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Unnatural Disorder: Soviet Depth Psychiatry—the completely objective use of the affect intuitive function to the severe detriment of human health.

In the 21st Century, I have, in earlier posts, looked completely objectively at the “air” or affect that is emotional intelligence and from which we can get notions from the social group (society) that are meaningful.  When meaning is negative elements, it involves negativity.  When utilizing positive meaning, it results in positivity—except when positivity is found in the negative group to be destructive; constructive, which is favorable to the species and the individual.

What’s more, the negativity, has an historical root and development in the events surrounding Soviet psychiatry (here in this case, subliminal interference with the individual—therefore, depth psychiatry).  What’s unique in this methodology is the actualization of the physical sensing of the brain once information from another person has been received in the limbic system (hence, affective; hence feelings, established between the dictator—a practitioner—and the target).

The physical sensing part of the brain, now stimulated, after initial stimulation is done in the limbic system, experiences physical manipulation (as though neurosurgery is being done) and intense “amalgamations of suffering” sourced from culture, history, science and social science.  The art is one of pejorative propaganda sending messages subliminally, while doling out acute pain, and developing (complexes of suffering) that the dysfunctioning-society (in the 21st Century of applied particle physics entailing the affective intuitive) maintain a vigil of pain impetus 60/60/24/31/365 for a life time.

This control of tyranny by the “dictator” submits political prisoners, of any age, to disciplines, likened to some form of lobotomy, severe cases of schizophrenias.

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