Dead love song.

Dead love thing with charms therein.

Something to abhore, detest, excrete.

Degenerative raptilian viral genes; far flung from human well rounded wholesomeness, very, very strong assertions of resilience, anti-fragile and manifest Divine redemption from periodic, personal, sacred prayer of human viral genes.

A saving grace; not limited to hateful and vengeful opponents whose exceeding wealth multiplies the obscene, the profane, the wretched.

Enhances the death-slayer by countless serial homicides churning an organizational Jamestown suicide with a portly living Rev. Jones strangling corpses for Aryan sexual ploys to further living.

Further in inadequacy, but vestiges of dinosaur ferociousness and a stupidity rivaling sharp deadly cunning and self-destructive acts.

Religion permits the civil acts of Hobbesian systemizing processes to clean us of this profane witchcraft and allow passage to lands of future synchronicity with our beloved Earth.

To reason soundly, pray fervently to the God of constructive aims and acomplishment. The only one God.

To reassert, visceral of human genes and forward thrust, both viral and human genes in nature–a warm blooded, breast suckled endoskeleral backbone capable of much command and tool usage from 2 million years of physical evolution.

Not the dead rearing of a suicidal, and homicidal pact of raptilian viral strains fated to future ugliness in the realm of viceroy vindictiveness claiming human evolution.

A vile copy of human potential. A viral genetics lacking the capacity of human ingenuity to adapt, to learn, to conquer more of our own human traits.

A human and viral precision and adaptability. Capable of four: well-rounded, sound intelligences. IQ, EQ, SQ, spiritual intelligence of values and meaning from “supermarket comparisons” of relativity, and WQ, wisdom intelligence, harboring end sequences to the other three intelligences when excess pitfalls success towards failure.

Abraham Boulder

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