7-year Contract for 250 years

Toxicity vs. (1)Before spirit and materialism; (2)serenity and universal ceiling of sanity, (3)secularly.
Greatness modifier is Hobbesian PsyD
Grab angel from high for blessing to live longer (right to full span of life) and promote destiny of generations to come (posterity of proceeding lives seeking higher human evolution physically through technological culture and advancements in science including adjustments in biogenetics to cope with extreme weather.

12-step, God, the Higher Power because we can’t do it by our own therefore we allow philosophically, applied depth psychiatrically and “profit” prophetically (of practical concerns),” constructive achievement and meeting for change of paradigm by elongations of our telomeres on the ends of our DNA. (A biomarker.)

Aiming for limits set by an actual, significant margin of profit to production.

Money means work.  Profit occurs to meet expenses, pay property and equipment salary and marketing and sales.

Excessive “obscene” profits; although, they might be owned by a sole propertariat, requires a proposed law for litigation debate and enactment of the bill.

That this acquired assets be compulsory to exact useage in the industry of invention and applied technology to satisfy continuous ecological dead-lines for the next seven years and for 250 years henceforth.

Startup wears many hats.  Several departments are covered by single employees.  Profits include if earned, money spent on another startup after this startup fails 9/10ths of the time.

Abraham Boulder

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