, anarchy, chaos

Do we know how consciousness is eliminated?

Answer: Terror, legal, legal entities, created propagandized-masses’ identity, relegating personal responsibility of rounded personal interests to the “dust bin”, state brainwashing eliminates “own me.”

Vienna Circle priority one. Five senses physical confirms existence generally.

Private, personal unconscious desired

year 1900 Vienna answer to “Crisis in democracy” paper on internet by professor from University of Kentucky

1900 Vienna culture thought of unconscious yields “common unconscious” which starts out experiencing material all false. (fundamental motives = anti-matter oscillations = motivation to utterly destroy everything, exoplanet Earth, universe, eternity).

Interest therefore intent for psyche economic surplus common unconscious, constructive full consciousness to counter totalitarianism with “rounded personal interests.”  This type of interest development is cognitive function to rid ourselves of totalitarianism.  Free up the private mind. Recommend: On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder. Also, Resistance to Tyranny A Primer by Joseph P. Martino. The latter argues “guns prevent genocide.” Guns are dangerous and should be in the house only if everyone in the household learns how to use them. With that said, the argument for guns is tantalizing and irrefutable at best, unfortunately! 2nd Amendment, U.S. Constitution.

Secular discussion occurs from Nietszche’s thought exercises, and limited constitutional governments of central and 50 states encourage secular discussions under Amendment 1 of U.S. Constitution and other “self” or “own me” protections for “getting the word out” that t⁹yranny is not the answer.

Constructive social experience is psyche economy surplus of a social construct such that a Mayflower-Plymouth pact exists with the civil enthusiasts to be a civic body discussing secularly activities of strong religion and sovereign states and divine intrusion into states in order to keep them, at any time, from “blowing up the world.”

Abraham Boulder, “Keven” is 1900 Vienna private, personal unconsciousness and referencing of common unconscious via venues (incl./ International Space Station, golf, tennis, malls, museums, satellite technology advances, climate crisis constructive goings-on, and day-to-day living).

1900 Vienna unconscious (“subconscious uncle”)
Oxford American dictionary, “nihilism”= year 1900 radical, revolutionary Russian politics of “all for nothing, and nothing for all, all is nothing.”  This philosophy ushered in totalitarianism, whereby “all is state, nothing else” or “physical existence, nothing else, no personal, private consciousness, no own me, state is–no more exists than that. Attempts at vacuous mind.

Constructive endeavor:

Desire for official declaration in law of constituents homo sapiens evolving to homo sapiens (sapiens) is healthy societal political act.  It starts us conducting our battles in life on a more even playing field.  Allows for unconscious ethical concern “to show it’s wise face in neurohermeneutics, earthly concerns of our exoplanet in the metauniverse or earthly exoplanet metaphysical plane.

Abraham Boulder.  -Keven.

Constructive solves the puzzle.

[Phil, Joel, Alan, Gene is with no brain, no forward constructiveness, no life=a celebration of death imposed on others unrelated to the above mentioned names in this paragraph–a quagmire situation. A Marx Bros. Armaggedon with black soul Jew wanting to “best” the top Nazi dead leader.

Further a mentioned person tries to mark me. The idiot’s guide to frauds, scams, and cons is a Soviet attempt by this person to leave me vulnerable and exposed to encourage harm to me when I display horse sense with regard to keeping the private sector private and making the Soviet, “American Soviet Americanism.

That is, in language, and intellectual tally stimulates conversations involving ideas put forth for intellectual appeal.

In no way, does the American Soviet Americanism interfere with “material in, material out” material processing of sustainable materials and products; accounting practices of the business, and sustainable profitability. New legal definition of “corporation” can make room for sizable profit by a business without the excesses of bilking the public for obscene profits.

If such collossal profit-making is allowed, the government can skim profit that remains the owners’ of the business(es), but utilized for necessary work in the new green economy.

Auditing to assure proper use of funds, the ownership of the new green economy grown with government skimming for use-demands in green business(es) results in one-third of the existing ownership continuing as a MA Bell and two-thirds of the green growth business(es) becoming private baby bells competing in the green market with the Ma Bell.

Abraham Boulder

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Man government mausoleum proposal

Eternal russian state. Eternal ukranian state. Eternal american state. Eternal french state.

If target mausoleums of “Eternal Man state”, top elite will not “throw” nukes.

rabble rubble of foreign mausoleums of concrete cpu shell void of anything inside=state rabble rubble

Black Soviet Niesztche Ph.D. anti-God=anti-homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens). Black may be Russian Orthodox Church corruption. Black may be Roman Orthodox Church corrupion. Jewish corruption. Does the Jew genocide mean Black soul Jew world genocide desire as a psychiatric brainwashing of the Jews via traumas.

Nietszche vomited and had diarrhea of church to discuss secularly. U.S. Constitution and WA constitution allow Mayflower-Plymouth (secular) civil body discuss– against–“strong religion” and “sovereign states” any desire to blow up the world or to war against NATO.

Recommend: optimum vitale

Abraham Boulder.

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The Guardian: Pope calls for courage in halting use of fossil fuels to protect planet

The Guardian: Pope calls for courage in halting use of fossil fuels to protect planet.

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Newsweek: Russia uses nukes in threats to Russia not because Ukraine gets aid to fight! See error in article below:

Newsweek: Nuclear War ‘Already a Given’ Says Russian TV: ‘Everyone Will Be Destroyed’.

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Truly Exceptional Repeat: American Soviet Americanisms

Structure in syntaxes comparable to Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes.

Provides a platform for hope for science solving toxicology problems and ecology remedies.

Russian austere survival and Jewish love equal to life lived (alive) and Hebraic lettering syntaxes with added meaning.

Insist on scientific solutions for clean drinking water and for cooking.

Mass madness can subside (or at the very least, stressor and inflammation, reduced–aggression from damaged brain, diminished–sinister notions from toxic parts of the brain, subsided.)

Positive placebos for constructive science solutions to add a form of human singularity with “umph” energy to new adaptations to initiating constructive science solutions, scientific answers to overdosing in Ayurverdic medicine application. For example, cigarette smoking.

Behavioral economics to “make the irrational ‘friendly'” so that, philosophically, Divine meaning can complement human gene expression to increase health and allow for belief systems not scientifically rational except in behavioral science, it needs to be constructively implemented.

We allow irrational beliefs to be acknowledged and minimal harm to ourselves and others via emotional intelligence and intellect intelligence exercises.  To avoid physical behavior that is damaging.

If God is dead. Then we are the Creator intimate to the colossus universe and we Control the Divine by our deliberate prayer exercising and emphasizing constructive goals, constructive achievement, and meeting literal deadlines effectively.

Our God, the Creator follows 12-step program guidelines for alcohol, drug, and food abuse in order to allow homo sapiens to win, advance physically, accomplish what we cannot, alone, cannot accomplish (and we admit it) in (human) existential isolation.

This God is not without focus. It’s not a God-in-the-round but complements scientific laws of creation to get done scientifically what we cannot do in alone.

God-specific for solving critical scientific and, especially, human genetic problems caused by toxic overdose.  What we pray for is what we get from chanq or creative energy “umph” that defines human singularity for human command and AI tool.

The elegance of the universe in the equation, e equal m c-squared is found in the statement and it’s corollary as follows:

If you believe in God, then God exists.

If you don’t believe in God, then God does not exist.

Wisdom intelligence (WQ) tells us to listen to spiritual intelligence (SQ) of values and meaning.

Then, administering emotional intelligence (EQ) to quiet our fears and to create a constructive love; both, practical and with a capacity for present and future development of nascent constructive world civilization and world societies.

We, on a subsubsub-particle level and with some nanos behavior also, are intimate with the universe. A meshing of Alka Seltzer(c) efferescence between our physical selves and our surroundings at a megamicro level of matter and energy.

Idea quanta as universe of flitting ideas. Corralled and written down with pen and paper to be both grave and have gravity.

The intimacy shows that Man’s thought processes (Humankind’s also) are predominant in philosophy of ideas and takes claim or ownership of his existential plight. It is this intimate, direct contact with the universe, across the universe with entanglement, that allows a person of faith in the 12-step process that allows Man to have a future destiny instead of only an ancient Greek tragedy. Mesopotamia fecundity. Generations aging with generations-to-come destiny.

Let our driver sources be known through the phenomenon of affective intelligence (AQ) common but not exclusive to the female gender.

Finally, apply cognitive psychology in intellect intelligence (IQ) to administer direct actions that concludes cognitive faculty activity and managing proactive communication and processes regulating constructive measures for redirection into meeting literal deadlines.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

May this be a salve to our intellect, emotional quality, our values and meaning, and academic-tested wisdom literature.

May the affective intelligence remain an oddity of generational pursuit in which we don’t hold stereotypically, females to its expression.

As a result of all of the above, a conversation of Hebraic thought from Mesopotamia (the valley of the Euphrates) does not conclude with murder and suicide in Greek tragedy and toga party.

It halts scholarly direction from Greco-Roman influence originating from Macedonia. And upholds Israel as a source of three monotheistic beliefs.

Hebraic spirit and genetics in the earthly domain, and the spirit of a constructive God that is confirmed through correct interpretation for the 21st Century post-Enlightenment period. Christians have made decent the God story and in prayer. Judaism has softening His appeal to Jews to be good, and strive to survive, and like other groups, flourish.

May they be constructive; thus, love employed intelligently, and with God as the witness. For world civilization, and world society. And may atheists be in accordance with shared ethical principles to join in this constructive-love duality of work and achievement.

And for generations-to-come: a human destiny not ending in Ancient Greek tragic fate. This post-Enlightenment wisdom intelligence, speaking now–not thousands of years in the past.

God bless.

Human Command. AI tool. AI some control.

The valley of decision is the valley of Mesopotamia and its fecundity for generations-to-come destiny.

Abraham Boulder

Let me be clear. This is post-Nietzschian.

Luther did “dark earth” to express man’s and woman’s affiliation with the Devil on Earth. It was well within, Christianity’s church. Protestant, though it may be.

Nietzsche “vomits and has diarrhea” in deliberate thought exercises in order to move away–secularly–from the Church.

He says, paraphrasing, “move away from my thought processes. I do this thinking philosophically to move us beyond and into secular discussions.”

“Regain decency and natural respect for people striving on this Earth, if that’s your speech.”

We, in the United States, do secular discussion in “Town Hall” meetings to do speech round-a-bout supported legally by Amendment 1 of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.

Our fifty states have constitutions that first of all accept the U.S. Constitution primary legal structure and may add rights to citizens, as well.

It is also private discussions that these laws protect. Private discussions which, within the framework of our human lives, constitute secularity in nature. To uphold a self-governing body in private discussions under a self-imposed Plymouth-Mayflower compact.

Our objective, among many, is to halt sovereign states and Orthodox and Fundamental or Evangelical churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, from the intent to blow up the world. We know governments have such a capacity, and religious influence can be too fatal.

This is the arena where we make speech beyond Nietzsche.

And if a Jew does something well. And you learn from his or her success: what I say is, “Copy Jew-style if you find it convenient and it helps you in your own success.

“Otherwise, do succeed by your own background, race, your own ethnic inclinations.

“Reflecting on your own style, your own identity, and your own grace.”

While your background is your own, and discussions in politics, economics, and business affairs are the secular sphere that we ask collaboration and mutual understanding in–these activities to profit self, businesses, and society.

Please consider and discuss this ambition in individuals and in groups.

Abraham Boulder

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