Heed please

Let me make this abundantly clear.

Andre Greykov puts-in.

Fill-up fills you up And, may you ask, what is he full of?

Until now, it was debatable what if anything he was up to on his commons share of the common unconscious.

His psyche economy seemed a deficit but private.

Now his program seems to be the Iron Curtain incarnate . . .

Lacking completely and leaving no choice to think. It is actual synthetic consciousness of elimination.

Harmless, you say?

Complacency on this matter guarantees no freedom and is reminiscent of those living in Dubai or Riyadh, not of the kingdom.

Freedom lacks.

In the Soviet, person lacks. The private, personal unconscious becomes, “State” and the conscious is more and more “state” over time. You can feel quite mad except for the dogma instilled in you if you step out of line and react against the state.

All a chain reaction starting with “fill” socially engineered by the totalitarian society advocate of extreme political parties, included in academic institutions such as Ivy League schools

Less is seen of individual identities and more state consciousness unit experienced.

If you think you escape pain think again. The state clamps down on you ever tightly and “look ma, no hands” pain can be acute and goes chronic.

Multiple fills is no reason for acceptance or condoning fill-up. Best to work silently to end his exhibitionism and terror.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

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