Pay attention.

Breaking Defense contributor James Kitfield recently visited Adm. Davidson, commander of Indo-Pacific Command, in his Camp Smith, Hawaii office, with its expansive views of Pearl Harbor and Honolulu in the distance. Edited excerpts from their interview follow.

Adm. Davidson:

“welcome[s] China into the global economic order.”

It’s fine, fine, fine distinction to welcome China into trade and cooperation within “international order.”

But Tacoma, WA stretches it very, very thin.

There are to be a public meeting to discuss neighborhood concerns to a China-owned psychiatric hospital that will soon be under construction.

The neighborhood needs to know what steps are being made for a safe neighborhood to be maintainede there.

Safety concerns have to also be concerned with the patients’ safety.

Let’s not make a mistake, a Chinese government psychiatrist hospital is a recipe for physical and mental conditioning and psychiatric drugs administered that is not short on torture.

Tacoma will be approve building a terrorist station to put our best minds under stress and torture that no human should have to endure.  It is completely impossible to imagine the horror and terror that will occur and genius or cunning applied to techniques in torture and conditioning, all under a seal of medical- institution silence.

No, Sir or Madam, this not permitted!


Abraham Boulder

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