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Listen to Wisdom Intelligence (WQ). It’s not King Solomon’s, it’s our 4th U.S. president’s.

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June 19, 2020 · 8:20 pm

Read ON.

Fighting force seasoned.

In the field.  Wiping out enemy left and right “with bombs bursting in air.”

Wins battles.

Only, the robotic fighting force doesn’t turn off.

Mission: to destroy everything.

So, winning is euphoric but now it’s dying time.

What was a winning high is eclipsed by death at your door, your bedroom, and your kitchen tables.

All for the ostriches that call this “winning.” Mission:  “Death to all.”

Good-bye and good riddance.

Not a “peep” was made.

Fighting fellow humans for some demented economics that gives greater economic value to robots.

Use them in hazardous and dangerous conditions, or not.

Use in the menial jobs, or not

But leave us to apply our brains for strong mental and emotional faculties to retain employment that is challenging and rewarding.

Many people are not philosophical.  Work is therapy as well as “paying the bills.”

Let liberal economics stand with some controls and Keynesian stimulation on constructive projects and some protection on nascent industries (e.g., invention of batteries).

***Start Mashall Plan II America1st, 3 trillion GREEN bucks.***

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What we do to ourselves in contrast to “getting it done, already.” Take the PsyD approach. It’s not what I do, it’s to relax, ease in, and find comfort: deed done.

Secret prisons “expendables” hallucinogenic PCB didn”t want my visuals. Now induced, they serve “internal memos” of nonspirit State, statecraft Satan den, instead of lion or eagle (3) Britain; Germany, Russia, USA plus (2) Arab eagle

Decapitation of veteran and mock the solemnity of veteran’s death, of a health gradient over 40 years of healthy living actualized.

“Intensive Polygraph Work” sufficiently confused” me to induce intense cathartic reaction Royal flush down the toilet. Heroin user and possible dealer. Thinks it makes him more “state-real.”

Gottlieb, In:Poisons in Chief “destroy integrity and make indiscreet the most dependable individual.”

Posit: Prussia vs. Austro-Hungarian and Germany Romanticism till turn of 20th Century Jet propulsion with fans Cognitive dissonance: childhood experience with “Sound of Music,” and elder experience of same, all the while PCB multiples send thin missiles through my head to the tune of “Adelweiss” I feel this Nazi, Soviet axis is a formulation of identifying the historical alliance beteeen persons of the generations of Chancellor Bismark and Prussia of secret alliance along with secret prisons in the jurisdiction of United States of America. I think M[c.] wants mind control and body overpowering for state torture and state murder of U.S. constituents, using my torture, my enslavement with Gottlieb syndrome “ringing in their ears”–my death, as precedent set. What is the economic value of a person. What modification of liberal economics by appropriate brakes on or economic disincentives is needed to halt mass genocide of the human race. “Poisons in Chief” worked to “destroy integrity and make indiscreet the most dependable individual.”

*vs. Consider an alternative:

Mental clarity and concentrated focus then, ?Where is conc. focus? Do we exit the scene? Answer: the exoplanet is our playground and work place. Shall we play, after we pray.

Shall we deal with the fact that German, Russian, Japanese in Mongolia, and now, I guess President Assad’s chemists are upmost interest to the Department of Defense “to clear the air” sort of speak. Our air, Americans.

We seem to take the scientists of our enemies as a “rush of importance” to do us all in ahead of schedule, when final analysis dictates we make allowance for concerted effort to solve our global problems, and mass murder left as acts of desperation that do not belong in the legions of private sector initiatives and innovation, healthy competition, and the achievements of literal dead-lines for the next 8 years. Then 242 more years.

The Enrons will leave the arena. And futures, to get paid will claim “all is lost;” when “all has just begun.”

The futures investment is “getting no return for investing in no work.” You must invest in a future for there to be an actual return on investment. There has to be a future for a future payout. Demand a future by investing in a future “already done,” so relax and ease into comfort.

And bide the while with defense. “Things done” always remains defaulted to nothing accomplished so that the true nature, the real odds of financial instruments (futures) that damn our existence are in legitimate business contracts equal to zero.

Zero profit for zero gain. Those who invest in nothing will always be defaulted to getting nothing because the banks will simply close their doors and payout absolutely nothing.

If you want a return in the future, make sound investments for a future. As the book says, “We are always near the end.”

Gamble on a future, it’s always risky. Be up for the challenge. If burned out by drugs or alcohol, detox.

Learn the telomere, healthy extension lifestyle to find yourself feeling alive again, or at the worst, no longer feel burned out. That’s actually “calculated, financial risk for a return on investment” for continuing a future.

Instead of just laying down and dying. Take a chance of a future for living a destiny of continued human generations.

Calculated risk involving exact work we need done correctly, yields a profit margin, if we avoid “” bubbles.

Cognitive statements and more “moving the cheese” are “proper” in this “outing.”

This “new normal.”

Evoking a business plan in agreement to build teams to compete in the markets. Developing markets of a green variety.

Abraham Boulder

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Enemy in our midsts

Angel dust smoked for angels’ death. For strokes and brain death. Efforts of the pusher to push for human extinction.

Anti-semitism to “intrusive condemnation by the other human species’ sectors.” Valid if we work with cold war enemies to abate violence.

We engage in peaceful business enterprise with profit for us and them that sustains our lives and other lives (mammals for example) for a sustainable exoplanet Earth that seeks sustainabilty now in a private initiative now for a future now. A valid, more attractive approach.

If we build the demand. If we acknowlwdge our needs to carry on in this life not just the next.

If we, like Thomas Caralyle, go from “no, no” to “yes.”

Yes to a future of constructive endeavor, constructive achievement, literal dead-lines met.

Yes to keeping a pace. A new normal where our tempo sings our hearts’ confirmation and affirmation that we can, we will find (as in “The Return of the King”) our futures grasped now, done at this time. Peaceful competition with trade secrets kept. Not pollution metrics withheld.

Mojo through meditations, being in the now, reaching high (with the Space Lab and swirling galaxies flat with exoplanets soon to be explored while firmly, affirmly Earth bound.

Sanctifying our existence, our Earthly presence with other, sacred remnants-of-large animal herds. Showing our potency by their lives spared.

And sparing our lives from aggressive suicide of the human species destined like the Book of Numbers of the Torah to generations more of homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens.

Abraham Boulder

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The Daily Beast: How a Soviet Experiment Became the Most Controversial Film in Years

Check out the vocabulary (too much!)

The Daily Beast: How a Soviet Experiment Became the Most Controversial Film in Years.

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PCB & Wig-Wam

Occultists, death incentivizing.

They take a child who does not want to be dominated by anal sex.

They have anal intercourse until they kill him.

Since there is 3 stages to death I sense the child even when death is past.

PCB bullies and abuses the carcass of the deceased like he’s eating the bone frame of a chicken.

Bullying and abusing the vertebrate posture of the dead child. He leaves the kid a heap of dead raped and abandoned for some sick glory he calls “great.”

All the while 13 cam cameras watched devotedly. (Studio with screens of all cam cameras closer to 179 St SE.)

While the planet oogled the alleged Arab cable television visuals of this act.

A rage against the living by a man half-dead, talking amongst the dead, having sex mostly with the non-living.

Abraham Boulder

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Legal matter

The offense against my rear is not human seduction, but inhumane efforts to rupture both my rectum and gentalia.

Atrocious act of savagery entailing poisons of chemistry, botany, and organisms and radioactive material that include insertions of particles in my coronea in the hopes to move particles into my brain via the optic nerve to render me dead brain.

The aggression is severe but subliminal and gets very, very pronounced when they have sex with children to death.  The social from such extreme sexual abuse upstairs and in the “cellar” renders a very pronounced rearing attempt on my backside.

PCB uses a vice device to crush a childs ball(s) in the hopes of utilizing voodoo that my sympathy for a boys penis and balls (strictly paternally directed) does an “about face” by PCB and in the voodoo trick involving my sympathy, PCB is trying to damage the various small parts of my  gonads in the scrotum.

This is a violation of Amendment 14 of John Locke’s natural rights I possess as a U.S. constituent of “life, liberty, and property” indicated in my U.S. Constitution “live document.”  It further violates my civil rights in Washington State constitution and is a flagrant hate crime involving various criminal procedures which I may be able to prove physical evidence by vacuuming with a new vacumming dirt bag of the criminal administration of the foreign objects.

In any case 3 years of defamation of character hate crime complete and it’s time for justice.

10 million dollars for conspiratorial, criminal attack on my U.S. and WA Constitutionency to make clear that I have equal rights to antagonists.

Lawyers wishing to handle my case should contact me immediately at

Your usual 25 percent leaves you profiting 2.25 million dollars.

Let’s do good business and succeed!

Abraham Boulder

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Big Ben clock to annhilation

What do you do when what is done is a slow creep from the human brain to a clocked computer?

The person whose brain is losing neurons begins to pause patiently while the clocked behavior is fired off continuously whereby the neuron person is told by Big Ben that things are okay.

Except Big Ben handled by “Wig-Wam” is clicked for annihilation.

And it’s just a matter of time.

A matter of time when many people believe we are defaulted to extinction.

And what we really are doing is leaving the door open to not do anything when we need to jettison ourselves to the International Space Lab, meditate a few hours, then head back to exoplanet Earth and realize Earth is becoming Mars or Venus and treat Earth like Mars and Venus. And so make planet Earth habitable for humans and other species.

That it has remains still of the Garden of Eden. And we don’t have to throw ourselves out where Eden still is.

We can perserve it. And save on fuel expense. Let’s colonize exoplanet Earth. All of us together. And if you want call all men “Martians” and all the women “Venuses.” Do it.

Abraham Boulder

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