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Soviet mainframing

Is doom apparent. Is the communist party’s religion: Tao, with evil deities, sponsored by Anarchy, International?

Are we to feel secure, during downloads of oppression, suppression, depression, economic failure, bio-genetic failure??! to university computers, and AI Virus, to shut down supercomputers touting superior Doctrine for computer procedure.  First, control by high-speed computer not managed for pro-humanity, enslavement of cognitive reality, followed by smart AI robotics enslaving consciousness to attention of robotic equipment and critical care of human body only.

Abraham Boulder.

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It really is, “Brave New World” & Tao victory and evil god(s) vs. Almighty and the vibrancy, vigor, and vitality of New Science II! Bio-engineering, Bio-diversity: bio-thriving!

The Return of the King is loved by children and worshipped as a destructive deity on the subcontinent of Asia, and influential around the world as a King of Death and Destruction.

His destructive power–the trance and brainwashing he can avail, upon children, woman, and men. Bringing down the planet (may mean, “bringing down the Globe as Boulder, crashing from the ceiling,” and a source of raqueteering, of death of me and my fiancé) by an opoid junkey using his serene rectum, and good buddy! tactics. Beyond sane anima/animus to an evil feminine from back east of the “cradle of civilization” (further East is source of IndoEuropean race), IndoIranian subgroup calling themselves IndoAryan in languages. It is the area where language is spoken to destruction and death, and Allah, Being Great!  It is an area where Balance does not equate with continuence, where death may be the order of the day, and closure prepared by the “Book of the Dead.”

The TANACH–creation, springs to life with nourishment of love affect for physical presence and spiritual duality, polyphenols, phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, electrolytes with lean proteins and complex carbohydrates and olive oil (male and female: canola oil; female: flaxseed oil)–foods and clean water–for the Book of Life–Destiny breaking its chains to Fate, started at a crossroads between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea, brought to fruition in Egypt, bounded to slavery, freed by leadership whom brought Almighty God-nurtured Destiny to stop Fate’s enslavement and the remnant of a small people, amongst remnant of other people’s gathered here on this exoplanet in Unison, “To let my People Go!”–to allow for us to put our blood, sweat, and tears into forming a new tomorrow, envision a Republic of the World, where all have legal entity status to live, continue to live, and die naturally–within the limited resources of economy.  To earn living wage, And allow time for rest, some time for reflection and sane worship or meditation, and time for the needs of family, time for sound sleep, so their collective health can our leaders to correct True East, True South, True West, True North Sanity brought to the managing of the human species and it’s rights to live!

In my life: Too much weight may be in the above residential unit and the main beam holding the floor may have been cut to collapse the floor-ceiling!!

It is the ceiling . . . when stresses have strained the most. Where Sanity is found spiritually, but where mortal ugliness and rancor, brings darkness in spirit serving to  speculate on the ceiling’s collapse, for raqueteering busyness–gambling promoted for international government officials taking rest in Geneva.

When our leaders follow social science into not trusting our senses. Dark spirit gathers to gamble and crush a Jungian-sane 1/4 personality, and his proposed-to wife.  Learnt in reductionalism, nominalism, Scientific Naturalism, to not trust my senses–it may be social sciences “kant and error” and our death.

We favor and demand government intel services to intervene for National and world security when our laws are not as up-to-date on Jung’s sane intuitive function, one psyche personality likened to a prophet of Israel in Western Civilization, whom bespeaks of the Book of Creation and of Life, to the opposer brainwashing you to its Book of Death.

Ensure, National Security, that the above residential unit be used for living quarters, cooking, and showering, and privacy that does not impede in my Freedom –to express a Destiny Alternative to Fated despair and Death.

Abraham Boulder in relationship with my Significant Other.

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It really is, “Brave New World”

The Return of the King is loved by children and worshipped as a destructive deity on the subcontinent of Asia.

His destructive power–the trance and brainwashing he can avail, upon children, woman, and men. Bringing down the planet as an opoid junkey using his serene rectum, and good buddy! tactics.

Too much weight may be in the above unit and the main beam holding the floor may have been cut!


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Military grade bladders filled with quick cement overhead??!

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Ignorance, or freedom of Play?!! (a free romp)

The Universal Consciousness is in the area of the Unconscious Earthly-expression that entails using the following facilities in New York: Central Park, tennis courts, racquetball courts, and all-time “fav,” sitting in the park on a wooden bench, avoiding the splinters and the nails, spreading bread crumbs on the ground for pigeons to eat, and, feeling a whole lot better.

It then extends to the notion of living matter, alive vegetation: shrubs, trees. and rodents (including chipmunks) in other exoplanets –not just Earth.

With this cognitively stated image and meaning of a part of exoplanets, Earth, extended to reaches of other (possibly) likable exoplanets, teeming with life and water–of all shapes and sizes –you soon learn that quantum reality: of sub particles and simple nano structures of a universe, our universe, in our atmosphere, go through Earth, and us, in one second–also reaching the Other life-filled exoplanets generationally, under the exact same universal velocity, and animated dynamic (of spirit), such that you come to realize, the invitation to other habitable exoplanets is an adaptation to a Universal Consciousness, now well lit, and quantumly, in Universal space that extends to that particular exoplanet; and beyond–to a Universal Oval Sphere–that a person at rest in a gravity of yet another exoplanet, with the graveness of finiteness of personal aliveness in full unconscious awareness on this different particular habitable, fully alive-filled exoplanet; would find the exercise of mind, in this case, to inhabit universal dimensions of consciousness of all 3 distinct exoplanets, in the time dimension of the particular solar system, your seated in.

There seems to be a universal consciousness that is instantaneous in the solar system–capable of applied consciousness elsewhere in the Universe–that through knowledge, and identity, has no limitation to the speed of light Law–hence, exists in universal consciousness and reaches the other reaches of exoplanets in space time beyond the universal light-years that photons travel.

In the event that Einstein’s theory of time eclipses thought from instantaneous appearances on other habitable exoplanets other than our own, we cognitively conceive it arriving at these other exoplanets at the the same relative time, to consider other places that light waves only present us with a past mirage, but non-Euclideanly we arrive at, for argument sake, conceptually manipulating and maintaining sheer lack of hindrance to, achieve and generate a geometric model of 3D photographic light, such that 3 locuses can be conceived of at or be 3 focuses at the same time in different areas of the Universe to espouse universal consciousness cognitively “to expand our horizons completely, and allow spatial geometry of non-Euclidean sort.” We are not to be bent to astral winds or universal gravity at an exoplanet station! We come to rest. Our umbrella reaches its full upright position, our thought becomes Universally Non- Euclidean, our presence Earthly crystalline.

I am part of the Earth entirely, my thoughts are Universal–in the Earth–everywhere–in the Universe.

For Sanity sake. Not converging to annihilation in a push-pin hole; but, instead, bold strokes on the tapestry of Heaven!

Note the calculus of travelling craft functioning, thus traveling, is a series of (the change of distance2 minus distance1) over (the Time2 minus Time1); which is animated dynamic, entailing changing velocity, instead of constant doldrums. Stick that in your pipe, and smoke it!  Cheers.


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The subject may not entreat you, but the caveat literally–stops you in its tracks!

Hobbesian greatness is simply necessary to not get sick and die. It’s amazing how many get it wrong when they think to destroy greatness when such actions are the basis for plague creation!

It’s also amazing how the bowels of a man or woman, can just simply, destroy the world.

It’s not that we are serving the best of us–we are serving the worst of us.  Our belief that, “all goes to nil,” or “all goes to nothing” is the greatest lie to-date. With the Love of Almighty God, and the love of your pooch besides, love of a woman who has goodness in heart. Who goes and runs for election, and has greatness in mind, compromise in developing skill. We set outneyond 5-year planning, knowing the next 20 to 40 years involves reformed capitalism infusion of G200 Marshall Plan II Fort Knox–work of hydrogen and fusion power for the next 100 to 200 years, economically; and applied science and applied technology of Science II. 500 years of bio-engineering and bio-development to cause the bio-diversity necessary for survival in the GeoEcosystem Universe.

Abraham Boulder.

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Latest journal entry after Sacred Read (below):

39 For the leader; for Jeduthun. A psalm of David. 2I resolved I would watch my step lest I offend by my speech; I would keep my mouth muzzled while the wicked man was in my presence. 3I was dumb, silent; I was verya still while my pain was intense. 4My mind was in a rage, my thoughts were all aflame; I spoke out: 5Tell me, O LORD, what my term is, what is the measure of my days; I would know how fleeting my life is. 6You have made my life just handbreadths long; its span is as nothing in Your sight; b-no man endures any longer than a breath.-b Selah. 7Man walks about as a mere shadow; mere futility is his hustle and bustle, amassing and not knowing who will gather in. 8What, then, can I count on, O Lord? In You my hope lies. 9Deliver me from all my transgressions; make me not the butt of the benighted. 10I am dumb, I do not speak up, for it is Your doing. 11Take away Your plague from me; I perish from Your blows. 12You chastise a man in punishment for his sin, consuming like a moth what he treasures. No man is more than a breath.
Selah. 13Hear my prayer, O LORD; give ear to my cry; do not disregard my tears; for like all my forebears I am an alien, resident with You. 14Look away from me, b-that I may recover,-b before I pass away and am gone.

August 28, 2016 Abraham Boulder.

Let me proceed: How Not to be good!”

“Shredded beef cooked on the barbie before maggots get to it and it becomes rotten flesh.”

I strive to be productive in Writ before professors of good renounce my plea.

Fair! Are they. Of good cheer, manner, and repose!

Be they bigots! Of such high statute–recoiled at the very notion that someone would put a Higher Power above himself for him to be responsibile to and love, so that His Presence can be loved on Earth, through Sanity and Love.

And to use that love, instead of seething hate, to be responsible in administering language eloquently bequeathed to the good to the ranks of the bleachers, with promise of what can happen under the bleechers; but, instead greatness involves major achievement, major effort, and perception of the traitor of the good-to-great that opposes every worker who must achieve greatness because they must do very, very high levels of productivity.

Good was never meant to be the final answer, but the start of achievement in the direction of greatness. For greatneess’ sake in globalized competion–within markets–between nations in trade.

Good can do be abused as the actual word for terribleness, acting as, “things are cool,” that enable terrorists that can pick such a numbing finding to hide their diabolical plots.

August 29, 2016.  Abraham Boulder.

The Declaration of Independence was always considered be the first legal document.  To assure no funny business from government, freedom of life, to be alive, needs to be lawful and an amendment to the Bill of Rights, and philosophical space needs be a fundamental statement as part of the U.S. Constitution, “that maintenance of a level of serenity or a distinct level of Sanity of a constituent’s mental health will never be compromised outside of necessary law enforcement in required forceful engagement, and will not be compromised during prisoner’s detainment in routine handling of prisoners.”

Abraham Boulder.

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