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Is it enough?

Is it enough that human creature observes, learns, and adapts applied technology to assure that outcome is satisfactory? Even in a mesh of human neurons with AI technology?

I take it further. Who is that that is in command? The experimenter of course. But what about the hybrid human brain DNA?

Is the human brain cells with 60%+ human DNA privy to command the tech prosthetic or is this the Matrix?

Is the brain cells prisoner to high tech? Isn’t this going too far?

Answer: Human Command of prosthetics, including AI tech. AI Tool. Opposable thumbs. Human DNA Command.

Abraham Boulder

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

Let us not expand our intelligence by creating a virtual closed society!

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Fill is destruction, and disorder. Fill is the Machine and the State.

He will dehumanize. Express your genes via his influence to decompensate as a subhuman species, before making you just property of the State, before he utter annihilates your physicality.

Fill is fill-up. He is not bullshit. He is a neurotoxin and a viral bode out to undue human 60% genetic material before it travels with complementary viral 40% genes throughout the wide expanse of the universe. On the astral winds.

Go human genes! Go!

Abraham Boulder

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

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Supercomputer taking grafts of brain cells of a particular individual to attempt what India already does.

A complete change in identity and thinking.

Now imagine it in the Western world. Challenged by the machine whom as “State” claims to know your personality, identity, thinking, required state value systems–that “I” finds it impossible to analyze for your own self without “State-I” drawing your conclusions for you. That your own observations are over-ruled by Deep State.

And “Other” metanormal (or the “plus” in 5-senses plus), cannot own it’s own me. That having placed God in the State, spirit can now be controlled by State.

Final determination concludes AI firewall Tool needs initiation now. As well as AI anti-virus Tool.

AI-firewall Tool to include a “fleshing” where corruption of AI software Tool to mess with DNA or mitichondria instruction of any particular individual is counteracted with neutralizing code disengage human creature (homo sapiens sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens sapiens) from the machine.

In addition, such neuropsychiatric Soviet Union interaction between machine and own person is predated by EdDs whom have labelled someone for political reasons as a schizophrenic and has tortured them by skilled Soviet psychiatrist EdDs that, themselves suffered active schizophrenia–not seeking medical assistance for themselves and projecting upon the political subject all their schizophrenic symptoms.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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We start with WQ, wisdom intelligence

First, to recognize that it is intelligence whereby we use knowledge and know how to access specific knowledge.

To know when the loop of links of websites you’re connected to will not answer the required question.

When another search engine, or other media are necessary to answer the question.

When eyewitnesses’ testimonials reside metanormal phenomenon that may be used to further 5-senses investigation (of”I.”)

And when the “Other,” what Carl Jung paraphrased to say “expansive experience” is needed to accompany “I” 5-senses–either by natural brain chemistry, neurological manifestations, or organic disease of internal experience (implying universe physics of 85% dark matter and 85% of unconsciousness–
therefore what you don’t see is nature of the universe intimate to Other.)

‘Other’ has affective intelligence, Plato spirit and intellect, and Gassendi’s reason-is-an-aspect-of spirit, and the manifestations of 13 minus 4 dimensions. Assuming the 13th dimension being spirit.

That scientifically all that matters in the 13th dimension is behavioral science. That is based on belief systems. That energy tends to be from affect quantitatively and matter is “what you believe in.”

And if you believe in yourself, what you are capable of, or forgo.

Aspirations, Inspirations, Ultimate Values and Meaning on this one-way ticket on this exoplanet, Earth.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

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Eye of newt

Decompensating genetic expression in subhuman dominance focused on me on a tour of Aryan Society, which is a tour for expose of the dead.

And of filth. The Shakespearean black cauldron with “eye of newt” is a compost of dead human remains to puff! whatever can be conjured up on the dirty spot utilizing “head genes,” viruses, parasites, “body genes” that mix all in concert exactly. Then, snake (anacoda) or rat forms having used information from idea quanta to mitochondria to amino acids to DNA.

Intimacies are ethically unsound and morally repugnant. Sex with the dead. Ongoing conversations with the dead which turned on their head, would be the flitting of complete ideas–idea quanta in Shakespearean Society via the character Sprite amidst living (vitality) human intelligence.

If we can use WQ, wisdom intelligence and apply Intel when ànd where it belongs then the key is telomeres. Revolutionary productivity, actual deadlines, and bio change beyond “positive” psychology of this or that, into healthy conduct of personal and money business through physical evolution and change of genetic expression.

Social change in and out of the office in an America that can only handle change that complements bioaction complementing biological evolution.

This does not require destruction in order for things to be “normal.” Such an event of physicality would be an actual fact, not pseudo social engineering. Physical facts including advancing neurocognitive function, and human (homo sapiens sapiens sapiens) limbic system. Thought. Science. Believers.

Abraham Boulder –Keven.

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This is hypothetical

Allegedly, Philip Bertrum Devinsky has monies I achieved and wants me dead “by age.” to collect my monies legally.

Apparently, now this is trolling or actual:. He allegedly killed his family 2ndnuclear family and wants me dead as well.

Possibly, he’s collecting on life insurance policies.


Allegedly he gets six figures for torturing me and killing me slowly.

My record show here that for six years now I’ve been promoting a future for the human species and explaining that homo sapiens sapiens can indeed evolve–less social–more biological via AI quantum Tool with Human Command and apposable thumbs.

Human cerebrum is in all indications, with or without a God of constructive aim and accomplishments, a Sacred cerebrum that will naturally, biologically evolve to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

Bioengineering can enhance memory and augment correct forgetfulness in us human, but should not alter the course of the Sacred homo sapiens sapiens sapiens cerebrum including limbic system.


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Plawsky and EdD’s

Wants me to lose a foot as a statement that disabilities above the neck don’t count.

In fact, disability status is equal in rights above the neck as well as below. Otherwise you’d be saying a foot is more superior than a person’s brain (given equal status by Social Security and Department of Veteran Affairs, involving my disability from which I worked 4 full years in the Air Force, and 10 years civilian.

Applying technology that Plawsky uses on humans with no consent from them. The technology has some entanglement properties from quantum physics and nano configurations that are small enough for quantum properties but density sufficient that the piapet deliver disease agents constantly to a part of my foot. And does so through actual walls of wall (cardboard pressed). boards.

Devinsky keeps delivering the disease agents. The lack of privacy smacks of totalitarian environment. Stalinist similar to North Korea regime. Devinsky has affective intelligence of totalitarianism. May have affair with my partner who served in U.S Coast Guard. Philip Bertrum Devinsky is and never was a veteran. And may feel himself a veteran serving totalitarianism in an environment torturing a U.S constitutionist like Stalinist North Korea.

Abraham Boulder –Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

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