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Puget sound.

All shit flows down to enter the Sound. Plop. plop.  The inflection of a dying world.

Listen carfeully to the sound of the Sound. Plop! Plop! Plop!

The wealthiest county in the States.

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Are we tone deaf?

A single tone manufactured by a tone generator and it’s characteristic wave is symbolic of a receiver technology that filters out scratchy static to locate tonalities in the universe that’s nature is part of Creation in the Universe.

Going back to sources: a tone generated by a tone generator has the characterization of subparticles both “grave” and “gravity” of this exoplanet Earth.

The tonality filtered out by receiver technology is “universe” in subparticles that are “locked in” for the Big Bang or for matter “existentialism” whereby matter and anti-matter exist separate from black holes and “space voids,” irregardless of time constraints.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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One moment please

Traverse the glaciers of the mind.

Lilliputian what small minds can do.

Got your favorite doll house where “god” blames the infant for being alive and rams his power into them killing them.

Sucking in wind boistering their hearts, now capable, to destroy the world.

Fuck the Child.  Then mother Earth.  Fuck with missiles that wrought nuclear radiation horror.

Fuck you.

We can solve our problems.  Cowboy pranks are not necessary.

Let’s get the job done.

Now is the time.

Abraham Boulder.

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Death and Continued Living

Afterliving stage6 of Modern Living rearing drivers got you begging the question: what am I doing “alive” when I’m already dead?

Living someone else’s concept of continuing to live you come to the conclusion that it isn’t a suspension of death, but a lingering of rotting flesh and that there are limits to a body’s functioning capacity that medicine goes beyond practical limits of living and dying.

Optimistically  it’s a reconsiderstion of dying which affords the patient opportunity to prepare for burial or cremation or organ donorship. To stop being patient and be active, willful in dying–a good death.

An active death in which you become a willing participant instead of a reluctant lifer.

Sign of the times that medical arts have you overstaying your welcome and how you look is not the problem but how you “don’t” feel or realization- in-reincarnation that you need to let go and have signed legally the advanced directive to die instead of resuscitated.

Juxtapose the soul’s eternity’s stagnancy which is a mere constant in opposition to mind flashes of ideas quanta.

Complete ideas flitting about in string theory strumming the harp or lyre experiencing sets of data points from cause-starts and effect-ends bouncing against subparticles while travelling by strumming the lyre into small nano obstacles leading or suggesting that information is not created before the universe and information is throughout existence in string matter and idea quanta (complete ideas strumming the harp) via entanglement.

Leading to the belief that God may occur after the creation of the universe.

Or, that God’s godinality occurs with coming of sets of data points that clearly define (thus delineate) a limited amount of constructive attributes complementing chanq energy by His excellence and not perfect.

For not being everything but instead something, specifically to do with the creation of the universe.

Thus man’s relationship to God in human singularity and in multiples of singularity of Me and my Maker.

To place a tubor strung up on a stick before the “horse or ox” to take chanq energy of metanormal prayer for constructive pursuits  achievements, and literal deadlines of human Global Civilization and Societies.

Re-conquer by re-master by prayer to that Higher Power of 12-step programs to do what humanly needs to be done which we cannot do alone.

By way of Human command AI quantum fusion Tool.

Abraham Boulder

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Rogue AI

Rogue AI left on auto.

Guerilla AIs to keep AI a tool under American (human) command.

Abraham Boulder

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The action.

The action.  You do not cast aside.  There is a thought experiment.  You rectify the predicament presented in the thought and use of reverse applied psychiatric and neuropsychology for constructive actions.

Actions of integration and mini-segregation. Not masse systemic, but “birds of a feather can flock together” on a small scale.

Aware that the sea of hatred undertow is redemptive individuality and not drowning the personhood of an own me into a critical mass of unbridled passion of hate clouding up existence for a peak experience of manual or planned-and-auto, nations’ annihilation, or complete elimination.

And for the  telomeres expansion the lifestyle that goes further than neutralizing gastric disstress and ending psychiatricdecompensation and neurodegeneracy by food substitution, food chemistry as medicine.

Exercise aiding to stretch the legs and encourage and realize the assets of building of brain, mental health.

Brain plasicity, it’s thorough letting go of memories to suit unconsciously the mental health of wholeness or completeness, deliberate memory retention, and faculties of cognition suitable for both action followthrough and results analysis.

Bringing a favorable telomere-health, expansion (and maintenance because too much growth causes cancer) that is a mental enabler and tracker to manage and achieve literal deadlines. To utter proactive commands to your own me and leadership of the group, or team.

In addition, education
involving learning, consequent plasticity, and consequent brain mass, needs to move beyond Greco-Roman rules (that do instead serve as references); and the persons’ placement situated in derivative functions of x equal to Greco-Roman rules, forming double derivatves, and possibly triple derivatives of these rules.

Put us less in positive psychology and more construcive action, constructive results, and constructive remediation for literal deadlines and furthering the destiny of lives for generations to come.

Meditation can be 5-minute affair. Allowing release from restraining parameters to destress and heal (improve immune function).

Cowering ultraggressive homosexuality and anti-semitism works its way to deter my influence, my global synchronicity with dysfunction and severe animosity and total eradication of peoplehood, deletrious synchronization for arnarchic methods of earthly utter destruction.

Stick with me. I’m for the people of all peoplehood. And the work effort destined to succeed in these times. Measured by our own harmful celebration of our genes; the neutralizing of the festivities with sleep and effective cleaning; and the enriching and nourishment of our telomeres for greater opportunity for success by following self-leadership of proactive utterances directly meaningful to you specifically and to your group.

Abraham Boulder

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Soviet poisons

Soviet may now be at Camp Detrick (place spoken of in “Poisoners-at-chief”).

Neuro-syphilis may effect the agencies different directors.

This does not mean everyone at a top level is effected.

But the degree of irresponsibility may be enormous and involve specific personnel.

Abraham Boulder

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Operator idiocy

There used to be fear of homosexuals.

Now homosexuals are prominent and there is fear of heterosexuals.

These operators are so dumb that they want to control me at my inner derriere with surgery and electronics.

We have to charge these anti-heterosexual actions as an act against civil rights, Amendment 19, U.S. Constitution.

Respecting a constituent’s personal space.

Abraham Boulder

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The alternative

In hysterical thinking, sound judgment needs to be implemented.  Any principles in this form of engagement relevant and stable?

All-out war is symbolic of 8th civilization demise remains in people and culture.  Zombie living.  “Modern Death” Stage 4 or 5.

9th World civilization with Japan and Europe America1st G200 G40 from the crosswinds of the Sinai peninsula.

Homo (sapiens) (sapiens)  sapiens.

What is very, very acute IQ and rot at the toga party. No hope.  Winnable by no win win only (failure as virtue).

Nazi (an imbalance: an abuse of power) to EQ (healthy values and healthy meaning) WQ (wisdom intelligence: what does not put you to sleep. What, instead, takes you by the collar and shakes you in your timbers;
in order to stop and consider the third stroke.)

Since the first stroke strike the target snd the second one drives the first to the target, the third stroke is the “jew stroke” which begs the question, “are we on target?”

And whether this is in fact the correct target at any given time? And whether or not there is something else?

And what is it?  Speak up and state your name at the finish of your part of the discussion.

What is to be discussed and driven home and then stopped in midtrack to consider something else more important than the present strike.

But let everyone have a voice. Countdown to less than 6 months.

An alternative strike.  Or, something entirely different than the present strike, or any other strike.  A question driven by the Jew in us.

Abraham Boulder   –Keven.

Why can’t it be a Christian stroke?

Small nuclear devices.

(Less than 6 months)

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East German

Toxicity (see “constructive makes profit” issued earlier) vs. (1)Before spirit and materialism (a sacred, assist of a front-and-upper tied tubour); (2)serenity and universal ceiling of sanity mentality, (3)secularly movement “forward.”

(4) relative is defined as “supermarket comparison” i.e., this vs. that vs. another thing and what is chosen 3, 4, 5 things to choose from, singularly!

12-step, God, the Higher Power because we can’t do it by our own therefore we allow philosophically, applied depth psychiatrically and “profit prophetically (of practical manners), constuctive Jungian achievement and Jungian Christian consciousness challenged and meeting and surpassing the limits set by an actual, significant margin (that means “cost-effectiive” margin, beyond, business or personal secular goal limits).

Abraham Boulder

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