The subject may not entreat you, but the caveat literally–stops you in its tracks!

Hobbesian greatness is simply necessary to not get sick and die. It’s amazing how many get it wrong when they think to destroy greatness when such actions are the basis for plague creation!

It’s also amazing how the bowels of a man or woman, can just simply, destroy the world.

It’s not that we are serving the best of us–we are serving the worst of us.  Our belief that, “all goes to nil,” or “all goes to nothing” is the greatest lie to-date. With the Love of Almighty God, and the love of your pooch besides, love of a woman who has goodness in heart. Who goes and runs for election, and has greatness in mind, compromise in developing skill. We set outneyond 5-year planning, knowing the next 20 to 40 years involves reformed capitalism infusion of G200 Marshall Plan II Fort Knox–work of hydrogen and fusion power for the next 100 to 200 years, economically; and applied science and applied technology of Science II. 500 years of bio-engineering and bio-development to cause the bio-diversity necessary for survival in the GeoEcosystem Universe.

Abraham Boulder.

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