Big Ben clock to annhilation

What do you do when what is done is a slow creep from the human brain to a clocked computer?

The person whose brain is losing neurons begins to pause patiently while the clocked behavior is fired off continuously whereby the neuron person is told by Big Ben that things are okay.

Except Big Ben handled by “Wig-Wam” is clicked for annihilation.

And it’s just a matter of time.

A matter of time when many people believe we are defaulted to extinction.

And what we really are doing is leaving the door open to not do anything when we need to jettison ourselves to the International Space Lab, meditate a few hours, then head back to exoplanet Earth and realize Earth is becoming Mars or Venus and treat Earth like Mars and Venus. And so make planet Earth habitable for humans and other species.

That it has remains still of the Garden of Eden. And we don’t have to throw ourselves out where Eden still is.

We can perserve it. And save on fuel expense. Let’s colonize exoplanet Earth. All of us together. And if you want call all men “Martians” and all the women “Venuses.” Do it.

Abraham Boulder

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