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(3 personage) PCB, Wig-wam, Golden egg noodles box (with celophane glued)

Pejorative death cult leader with a mafia syndicate of extreme  radically aggressive homosexual “poster adult children.” 

Mud slime subhuman downgrade lacking brains and heart physiologically one cell with many, many, many nuclei that prod and  eat human waste, gangrene (filth) and do not bother to eat good food.

Soviet Big Ben, lobotomized by  Wig-wam.
Personality disorder of Gotham and Batman’s Joker.  Connected to Attica South on Riker’s Island on the east of Manhattan Island.

In the alleged league of Ted Bundy and Charles Manson.

After Medical Doctor signs death certificate, rears cadaver at morgue to be a Voodoo doctor of Zombies.

A warlock having sorcery and occult sex with the dead.  Seeks WWIII.

Sexual pervert and sodomizer.


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NPR: How Often Do You Need To Shower? A Doctor Argues, Less Often Than You Think : Shots – Health News

This is well-balanced teporting.

Start up a conversation or at least mention on an aside about someone you heard about recently that showers every other day.


NPR: How Often Do You Need To Shower? A Doctor Argues, Less Often Than You Think : Shots – Health News.

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Let’s take a look…

Here is an example to drive beyond Neitzche and develop paradigm shift from within.

A hardy soul becomes a correct practioner of God the Father’s loving universe and its laws applying to this exoplanet and politely requesting us to observe the laws of the universe so that identity remains for eternity rather than blighted out of identity and everything hereafter.

You can’t make a delicious stew without first growing the ingredients and working or cooking it in the pot.

We have a question of identity.

Do we get to exist if we do not self identify and work for the human species not just the good of the man, the woman, the child(ren).

Will God redeem and save us for thinking Neitzche topsy-turvy values in a “valueless society.”

If we choose “no value” will God save us if our decision is to not exist.

Are we stopping “the Eternal?”

Can we have “supermarket prophecies” where pick and choose our faith’s destiny?

Coming back to “well-being:” there’s a science term derived from the word, “love.”

It is a driver for constructive profit that moderates greed, but does not forsake it.

It allows us to extinguish destructive impulses while attending to the future now.

Biomarkers of elongated telomeres, not lengthen to malignant cancer, insure a memorable future from our exoplanet stay for eternal suspension or bliss or heaven.

The authentic love for ourselves or put out to a Higher Power to act in constructive goal setting, achievement, and literal deadlines met.

Abraham Boulder

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Walnuts or 90% cocoa chocolate

“Once you have been motivated to acquire something or engage in a pleasurable activity, the dopamine that was released by your ancient brain travels to your frontal lobe, where it gives you the ability to plan out strategies to help you reach your goals.[36] During this process, in which the brain turns desire into action, you learn new skills, develop new habits, gain greater control over your emotions, and form belief systems that allow you to better understand the world. Here, in a very small part of your frontal lobe, is where you begin to consciously decide what to do and how to do it.[37]”

-Neurowisdom, pillar2

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7-year Contract for 250 years

Toxicity vs. (1)Before spirit and materialism; (2)serenity and universal ceiling of sanity, (3)secularly.
Greatness modifier is Hobbesian PsyD
Grab angel from high for blessing to live longer (right to full span of life) and promote destiny of generations to come (posterity of proceeding lives seeking higher human evolution physically through technological culture and advancements in science including adjustments in biogenetics to cope with extreme weather.

12-step, God, the Higher Power because we can’t do it by our own therefore we allow philosophically, applied depth psychiatrically and “profit” prophetically (of practical concerns),” constructive achievement and meeting for change of paradigm by elongations of our telomeres on the ends of our DNA. (A biomarker.)

Aiming for limits set by an actual, significant margin of profit to production.

Money means work.  Profit occurs to meet expenses, pay property and equipment salary and marketing and sales.

Excessive “obscene” profits; although, they might be owned by a sole propertariat, requires a proposed law for litigation debate and enactment of the bill.

That this acquired assets be compulsory to exact useage in the industry of invention and applied technology to satisfy continuous ecological dead-lines for the next seven years and for 250 years henceforth.

Startup wears many hats.  Several departments are covered by single employees.  Profits include if earned, money spent on another startup after this startup fails 9/10ths of the time.

Abraham Boulder

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Puget sound.

All shit flows down to enter the Sound. Plop. plop.  The inflection of a dying world.

Listen carefully to the sound of the Sound. Plop! Plop! Plop!

The wealthiest county in the States.

They can gamble one billion dollars in a flash. But waste treatment is “beyond” reality.

As though a waste treatment site is a form of metaphysics.

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Are we tone deaf?

A single tone manufactured by a tone generator and it’s characteristic wave is symbolic of a receiver technology that filters out scratchy static to locate tonalities in the universe that’s nature is part of Creation in the Universe.

Going back to sources: a tone generated by a tone generator has the characterization of subparticles both “grave” and “gravity” of this exoplanet Earth.

The tonality filtered out by receiver technology is “universe” in subparticles that are “locked in” for the Big Bang or for matter “existentialism” whereby matter and anti-matter exist separate from black holes and “space voids,” irregardless of time constraints.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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One moment please

Traverse the glaciers of the mind.

Lilliputian what small minds can do.

Got your favorite doll house where “god” blames the infant for being alive and rams his power into them killing them.

Sucking in wind boistering their hearts, now capable, to destroy the world.

Fuck the Child.  Then mother Earth.  Fuck with missiles that wrought nuclear radiation horror.

Fuck you.

We can solve our problems.  Cowboy pranks are not necessary.

Let’s get the job done.

Keep the private sector. Meet our obligations starting now and entering into a seven-year sprint.

Now is the time.

Abraham Boulder.

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Death and Continued Living

Afterliving stage6 of Modern Living rearing drivers got you begging the question: what am I doing “alive” when I’m already dead?

Living someone else’s concept of continuing to live you come to the conclusion that it isn’t a suspension of death, but a lingering of rotting flesh and that there are limits to a body’s functioning capacity that medicine goes beyond practical limits of living and dying.

Optimistically  it’s a reconsiderstion of dying which affords the patient opportunity to prepare for burial or cremation or organ donorship. To stop being patient and be active, willful in dying–a good death.

An active death in which you become a willing participant instead of a reluctant lifer.

Sign of the times that medical arts have you overstaying your welcome and how you look is not the problem but how you “don’t” feel or realization- in-reincarnation that you need to let go and have signed legally the advanced directive to die instead of resuscitated.

Juxtapose the soul’s eternity’s stagnancy which is a mere constant in opposition to mind flashes of ideas quanta.

Complete ideas flitting about in string theory strumming the harp or lyre experiencing sets of data points from cause-starts and effect-ends bouncing against subparticles while travelling by strumming the lyre into small nano obstacles leading or suggesting that information is not created before the universe and information is throughout existence in string matter and idea quanta (complete ideas strumming the harp) via entanglement.

Leading to the belief that God may occur after the creation of the universe.

Or, that God’s godinality occurs with coming of sets of data points that clearly define (thus delineate) a limited amount of constructive attributes complementing chanq energy by His excellence and not perfect.

For not being everything but instead something, specifically to do with the creation of the universe.

Thus man’s relationship to God in human singularity and in multiples of singularity of Me and my Maker.

To place a tubor strung up on a stick before the “horse or ox” to take chanq energy of metanormal prayer for constructive pursuits  achievements, and literal deadlines of human Global Civilization and Societies.

Re-conquer by re-master by prayer to that Higher Power of 12-step programs to do what humanly needs to be done which we cannot do alone.

By way of Human command AI quantum fusion Tool.

Abraham Boulder

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Rogue AI

Rogue AI left on auto.

Guerilla AIs to keep AI a tool under American (human) command.

Abraham Boulder

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