If there is any war, what is it all about?

(1) Human Command, AI quantum tool.

Human singularity of constructive action and, for those who wish for prayer, prayer for constructive God who provides the energy “umph” for being constructive and meeting literal deadlines.

(2) Not left or right; not right or wrong; not this or that, not good or bad. BUT, what is “correct.”

The thing that gets things done as they need to. Practical, effective, and fills the shoes of what “has” to be done. What doesn’t involve “wants” or “oughts.”

What absolutely must be done. The imperative. No excuses. Deed gets done.

Questions entail: are we meeting our deadlines?

Are we flipping this in three years? (When it will probably take four. And then the overruns.)

Eight billion people in a spaceship vacationing on Mars. They cannot get back to this planet Earth unless the command pilot acts according to correct action. They will probably miss the Earth and burn up in the Sun.

To arrive on Earth correct action must be done on literal deadlines. Constructive doing is a form of love.

We are in the universe. The Creator, should he exist, reminds us of this fact and provides genuine love in an environment that seems desolate and plain. Where the overly intelligent learn to say, “why bother?”

We still have verdure on Earth. Natural vegetation. Let’s keep it.

We can solve our problems and get with generation-to- generation destiny, human command AI tool.

Mesopotamian viral bodes of male ejaculated in your mate vs. neurosphylis viral bode transmitted by extreme aggressive homosexuality and retreating.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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