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1.1.1Attention to detail of horrendous acts by uncaring officials and pseudo-officials

What when people practice or meditate on Wicca for the downfall of the general population.  It’s soul searching.  It shouldn’t include lobotomies for renegades.  They are not, what literary editors call “rogue.” And if a rogue is apprehended and cooperative, it should not include a knife or laser cut to the man’s or woman’s brain. Wig-Wam putting test cases with lobotomies “striking it” with mental health consumers at a VA facility in Seattle. Only it’s PCB and his intense or very, very acute mental and emotional illness that does a show of the horrendous, the heinous, the abominable acts he commits. And does the person live that is acted upon at the VA?  It”s all too apparent. Search the physical five senses. It’s like a name ending with “sky” entertaining by heinously destroying the living for entertainment of a totalitarian art form.  Najinsky at the Russian ballet. Very sick.  Lacking respect for the living. Always talking and having sex with the dead.  Indulging in psychotic practices. Respect for the dead is tantamount.  Avoiding a Soviet circus is essential.  Striving for better mental heath is highly value-driven. Otherwise, horrendous acts. Now you know what Joseph Conrad had his main character say on a white yacht in the river Thames. He was talking of colonial Congo actions by the colonialists. What happen here happens to a female. A U.S. veteran. Is she okay?  We will determine that if abuses are curtailed and she is allowed independent living status again. “The horror.  The horror.” We need to end these abominations in terror. We need to free up our democracy! A republic “for the people, by the people” that is responsible for action. That we keep a wary eye on those who nonchalantly engage in terrible abuses.

Rogue piracy. Soviet Razpunksky. Mengele and Himmler Nazi death communication and sex. Mass victimization of non-participants.

Abraham Boulder

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So here we are

Slumbering while bumbling. . . . punk rogue piracy holding unauthorized court proceedings.

New York State surgeons allegedly doing lobotomies on people “with conscience.” Don’t know the extent of it.

If it’s been going on for a while, “don’t know the half of it.”

Keven Jung Young.

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Deed done by literal dead-lines.

We Man, and Woman accept Nietszche’s “God is dead!”

We then think.  Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step directs that “we cannot do it ourselves.”

So we think (IQ) we feel (EQ) (AffectiveQ) we honor SpiritualQ (healthy constructive values and meaning) we prick up our ears to WisdomQ (does not put us to sleep with its subject–the jew; it raises our fancy and we are alarmed to its clarity of sound-ness in reasoning.  “Harken to my ear at last!  Hear the “Clarion call” it calls us forward.  Watch your step.  This to be done (“deed done”) constructively.  Do you hear, constructively!

The deeds get done!

We think God. So God is. Our Sacred Carrot leads us pulls us forward. Our hearts align with true north, true south, true east and true west.

So rest up lads and lassies.  Those of matrimony and those single parents.  We relax when “deeds done.”

To act is to need a Defense.  Because when we coordinate action we battle for life, not death.  So we need a coordinated Defense. It would be great if taxpayer money went to Defend start ups as the New Economy needing defense for living.  For life!  We act. We defend!

Abraham Boulder.  –Keven.

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War conversion

Either we fight for human singularity.

That Hong Kong be number one in business–a world-class leader of China to esteemed China for developing the science, the technology, the lifestyles of a green tomorrow–today.

And America competes.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy

To be number 1 in the world in green business!

To be the creative energy. The very chanq in emergent physics, chemistry. biology, idea-quantum “fields of rows of streaming grain” (string-theory) of causal sets of data points . . . of creative. practical, innovative, game changing paradigm shifting complete-ideas.

Ideologies and idealogues of commerce of constructive science of constructive technologies and regaining of simplicity in some of our lifestyles.

A Host of ideologies in efferescence to the mind’s eye as jazzy bubbly above the crown of the head with future, commerce, future business associates, successful stewardships here and abroad!

To five senses with a metanormal singular focus on chanq wielded for constructive endeavor, constructive achievement in literal dead-lines. To breathe! To pump blood! To mess less with the head!

Simplicity and fusion of citrus and lime drink and refreshing filtered technologically clean water.

Complexities grasped by AI fusion quantum computer tools by human command. AI firewall. AI anti-virus. AI anti-malware.

Human command.

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Green Act, America1st, $3 trillion.

Green Act $3 trillion America1st. The only sustainable economy. Response Yale Professor Roach. Stewardship is important. 6 months and counting to get results ecologically. Not bubble. Like nascent battery industry only keep industrial secrets. Capitalize on economies of scale in sustainable fashion. $450 billion in green impetus to be accounted for. Green money. $650 billion needing “accurate and correct” handling and stewardship. Confirms a willingness to live generations-to-generations destiny spending money. Next 6 months literal dead-line. New normal. Next 8 years literal dead-line. New normal. Next 250 years of literal deadline. New normal and 2nd nature despite anticipated setbacks. Brand new economy. Instead of “how to build a rocketship.” It’s “how to return to Earth and solve our problems before our exoplanet looks just like Mars or Venus.” The only real economy. “Everything else” or somethings else are “Enrons” doting the financial horizon. -Abraham Boulder

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Possession and strength in good be great that challenges the world to do what they have to do already, be best at what he or she does.
But seldom gets recognized and now is flagged to acknowledge and further avoidance of extinction.

What is needed is a legal definition of corporation or legal license to engage in busy-ness to maintain sustainable outputs and wipe our asses clean after making limited output for limited profit (legally defining the corporate body).

Do we not want big profit?  Let us not venture to hemorrhage liberal economics of personal greed aggregates such that the credit worthiness is A+ and A.  And C rating is more exception to the rule of non-extinction.

In this legal action we surrender to long-time goals which sustains quarterly profit for the life of the corporation.  Only now our preoccupation with making profits aligns with exoplanet-human survivability; which is the basis for creditworthiness of the corporation  by a private firm like Moody’s.

Analysis of business credit worthiness entails business stewardship and priority of exoplanet remedial action determined in academe earth sciences departments.

The urgent remedial getting A+. The sustainable A.  And the destructive C which includes calculations for economic disincentives whose sums easily transfer and promote economic incentives for A+ and A ratings in their monies and in the pro-human genetic species business.

One of homo sapiens, homo sapiens, sapiens and one of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

Abraham Boulder.

P.S. If you are royalty, you worry if you are a hemophiliac.

If not your blood boils for action!

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Presence, c. 2005. London

Nicholas Brealey, publ.

“This blind spot concerns not the what and how–not what leaders do and how they do it–but [in this instance] the who: who we are and the inner place or source from which we operate, both individually, [in the commons, and those in communes–all creating or innovating or doing in psyche economy surplus–against psyche economy deficit.]”

This a wonderful commons each experiences with their own me.

In no way does it mean the economy can’t be aided by the Fed, the Fiscal policy at the Treasury Department or U.S. Congress and the Presidency.

We achieve psyche economy surplus with the aid of universe upper ceiling of sanity.

Fire off ideas across the trillion galaxies in universe commons within your inner consciousness of your own me with the Maker, Creator for creative energy of human singularity focused on our today’s problems and brainstorming constructive solutions. The private initiative is paramount.

Peace go with, you, this applies to Wm. James’ counterconversion in creative doing and brainstorming problemsolving for workable, constructive doing by literal dead-lines without a diety, as well.

Bringing ideas into the grave realm of earthly gravity to test practicality and effectiveness in results. Bringing the ideas “on [exoplanet] home.” Writing them down on standard paper folded to make a “pocket page maker.” Or keying the ideas (possible solutions) with your keyboard.

All settled, all complete. Now do-able. Now usable. Now go and revise for trade in the various markets essential and sustainable.

Thereby core economy to sustain the economy with fundamental businesses so that confidence exists thst we aee not living delusional lives.

Actual essential and sustainable markets keep financials from crashing.

Abraham Boulder

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And the [heartbeat] goes on

The covid19 is something the Honorable Governor Inslee has addressed in scientific terms and includes adaptation (learning) from experience to implement the phases or partial phases of active life.

Notice as a result of scientific implementation of behavior, whether we are, at any given time of day:  good or bad, right or wrong, but kindly please–we have to conduct correct behavior for the “we” in “me.”

Social distancing includes “social” because it’s so all of us can breathe better.

Same with face masks.  To  isolate while we participate.

Now I don’t want to come off as an extremist and dying or harm to your body is not good, but I don’t believe it’s God’s action.  I mean it’s a virus–right?!

I believe that God is good.

And I sincerely believe that God is showing us the way–the correct way.

First he stops all work to give you opportunity to be with family.  To look at the long road ahead of us.

Then he helps us (by aiding each other) to learn the habits of safe, correct scientific action.  And also recommending to be kind to one another.

Now I know there is a hustle to collect the greenbacks to live on.

What I’m trying to show is we are learning scientific correct behavior to live and strive for a livelihood, and in our own ways flourish.

I mean, we’re going to Mars, right.

Well what NASA is keeping from us (and it’s “top secret”) is there is a squadron of Martians that are coming to exoplanet Earth who, when seen, wave fervently and approvingly to the crews of humans getting ready to go to Mars.

They believe it’s very good that we go conquer Mars.

Because they in turn are sending Martians to Earth like crazy (that is, millions of Martians to Earth).

Because it’s easier to adapt to Earth’s scientific requirements of correct behavior the same “correct behavior” we learn with covid19 is required for fuel sources.   Weatherproofing homes.  Adjusting corral reefs to new acidity and temperature.   Corning glass [C.] the exoplanet’s coasts.

It’s applied technology for applied science.  Since it’s scientific.  We’ll continue learning to do things correctly no matter whatever is expected of us.  It’s just a continuation we’ve already begun.

What “throws us” is complexity.

But hey complexity science does exist.

They are firing up fusion power.

AI is getting quantum artificial thinking cap.  It being a tool.  Only a tool.  To human command.

We turn the wheels of this locomotive and it’s doable to manage the complexity.

Just do the habits–correctly.

Human and God, and AI quantum fusion tool speed.

Abraham Boulder

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In contempt.

What is it about people that convene with contemptuous associations.

Are we truly to believe that robotics deep thinks AI for the visceral of greed when his intelligence is rearguarded and he (the robot) is always “novel stupid.”

I mean 13 year olds and 15 years old can “get it,” if you invite them into the meaning of the phrase.

But a man whose ghetto fighting is corporate battles “life and death” that spill over to thriller fiction action whereby purges of extraordinary types of the decent and good and worthwhile get okayed by top officials in intel at the expense of 300,000 years of biogenetic development and the freedom from the 6th extinction.

Abraham Boulder

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Consider entirely.

“There is a brokenness Out of which comes the unbroken, A shatteredness out of which blooms the unshatterable. There is a sorrow Beyond all grief which leads to joy And a fragility Out of which depth emerges strength. There is a hollow space Too vast for words Through which we pass with each loss, Out of whose darkness we are sanctified [with light] into being.

“There is a cry deeper than all sound Whose serrated edges cut the heart As we break open To the place inside [that] is unbreakable And whole, while learning to sing,” -Author unknown.

pe·re·stroi·ka glasnost detente cultural exchange Russian ballet demokratic Pestroika

Answering the call for dark metaphysics, whereby the state comes to the conclusion that the “Crisis in Democracy” is solved utilizing the “Gotlieb maneuver,” ie., eradicate, eliminate, discriminate, extinguish community and society by keeping them personage biologically alive, but destroying their personal ID constitutionally, eliminating the person except what the state makes of you, living then a nightmare hangover of suppression, depression, oppression, state retention, severe reduction to non-existential reality, while providing acute and full torture with “look Ma, no hands” dynamics.

You don’t have the power to solve your own problems and knowledge is severely restricted.

“Non-win.” Now you know what you want “to be free of” when you want freedom.

Now you know what people risk their lives for. Now you know the “good war” instead of the “greedy war.”

Or, greed in war, but the good war.

Abraham Boulder

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