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Gentlemen and Ladies, start your engines!

But is there not movement? And from there, more emotional pitch,, and, consequently, more movement.

Is this not a person of heart? To stir the healing energies from deathly sleep?

To arouse, awaken from solemn repetition? To crave an upstart, a movement of rhe winds of change caught by the windmills of imagination and desire?

Dare to move forward. Shake your shackles off from the bogeyman of the Deep. Devise strategy that what you see is not anything, if you don’t place it there.

Perchance, a military offense is occurring that makes the bogeyman look giant by elevated boots and breathing apparatus and suit?

Respond. Go within.

-Abraham Boulder.

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Kant Can. So can you.

I Abraham take a healing stance while using anti-fungal anti-biotic and protective clothing. Support Nasi vs. the eternal hell raising of nocebos concentrated and intertwined with death, dying, and movement exercises and fungal applications.

Lamas biting humans and seeking dying nocebos exercises of Aryan degreed trainers for dalai-lama status against tree of liberty, tree of life, white race [vs. spices mixture with green tea lemon, and supplemented with herbs. -Abraham Boulder].

It is a healing posture and stubborn, “final,” vital-supported defense protecting wounds and seeking a healing that is paramount in the mind of the healer and his organic healing processes.

It is the balm that seals the wound for healing, while including allopathic medicine and utilization of protective clothing that sends the striver to healing body with nourishing mind and strongly protective brainWork.

-Abraham Boulder. –Keven. 😊:

Part 2.

Religion joining science in behavioral science.

Corporeal and neurohermeneutics.

“Live wire” broadcasting? His Holyness.

Metanormal, physical exercise and health for the brain.

Plato, spirit and intellect. Gassendi, reason is part of spirit. Boulder, affect intelligence, ?Only one God Spirit. India Creator, God “Jew” for business involving trillions rupees with love.

Avraham, spirit of the only one God. God idea. Idea quantum. Devinsky. Love Keven, Abraham. Significant Other.

Totalitarianism, crush spirit, dehumanize, treat as unimportant property. Gain a foothold neurohermeneustically in soiciological-science claim, causing excruciating pain by “state, Look Ma: no hands!” Ultimate Truth. Only state.

Soviet, Russia; China, India, 3rd Eye Tibet, Korea.

Conquering transmigration elevated at capitols. Japan considering murder of Japon.

Done in N. Korea, China: murder. Rational head without ?behavioral economics.

Dalai lama. Destroy Tree of Life. Tree of Liberty

Dalai lama. Japan against Japon Spirit

The presence of his holyness is included because he’s very old and gives his title to “PCB PCP PCP.” His brain has toxicity from his many, many years. And a person can be irascible and impertinent, which can keep his holyness alive even longer.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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The greatest political move ever made. Will he Trump the presidency!

In times like these, the best of times, the worst of times: there is no hardball game more politically expedient by throwing a curveball to strikeout the opponent, than a stunning reversal; that is, to cooperate with private industry and private initiative to roll up their sleeves and manage massive amounts of work that is correctly defined as a “revolution.”

Abraham Boulder

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Defining “revolution.”

At a death knell, when final reverse is possible and change dramatic, constant, and necessary.

We leave our crypt to ask, “Should our stay on exoplanet Earth be longer for all it’s worth than the limitations placed by the sex addict?

Can we see ourselves out of the “flying Hawkeye” of dear Hawking whose single eyeball on the mythical telescopic lens, left the universe in England green estate?

To do as George Washington did and speak “Creator,” and not so much Jesus to focus not on a world isolated from the heavens that all physical law is a result of universal law and the Earth’s uniqueness does not mean untethered to the cosmos.”

That earthly behavior corrected is a exoplanet in a universal medium obeying universal law of creation.

This, then appeals to a greater, seasoned Father of the Heavens, that instructs his son, for Christians, to not take privilege to eradicate, annihilate, eliminate, and incinerate the human species of Father, the Creator, God of Beginnings’s creation.

Nor incarcerate, genocide, and cause atrocities of proportions giving pleasure to the hangman, our final peril.

Even if evolution uses randomness, it was not without direction. That a feedback loop AFTER the Big Bang #3 led to higher forms of life; past 2 billion years of “rippling waves in alfalfa fields” of the cosmos and simple organisms.

Identifying–difference–in routine and noticing where it may lead!

Lead us on! Break from the nooks and crannies whereby you lived, toiled, and made profit.

Beyond the Enrons, beyond bankruptcies as a result of recession, or depression.

With a Marshall II. For G20, G90, G200 for that matter! Green in, coal, gas, and oil production to run silent.

Abraham Boulder

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The good, good man

Lame, erect, intelligence eclipsed, heart-felt crack and methylamphetamine user.

Recommending nine amphetamine pills to cause manslaughter upon you.

Friendly, “loving.”. Pimp your child. Includes weed killer in the “special” cannabis you buy (or the THC is simply too high!)

Intelligent idiot. IQ leads to lameness. Needs WQ, wisdom intelligence to know when to shut off IQ for the future of mankind.

Robotic. Unable to understand the value of being human.

Incapable of putting conservative (communitarian) political philosophy in front of economic value of human life in order to protect the species to avoid the loss of it’s diversity and it’s numbers for the future of human development. For the future that exists for homo sapiens sapiens.

And cerebellum development to adjust to the planet’s behavior.

Incapable of tool dexterity of opposable thumbs that keeps AI Tool. Otherwise, AI Virus requiring AI Firewall and AI Anti-Virus.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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Idea quanta is twists and turns, as well as different size string vibrating in order for consonance, harmony, and balance with also, discordance, on the development of matter and emergence of creative feedback after a long, 2 billion years of simple organisms.

Hence, vivaciousness was borne, with zeal struck matter with ideas originating from motion of string in string theory.

Life begets meaning via a feedback loop. Not meaning begets life.

Not intelligent design, but intelligence derived from evolution.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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Idea quanta series of waves – 11/26/18.

Flow like Irisis in mountain air, wave after 🌊 wave.

Wave, singular, this way and that.

For two billion years simple organisms busied themselves upon the exoplanet Earth.

And string in string theory complemented with singular waves that moved over the organism in hills and vales.

Then a twist in a string “read” as something, strings strum in atmospheric orchestration.

Feedback loops yield waves of meaning.forming idea quanta string twisted forms and oscillations.

More data to work with. More genuflections. Higher forms of life appear. Virome have their say, speeding evolution on it’s way.

Life begets meaning via a feedback loop. Not meaning begets life.

–Keven. Abraham Boulder

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