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Let’s get to it, please. Very important.

Alaskan salmon school in North Pacific ocean and are irradiated by nuclear power plant spill still ongoing in Japan.

Fry and smolt from Alaskan fisheries need protection to avoid irradiation and fish farmed close to home on the Alaskan rivers to maintain healthy stock. Urgent. Very important.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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How ’bout this for an ending?!

People are harvested, unlike “The Matrix,” to serve in containment and unconscious for AI-robots, to check for AI-robotics error.

AI missed the WQ, wisdom intelligence started with the book, Happiness Hypothesis, and the human pool saves the AI-robotics team from quantum error but humans have lost their economic value, except when correcting AI-robotics team–remaining unconscious but alive–all thirty in the group who were the only ones who retained substantial enough economic value to live in AI-robotics age that saw 8 billion people starting in it.

The problem did not include ecoequilibrium-missed deadlines by humanity.

Abraham Boulder

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Totalitarian fallacy and the subject

PCB multiples’ personna result from mainframe and Wig-Wam.

Argue computer program identical fill-up personality and mood expression

“Bertrand Russell” fill-up, sticks to material computer program. Personality and mood manifest, thus “around” in “aerie substrate.” Thus, a material program occupies spirit.

Except that, three bacon strips of PCB’s brains’ died in three similar “multiples'” bodies. And fill-up thought to be dead.

So if this “fill” program is occupying subconscious commons’ time, keeping every person’s soul from considering their plight, the very presence of “fill-up” is actually spirit “death,” or a lost soul lingering on.

Praise to God of life (chai) and constructive aim, means, achievement, results, evaluation, correction, results, reevaluation, concluding status, and a good night’s sleep; while facing deadlines. Amen.

Abraham Boulder

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We pray our souls to keep

I’m being murdered by Philip Bertrum Devinsky or his equivalent.

Abraham. –Keven.

P.S. It’s an onslaught with no mercy. In the tumultuous action he bloodlusts to murder his brother.

P.S.S. If my brother stays away from “the breach of boundaries from siblings” indicated in DSM, then what is salient in my consciousness, and of a perturbing nature is generating (engineering) a smart box feature of personality equivalent to PCB and overriding or replacing the lack of neurostructure caused by removing or mending the patient’s brain, thereby the patient’s self-identity is gone resulting from car accidents or war, and adding this “smart box person” as a physical attachment to the body.

Can a soul enjoy himself as somebody, while who he is is gone forever?

What is also perturbing with regard to moral sentiment, is if the neurosurgery causes lack of self-identification in those whose identity was in fact intact and their own identity, therefore, capable of being amplified (enhanced) through kearning. The surgery denying a future, deleting existing identity for “mission purposes.”

And now I have found that it goes “full circle.” I am not given my rights to live. It seems that the Department of Defense has illegally proceeded with my death to see how they can engineer a dead Abraham instead of “to life” Avy.

Material from U.S. Dept of Defense and China at UW Seattle campus, Harborview UW, next to law classrooms in Tacoma, UW.

Abraham Boulder

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Universe function and Destiny of homo sapiens sapiens.

See-ing and idea quanta of negative decimals to negative one on value index.* Complete conception of idea quantum of the dark is an organ of active defense of Destiny. Light in the dark.

Presence of heart and brain in the idea quantum of the offense, also present in defense delegates inspection to offense, whom now is empowered, with their universe (per person), hence their offense deliberates over fate.

Destiny removed. Hence defense conceptualizes visually offense. Neither think in counter position nor feel emotionally the opposition (the offense).

Feel sentiment, moral sentiment, to hold your defense-universe of Destiny. Destiny saved. Universal order over chaos. Science maintained in chaos over limited time, or energy decreased to reduce effective chaos “boil-over.” Order retained

*Decimal negative one is nuclear winter.

–Abraham Boulder.

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“Crisis in Democracy” & Boulder response

If empirical, then phenomenon of Sanity in an “up,” universal ceiling; Creator, creation Myth for driver, “pull,” of Human Destiny. Otherwise, the mark of insanity, fated for extinction, via “peopled” government to exterminate the human race. The “pull” phenomenon of Sanity is the same entropic energy in the push from Central Asia to Europe and on to the East Coast, and a tractor-pull nature of global, polar magnetism housing correct geologic properties revolving, itself, around a star at the correct distance away from star. Evolving spaceshipEarth revolving on its axis and revolving around the Sun for Entropic Energy in the Pacific Rim area of West to East, and evolving Tiger economies in the East doing fair trade with the West in return. And evolving geology, evolving chemistry, evolving biology (and salmon swimming upstream) and evolving idea quanta at the particle physics level of the brain interacting with the universal environment, everyday large-body physics. Ideas generated in an evanescence of creative-imagination bubbly, taken to task, to become hardy, practical solutions to divergent answers of multi-faceted problems going upwards against the downward direction of entropy energy.

All evolution starting with memes of universal idea quanta studied and cognition identified within the universal sphere influencing the uphill climb of ideas as agency for destiny of homo sapiens sapiens from random-fated death and elimination.

Abraham Boulder

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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What if things end, and other things just begin? Humanity gets it right! Or, more accurately: from the Left or Right, Humanity acts correctly!

With such exuberant brilliance a burn-out seems appropriate ending like the family name “Mashburn.”

But there is no reason to think that intelligence can’ suddenly simply increase especially WQ wisdom intelligence that is not the sleeper of a Moses but the idea catcher of upmost urgent reaction similar to attention given to a moment and consequence of life or death of 7 billion homo sapiens sapiens.

This attention grabber can start with the premise that computers and algorithms have many functions but are AI Virus if not manditorily AI Tool to human kind’s “Homo sapiens sapiens Command.”

“Mashburn” becomes another family name with the whole nine yards: children, cats, dogs, rabbits, and school instruction that includes modern-day WQ, wisdom intelligence borne out of 1950 nuclear winter.

Homo sapiens sapiens keeps it’s cerebrum while adjusting to the exoplanet’s universe-laws by adjusting cerebellum activity.

Man remains man, and humankind sees intellect as a great fireworks display wary of how the fireworks can burn the entire city down.

Consequently, leaving the fireworks in the AI quantum computer, but Human Command of algorithms to check the computer’s integrity. These algiorythm templates keep to WQ, wisdom intelligence–a checker to assure homo sapiens sapiens species continuance.

Human Deus is in the sanctity of homo sapiens sapiens’s cerebrum and Human Command over AI Tool; and the adaptation to the universe “in the exoplanet” by way of crebellum adjustment.

Abraham Boulder

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Kant Can. So can you.

I Abraham take a healing stance while using anti-fungal anti-biotic and protective clothing. Support Nasi vs. the eternal hell raising of nocebos concentrated and intertwined with death, dying, and movement exercises and fungal applications.

Lamas eating flesh and seeking dying nocebos for dalai-lama status against tree of liberty, tree of life, white race, and spices mixture with green tea lemon, and supplemented with herbs. -Abraham Boulder.

It is a healing posture and stubborn, “final,” vital-supported defense protecting wounds and seeking a healing that is paramount in the mind of the healer and his organic healing processes.

It is the balm that seals the wound for healing, while including allopathic medicine and utilization of protective clothing that sends the striver to healing body with nourishing mind and strongly protective brainWork.

-Abraham Boulder. –Keven. 😊:

Part 2.

Religion joining science in behavioral science.

Corporeal and neurohermeneutics.

“Live wire” broadcasting?

Metanormal, physical exercise and health for the brain.

Plato, spirit and intellect. Gassendi, reason is part of spirit. Boulder, affect intelligence, ?Only one God Spirit. India Creator, God “Jew” for business involving trillions rupees with love.

Avraham, spirit of the only one God. God idea. Idea quantum. Devinsky. Love Keven, Abraham. Significant Other.

Totalitarianism, crush spirit, dehumanize, treat as unimportant property. Gain a foothold neurohermeneustically in soiciological-science claim, causing excruciating pain by “state.” Ultimate Truth. Only state.

Soviet, Russia; China, India, 3rd Eye Tibet, Korea.

Conquering transmigration elevated at capitols. Japan considering murder of Japon.

Done in N. Korea, China: murder. Rational head without ?behavioral economics.

Dalai lama. Destroy Tree of Life. Tree of Liberty

Dalai lama. Japan against Japon Spirit

The presence of his holyness is included because he’s very old and gives his title to “PCB PCP PCP.”

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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How can this be done within our borders? Build a wall? What kind of nuts do you leave us enclosed with?!

Fill uses rats like cream dispenser, squeezing to death to get their shit out of their ass and gravity feed below to the person living in their home.

For a guy criticizing others he has a shit hole infested rat traps ghetto house that has millions of electronic gizmos that it would take Robin Hood a year to distribute to the needy or curious.

Wig-Wam spends time together with Fill-up having sex with the departed for Aryan PsyD. that will probably be issued looking like a UW degree.

The focus always, for example, the printer that would be on 24-hrs would print: kill Keven! Kill Keven! Kill Keven!

He’s a gross pig that after abnormal sex sends down by gravity feed whatever he can come up with when he is using mechanical penis, a no-brainer head and Nazi programming by Wig-Wam for Soviet purposes.

Here you have it. Robotics used for physical terrorism. Programming of state consciousness for exiting of private, personal consciousness and consciousness. Leaving you dismembered spirited and mentally tired while despair leads the horror of submission.

More kill play for U.S. troops ordered to straf the populations within the U.S. Includes constituents. And don’t forget human experimentation to effect fatality.


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Everything for a reason?

Everything is for a correct reason besides business interests (important).

It is in some respects fitting that a no-brainer with deified personality fill, becomes the State, not listening to a word spoken for sane, mental health reasons and tossing integrity and character in the dust bin.

Global Unified Rogue state, Inc.

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