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Are we to live on this planet Earth?

If we are to live on planet Earth, we must have 30 percent private equity in our legally redefined corporate entities with subsidiaries that clean up their parent corporation messes. Receiving economic incentives for doing so.

The funds come directly from the economic disincetives placed on the parent corporations.

The degree of economic disincentives is determined by a grated index of zero to negative one for destructiveness, where negatve one is a nuclear winter.

Negative decimal index places toward negative one are determined by consulting University Earth sciences departments for determining the economic disincentve created at private grading corporations like Moody’s.

Private companies retain their profit margin while new emerging field markets in green technology go through economics of scale.

The economic indicator 30 percent private equity in legally redefined corporate entities required for future business profits.

Abraham Boulder

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Dead love song.

Dead love thing with charms therein.

Something to abhore, detest, excrete.

Degenerative raptilian viral genes; far flung from human well rounded wholesomeness, very, very strong assertions of resilience, anti-fragile and manifest Divine redemption from periodic, personal, sacred prayer of human viral genes.

A saving grace; not limited to hateful and vengeful opponents whose exceeding wealth multiplies the obscene, the profane, the wretched.

Enhances the death-slayer by countless serial homicides churning an organizational Jamestown suicide with a portly living Rev. Jones strangling corpses for Aryan sexual ploys to further living.

Further in inadequacy, but vestiges of dinosaur ferociousness and a stupidity rivaling sharp deadly cunning and self-destructive acts.

Religion permits the civil acts of Hobbesian systemizing processes to clean us of this profane witchcraft and allow passage to lands of future synchronicity with our beloved Earth.

To reason soundly, pray fervently to the God of constructive aims and acomplishment. The only one God.

To reassert, visceral of human genes and forward thrust, both viral and human genes in nature–a warm blooded, breast suckled endoskeleral backbone capable of much command and tool usage from 2 million years of physical evolution.

Not the dead rearing of a suicidal, and homicidal pact of raptilian viral strains fated to future ugliness in the realm of viceroy vindictiveness claiming human evolution.

A vile copy of human potential. A viral genetics lacking the capacity of human ingenuity to adapt, to learn, to conquer more of our own human traits.

A human and viral precision and adaptability. Capable of four: well-rounded, sound intelligences. IQ, EQ, SQ, spiritual intelligence of values and meaning from “supermarket comparisons” of relativity, and WQ, wisdom intelligence, harboring end sequences to the other three intelligences when excess pitfalls success towards failure.

Abraham Boulder

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Aides’ economic value and dark behavior in synthetic sex.

Buffalo spreading in numbers.

Thought for use at hazardous waste facility (like at Love Canal). But though capable of performing their duties but the sociological status of the robots working with toxic substances is of a very low status prompting human rearing in dominant behavior by watchmen or managers.

The hazardous waste is accounted for in it’s chemical properties. But vagrants or staff are leaving dangerous chemicals in the robots which render them useless (standard deviation too high from chemical corruption of hardware.)

Thinking this part of human behavior, perhaps robotics with no orifices used in hierarchies would be more practical.

Men/women would have to accept robotics not as intrusion but as aides in menial dangerous work.

There is the concern that “no orofice” robotics may be left vulnerable to attacks or assaults and I think the engineers were attempting to avoid these forms of violence (assaults causing physical damage to this smart equipment).

My opinion is the following. This smart equipment working with toxic siibstances can share human behavior for organizational behavioral structure. The membranes have to have a barrier that itself is a hazardous waste skin similar to material placed below ir under a hazardous waste site pools.

Thinking has to go into the emerging of economic value of these robotic aides for prostitution purposes. Those who are inclined to engage in this type of business will do so when the supply of smart equipment is high enough for the price to lower sufficiently; and, consequently, no longer warrant searching for “lost” smart equipment w property that is very, very expensive.

At that time more burglaries will occur because economic value will be building in the properties’ use in social problem areas or vice.

Abraham Boulder

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Hegelian universe, in agreement

History occurs as if for the first time for humans, and God learns about human action to learn more about Himself.

God is us. Constructive mojo. Goal is human destiny of (varieted) biogenetic survival.

Action required to measure and meet sheer productivity levels that are simply the definition of revolution, that be met to reach actual dead-lines for 11 years and then meet ecoequilibrium of this exoplanet in 250 years.

A human saliency, human singularity converging from the left and right, good, bad, right wrong. Convergence to correctness of solutions with many divergent answers to satisfy multi-dimensional requirements of planet Earth.

For thousand year Jesus saliency destiny to prepare diabolical human species for 1 million-year existence. With angelic flight to Earth for Divine intervention during a madly suicidal and homicidal human impetus.

Our Redeemer of Earth provides for us the sanity of human species done correctly by our development of 9th world civilization originating in the crosswinds of the Sinai.

And replacing rotted carcass of Cesar Rome vestiges whose Jesus continues with constutional authority, that church be separate from state, at least in principle. And that people of other faiths hold to secular, correctness, convergence of divergent 9th world civilization solutions–aside their personal beliefs–for human survival and permanence.

Although, in Q.E.D. form, the dinosaurs lasted 173 million years and they weren’t so bright. So by this logic of brains’ power we could last 276 million years.

May the homo sapiens sapiens cerebrum sustain and evolve with human command and AI Tool as the acceptable means of evolution.

May the cerebellum be bioengineered to meet human needs on planet Earth and other planets.

May our hearts meet the needs of both parts of the brain and an acceptable smart box prophalaxis for more than Q.E.D–to sound reasoning labeled wisdom intelligence, WQ, involving rearing, dating back to antiquity and forward thrust of revolutionary productivity of exponential development using AI deep learning and quantum computer speed.

Hence, neutralizing the “self-destruction” gene in order to propel us to Eternal grace. Making love lasting and our future real amongst our pasts and our present moments.


–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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A jot, noteworthy.

To marry the infinite intricacies of chemical interaction with the central nervous system and metanormal supplementation of neurohermeneutics, including constructive mojo as the completion of human singularity determined to command normal, meta-normal and AI Tool.

One of the first command’s (human) to AI is the allowance for multitasking correctly executed.

Something that AI can do correctly and humans cannot. Here’s to human command and AI Tool!

Abraham Boulder

—-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

Supporting the “9th” world civilization emerging…

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End of the world. Feeding my demons.

Dysfunction worshipped. State humanized to robotic synthetic good of 1984.

Totalitarian horror practiced as sacred ritual. To teach how repugnant the human species is

Computer program lost in humanizing infinity.

But he no longer exists.
But he no longer exists.
But he no longer exists.

Pay no heed. As he shuffles about like a little mouse. Crass, obnoxious, nonresonating leadership. To lose, no regrets.

Lost in a county he was told to leave and not come back. He doesn’t get it.

We move Destiny from Mount Sinai to the cube-it in Jerusalem, to Pope Ceasar, to curses and bewitchin’ nuclear arsenals. And continue with robotuc aplomb in digital perfection neither human nor applying wisdom intelligence, WQ.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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How Terrible are We Going to Be?

The world is being destroyed because top leaders weren’t debriefed by their own or IG staff to come in from the cold. In other words, they killed against America and it never stopped.

It seems, many a good or great G-men bit the bullet for the wrong side. For our side.

Can I prove this, no.

Do I honestly believe it. It’s more than possible.

Social media being what it is, this an opinion piece.

Take to heart. Consider full ramification. If it turns out to be true.

Abraham Boulder

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Defy Hobo Fill who thinks he’s ruler of the world.

Heart, artificial, change in affective intelligence via chemical substances.

Anti-matter offense. Wig-Wam and Fill-up. State raises an ugly head representing compromise.

But did they get-up-and-go in agreement, or did they sell a package that sells the ship and sailors?–that we’re more than technology.

There used to be a cause and a traditional fight for reasons that don’t include stale air.

Raison d’etre that clearly defined purpose and forthcoming mundane missions on a see-saw of “Yes!” “oh, No” morale experiences, whereby deadlines take a graver manifesting

The human singularity arrives in noncompetitive saliency whose first command is “do not lose your head focusing on supreme archetypes, the Divine rests in all creation, and Man is no exception.

Take the practical nuts and bolts constructive mojo and, “Get to work!”

Use AI as tool. Quantum computing for speed. Human command this drive to home plate in 10 or less years.

Negative, hell yeah! Until you burnout or totally burnout. Positive sentiments are compatible with constructive action. More hush! The sound of humming to get the job done correctly, despite ying-yang alternative views by real-time deadlines.

Ecoequilibrium in 250 years. Now where are they, those financial instruments for the “correct” future on the level of Mars ship returning to Earth? Which would be utterly lost in deep, deep space if correct solutions weren’t used, applied technology engineered to meet the “specs of correctness.”

Abraham Boulder

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I’m being killed by 100 million dollar sonar probably U.S. Navy.

It’s so stupid it’s like AI is doing the kill and afraid to be found out.

Abraham Boulder

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Insulin, protein, RNA, mitochondria–fundamental actions with chemicals to drive cell biology

On a fundamental chemical level, Hagen-Daz© using New Jersey water that has a slews of chemicals absorbing into human biology a level of toxciity that manifests as sinister behavior.

Not to mention (although I do) the rats that are privy to the chemicals the human body does not want ingests this chemical soup seepage. Rearing behavioral science.

Working as a neurotoxin behavior adaptable to all kinds of dark roles and results nutrition of sewer chemicals whose cause has the effect of rotten behavior and psychopathic concern.

Opposing fruits and vegetables, whole grain, lean meats, and omega3 fats with olive or canola. Greens. Citrus. Things that can aide in telomere extension. You are glad to be alive and that others are too.

With wastestreams entering into our water supply, more polluted thinking and behaving gets in the way of species oriented behavior for our survival.

We don’t need product lines of toxic sinister innervation.

We need real food, and a real future that’s profoundly pragmatic.

Abraham Boulder

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