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If there is any war, what is it all about?

(1) Human Command, AI quantum tool.

Human singularity of constructive action and, for those who wish for prayer, prayer for constructive God who provides the energy “umph” for being constructive and meeting literal deadlines.

(2) Not left or right; not right or wrong; not this or that, not good or bad. BUT, what is “correct.”

The thing that gets things done as they need to. Practical, effective, and fills the shoes of what “has” to be done. What doesn’t involve “wants” or “oughts.”

What absolutely must be done. The imperative. No excuses. Deed gets done.

Questions entail: are we meeting our deadlines?

Are we flipping this in three years? (When it will probably take four. And then the overruns.)

Eight billion people in a spaceship vacationing on Mars. They cannot get back to this planet Earth unless the command pilot acts according to correct action. They will probably miss the Earth and burn up in the Sun.

To arrive on Earth correct action must be done on literal deadlines. Constructive doing is a form of love.

We are in the universe. The Creator, should he exist, reminds us of this fact and provides genuine love in an environment that seems desolate and plain. Where the overly intelligent learn to say, “why bother?”

We still have verdure on Earth. Natural vegetation. Let’s keep it.

We can solve our problems and get with generation-to- generation destiny, human command AI tool.

Mesopotamian viral bodes of male ejaculated in your mate vs. neurosphylis viral bode transmitted by extreme aggressive homosexuality and retreating.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Judging his passion, his bigotry, his pure hate, his banality to evil–he is a Hitler.

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Wasted time as monkeywrench

Judging from the intensity of harm wanted.

And consistency of microfriction cycling in specific very small areas.

Working it’s way to extremely acute pain

Finalizimg by death throng, and expiration of the assailants’ targets

This action seems to have deep pockets, e.g., taxpayers’ money and possible private donor-fed liquid assets to the tune of 100’s of thousands of dollars per week.

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Philip Bertrum Devinsky, Allen Weg and Joel Plawsky (childhood contacts) go after my genitalia on gravity feed and nano composition with what seems to be acids and diseases.

May attack my vagus nerve and my heart.

Taking turns on a Hitler routine, Bertrum Devinsky wants to manipulate physiology to effeminate my chest like his own for character assasination, denigrating, alienation, defamation. Perverted extremely radically homosexual, debased, adult child mentality, inferior arrogance that doesn’t get it that heterosexuals have equal rights. Thug Henchman.

It appears to be the case. It’s been running pretty steadily for about four years and they have made me unwelcome in my home, unwelcome in my home state, and supports rogue doings/goings on of national governments.

Abraham Boulder.


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God of constructive achievement and literal deadlines

20Look to the covenant! For the dark places of the land are full of the haunts of lawlessness. 21Let not the downtrodden turn away disappointed; let the poor and needy praise Your name. 22Rise, O God, champion Your cause; be mindful that You are blasphemed by base men all day long. 23Do not ignore the shouts of Your foes, the din of Your adversaries that ascends all the time. 75 For the leader; al tashheth. A psalm of Asaph, a song. 2We praise You, O God; we praise You; Your presence is near;

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Players engaged

Mission to diminish the dictionary pages.

Mission to leave American brains stunted.

To control language used and even dictate what the media can say.

Takes “young one” to figure such a plan. PCB support.

All on his own. Supported by certain billionaires.

Applying himself in the “not-know” now and willing now to purge those in the know.

So what does this mean.

Well let’s say PCB smokes epoxy glue with this young man.

Young and wealthy.

What if Amendment 1 of the Bill of Rights means nothing to his elder peers.

And what if we say he’s purging the people with experience who are well aware that he is green around the ears no matter who he has sex with and no matter how he treats his “friends.”

Murder can stunt language awfully quick.

We don’t need this in America.

We don’t need assasination squads pumped by this young man. And we need elders to show him:

(1) calm down from what you are doing

(2) Allah is great and should not be excluded from business conversation.

Then we could see if rifles can be put away, and normal business relations continued.

Nihilism, Hatred, Chaos Negativity, and utter destruction or annihilation does not make for good business partners.

Maybe you Reserve your taste for sheer destruction on the potter’s wheel.

Keven Jung Young Wm.James Tolstoy

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Comparison vs. Context acquisition

Archetype pipeline of superhighway lacking constructive criticism.

Analyzing by comparisons is lacking context and opposition: penetrating to ascertain values relevant and measure the degree these values pertain to the 21st Century.

We have an anti-matter model desiring utter destruction of existence.

Since it can’t correctly prioritize values, bottomline is it’s senseless deep thinking that lacks context and, in making comparisons, lack proportional values that would prioritize to give a clear context in any event occurring.

Added to this energy goes an algorithmic comparison that has no basis in values and copies values used in a moment of time and seen (focus) in visual depiction at a locus digitally.

It’s a whopping break in intelligence when older people begin to have neurodegeneracy (perchance) and they want to use computer analysis as a crutch to replace declining cognitive function.

Deep thinking lacks basic human reasoning and as such cognitive function is not necessarily programmed into AI.

It is human judgement that can sense something wrong that a high speed “on and off” computer would miss because to analyze a system something out of left field or “out of the box” has to be for correct analysis to answer the questions “what’s wrong?

Locating where to correct (digital locus) in the system that at first seems unrelated to the novel heuristic drawn from analysis involving human judgement or cognitive function.

It is our neuropsychiatric brain dynamic that allows us to think outside of “on and off” computing and comparisons and relate that focus thought (cognitive function) to the locus on the system-in-question of “what’s wrong here?” in this perceived “schematic” or systemic managed by the computer.

Instead AI makes comparisons and gives values using whatever legend is chosen as reference, and whatever context is drawn that does not ensure accuracy or correctness in premises and does not ensure accuracy or correctness in conclusions drawn by the AI.

This realization is a recalibration on computational work that is not categorical, all or nothing thinking in its conclusions.

Computing’s severe limitations does not mean it can’t do certain tasks and do them well, it can be very fast.

What I get from this evaluation is that a bot thinks, when thinking particulars, on types of decisions that are selected from certain parameters pertaining to certain criteria all add up and determinants legend to clarify risk or offer possible market share in new markets.

The determinants are thought ahead of time and the binary thinking, sharing at the top of the system has “either or” inputs criteria into parameter or categories chosen and programmed into the system yielding greater outputs in some bottom columns than in other bottom output columns.

What the computer can do is suggest an “Other?” if the determinants legend do not fit the parameters.

Hence, thought on fields or markets get thought by humans to enhance parameters with extended concluding choices (more areas of acceptable risk) and more markets or marketplaces given the opportunity to be chosen in binary logic.

Graphically, applied entrepreneurial economic modeling snapshots an evolving state in applied entrepreneurial economics that has continually changing stabilizers that mirror the market in small time intervals and can be a directional: forward, with a look at long-term horizons, while busy in the short term.

Five years may take a “small giant” to maturity, but we are looking to “flip the sustainable factors of results- driven, goals “achieved in 3 years,” although it will take four years to achieve.

A critical hour requiring a 24-hour clock. And an invitation to apply employment to 8-hour shifts in three shifts around the globe. Incentive does exist for such a horizontal hierarchy. Entrepreneurial culture can be employed to become a self-starter and have team results driven.

With this timeframe we have “built to last” pacing with a new “success built to last” corporately.

In other words, the thought put into a program flow chart determines its thinking, whether or not it’s good thinking and whether or not it is working in virtual reality that mirrors accurately the work or political situation layout that is to be modified or replaced, or enhanced.

Rather than refine the above material further, I have something to comment on present conditions.

The Tao is fundamental binary thinking system of comparison that serves as a satisfactory model of comparison that some nations may feel is adequate for analytica.

In fact it is rudimentary and escapes critical review that holds human judgement and cognitive function as both necessary and superior to mere comparisons and tallying of “what could be happening” as the output in computing.

In short, we must use our minds and brains critically and use our psyches sanely to avoid diabolical villainy personality and incomplete analysis and noncomprehensive conclusions.

Repeating, the enemy uses anti-matter energy in socio-political drama (i.e., “to eradicate existence.”)

Secondly, the Tao is so fundamental in binary logistics that human discourse and sound reasoning and constructive, sound conclusions are absent in it’s very quick analyses.

Abraham Boulder

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Individual within the group

are bringing wine.

And what of the individual in the group that does good?

The Quest for Moral Compass”

Thrasymachus’ claim that justice is scam, that it is merely an expression of power, and that the most rational behavior is to disregard justice where possible and pursue one’s self-interest was to prove almost as influential as Plato’s own arguments.

Hobbes, Neitzsche, Marx:
all in their own ways were to echo Thrasymachus.

They are three disparate thinkers.

What connects them is that they are philosophers of the modern era,
attempting to make sense of the meaning of political power, individual agency, social need at a time when traditional moral concepts were in disarray.

To be able to draw on the idea of self-interest at the heart of the rest of  Thrasymacus’ argument, they also had to draw on the “self” that neither Homer nor Plato possessed.

It was not that Hobbes Neitzsche Marx would necessarily have agreed with Thrasymacus.

It is more that the social and intellectual changes that marked the coming of modernity made an argument rooted in individual self-interest that more plausible.

Even those who disagreed with such ethical claims had nevertheless to take them seriously.

From The Quest for Moral Compass

Boulder says,

So the group shares the Commons, now usually owned privately. (e.g., the ferry, the golf club)

The individual inner mental state can experience a psyche economy surplus whereby intuitively the personal, private unconscious of your own is accessed, and then an intuitive common unconscious can be acquired which is at an intersection for the Medici effect when the commons’ venue is the ferry ride on Puget Sound or a game of golf. And we strive for psyche economy surplus. Constructive achievement.

Should the Intersection entail the misappropriated funding of Intel exercises, we would have a psyche economy deficit and the material would be anti-capitalist, anti-individual, anti-constructive achievement, anti-entrepreneurial spirit and action even in large groups handled corporately.

I find myself at odds with intel of misappropriated funding doing psyche economy deficit stargating at me and at my home.

I do psyche economy surplus and my social foundation, my social website is constructive achievement support human command and AI quantum tool. I act in good faith for group constructive achievement.

Abraham Boulder. Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy

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“Humanocracy” notes

“2018 Gallup study found that barely a third of US employees were fully engaged in their work—where engagement is defined as being “involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to work.” The majority of employees, 53 percent, were “not engaged,” while 13 percent—the maliciously compliant—were “actively disengaged.”10 Globally, the situation is even worse, with 15 percent engaged, 67 percent disengaged, and 18 percent actively disengaged.”

Greater number active in disengagement than in “engagement.” What ’bout “active” engagement?  Is that just for the Marvel comics and Transformers.

If we fail and flail as our nature then attend to recovery for six week periods to six months on and off, we will have a Round Robin for the billions of dollars given away and partying they feel they must do.

Can ubermensch mean universe upper ceiling of sanity for six week periods into alternating six month periods switched by other top brass.  Time off service labor force attends to their wants and wishes.

But “moonwalking survival” for six months (living survival 24-hr days of deadlines for the six months as if walking on the moon  needing adequate supply of oxygen to survive and adequate spacesuits for survival and adequate supply of food and water to survive the earthly “moon walking.”

This is “active engagement” not just a 8-hr stint, 5 days a week. This is ubermensch.  And a 24-hr clock is a prerequisite.  As well as striving in “dry seasons” alternated with “wet seasons.”  And a Round Robin.

How to isolate and keep busy the howlers while everyone else is working on a 24-hr clock and preserving remaining parts of Earth.

Furthermore, trillions spent means their must be a government directive for economic incentives and bonuses for industries needed while there is to be economic disincentives including for the CEOs who belabor or tarry in world-destruction products.

Abraham Boulder.

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Pull to far to the left, pull to far to the right.

Stalinists and Nazis are “Rome.” Totalitarian dysfunctional disease.

We now have a diaspora and revolution coinciding with the revolving Earth.

We do and complete task and travel for different climes, different air, and hills to climb or run.

Wavering leadership threatens regime change on the far right and far left.

And the work to be done sits quietly and focused, needing to be valued, and protected in the private sector.

We welcome the Afghans. Our prayers go with you as you adjust to the United States’ lives.

Peace be with you. And peace for everyone else also.

Be well.


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