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Kant Can. So can you.

I Abraham take a healing stance while using anti-fungal anti-biotic and protective clothing. Support Nasi vs. the eternal hell raising of nocebos concentrated and intertwined with death, dying, and movement exercises and fungal applications.

Lamas eating flesh and seeking dying nocebos for dalai-lama status against tree of liberty, tree of life, white race, and spices mixture with green tea lemon, and supplemented with herbs. -Abraham Boulder.

It is a healing posture and stubborn, “final,” vital-supported defense protecting wounds and seeking a healing that is paramount in the mind of the healer and his organic healing processes.

It is the balm that seals the wound for healing, while including allopathic medicine and utilization of protective clothing that sends the striver to healing body with nourishing mind and strongly protective brainWork.

-Abraham Boulder. –Keven. 😊:

Part 2.

Religion joining science in behavioral science.

Corporeal and neurohermeneutics.

“Live wire” broadcasting?

Metanormal, physical exercise and health for the brain.

Plato, spirit and intellect. Gassendi, reason is part of spirit. Boulder, affect intelligence, ?Only one God Spirit. India Creator, God “Jew” for business involving trillions rupees with love.

Avraham, spirit of the only one God. God idea. Idea quantum. Devinsky. Love Keven, Abraham. Significant Other.

Totalitarianism, crush spirit, dehumanize, treat as unimportant property. Gain a foothold neurohermeneustically in soiciological-science claim, causing excruciating pain by “state.” Ultimate Truth. Only state.

Soviet, Russia; China, India, 3rd Eye Tibet, Korea.

Conquering transmigration elevated at capitols. Japan considering murder of Japon.

Done in N. Korea, China: murder. Rational head without ?behavioral economics.

Dalai lama. Destroy Tree of Life. Tree of Liberty

Dalai lama. Japan against Japon Spirit

The presence of his holyness is included because he’s very old and gives his title to “PCB PCP PCP.”

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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How can this be done within our borders? Build a wall? What kind of nuts do you leave us enclosed with?!

Fill uses rats like cream dispenser, squeezing to death to get their shit out of their ass and gravity feed below to the person living in their home.

For a guy criticizing others he has a shit hole infested rat traps ghetto house that has millions of electronic gizmos that it would take Robin Hood a year to distribute to the needy or curious.

Wig-Wam spends time together with Fill-up having sex with the departed for Aryan PsyD. that will probably be issued looking like a UW degree.

The focus always, for example, the printer that would be on 24-hrs would print: kill Keven! Kill Keven! Kill Keven!

He’s a gross pig that after abnormal sex sends down by gravity feed whatever he can come up with when he is using mechanical penis, a no-brainer head and Nazi programming by Wig-Wam for Soviet purposes.

Here you have it. Robotics used for physical terrorism. Programming of state consciousness for exiting of private, personal consciousness and consciousness. Leaving you dismembered spirited and mentally tired while despair leads the horror of submission.

More kill play for U.S. troops ordered to straf the populations within the U.S. Includes constituents. And don’t forget human experimentation to effect fatality.


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Everything for a reason?

Everything is for a correct reason besides business interests (important).

It is in some respects fitting that a no-brainer with deified personality fill, becomes the State, not listening to a word spoken for sane, mental health reasons and tossing integrity and character in the dust bin.

Global Unified Rogue state, Inc.

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Human singularity

Magic of constructive action hosted by a single entity in neurohermeneutics.

Magic of constructive action as an idea in neurohermeneutics.

Term comes from Andrew Newberg, M.D. work in metaphysics, clumping ideas, spirit, philosophy, religion, consciousness together for a name to work with in organized form, in neurohermeneutics.

Potentially, the most organized, ethically driven, prolific experience because of the mind’s human wholesomeness of material and neurohermeneutics subjects and the exercising of cognitive faculties to favor:

human intellect, IQ; emotional intelligence, EQ: addressing relevant moments of “how I feel” as insightful comments of human expression and communication; spiritual intelligence, SQ raising values and meaning that is challenged for relevancy; and wisdom intelligence, WQ: supporting declarations of notice far from “putting you to sleep,” sporting competitive attention for relevance, and, if so, the wise intelligent statement advises on the direction taken for true north, true south, true east, and true west “to make it” correctly under stringent deadlines.

Abraham Boulder, Human command, AI functions, AI Firewall for human command and computer functions protection to combat AI Virus with AI anti-Virus and AI anti-malware.


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Heed please

Let me make this abundantly clear.

Andre Greykov puts-in.

Fill-up fills you up And, may you ask, what is he full of?

Until now, it was debatable what if anything he was up to on his commons share of the common unconscious.

His psyche economy seemed a deficit but private.

Now his program seems to be the Iron Curtain incarnate . . .

Lacking completely and leaving no choice to think. It is actual synthetic consciousness of elimination.

Harmless, you say?

Complacency on this matter guarantees no freedom and is reminiscent of those living in Dubai or Riyadh, not of the kingdom.

Freedom lacks.

In the Soviet, person lacks. The private, personal unconscious becomes, “State” and the conscious is more and more “state” over time. You can feel quite mad except for the dogma instilled in you if you step out of line and react against the state.

All a chain reaction starting with “fill” socially engineered by the totalitarian society advocate of extreme political parties, included in academic institutions such as Ivy League schools

Less is seen of individual identities and more state consciousness unit experienced.

If you think you escape pain think again. The state clamps down on you ever tightly and “look ma, no hands” pain can be acute and goes chronic.

Multiple fills is no reason for acceptance or condoning fill-up. Best to work silently to end his exhibitionism and terror.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

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Fast Track Resolution of Logjam.

Build economic value in human lives by applying democratic power via acquiring a small budget surplus, raising taxes a small amount.

And in recession, apply some Keynesian stimulus to construct wooden houses to replace brick houses in the 9.0, 8.0 earthquake zone.

“Keynesian purpose and mission” cancels out overly greedy sentiment of common unconscious psyche economy deficit that would interfere with emotional intelligence of top-tier productivity employees of the private sector’s psyche economy surplus’ common unconscious’ national agenda.

The psyche economy surplus is private sector emotions-for-profit “mojo” that must not be interfered with for acquisition of $billions (if not $trillions) in net proceeds for a minimum 30 percent private equity in publicly-traded companies.

Abraham Boulder

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Take it to heart.

Rousseau and Phil so loved, both harbingers of Totalitarianism. Both educators in human annhilation, elimination of human, eradication of our species, leaving a fancy tape recorder in our wake. Leaving our homes to him, to turn the lights out.

Pity, no one thought to strive better, it would be easy to do. Would only take some effort. No more!

Blacker than black. Stench greater than any stink. One can only wonder how such contemptible character ushers in, wallows the universe with misery and self-contempt for ourselves.

A little less THC and alcohol destruction. Irony has it, that it is the century of the brain. (It is, you know.) Perhaps, “Mind, Mood, and Memory” monthly letter– on nourishing the brain with nutrients would do the same for a lovesick heart and muscle, both.

Try the internet for obtaining a subscription. Well worth the few dollars.

And, an old Irish blessing: “May your telomeres ever so extend to your liking. And your life extend beyond your sorrow.”


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