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China stopping me??!

Take this phone away.  Serve me up as dinner.

China doing WA state forensics, Harborview lab, ?Defense Dept lab?

Croatian youths listening to PCB in “hidden brain.”. Putting acid or poison on heart, dripping down from above.  Cop Croatian.  Russian Jew cop, so the story goes wants condo for self.  Killing tenants, so the story goes in “hidden brain.”. May be false, but fits puzzle on what goes on here.


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Being hounded by family across the outside stairs from me. May be fatal

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Spirit and incorporeal matter (quantum physics) manipulation by the State.

Quantifier since 1919.

Ethics committee would have ruled on it since Church & State remains for the most part separate. And Soviet psi is unconstitutional based on the fact that the government is limited in power. Beyond power residing with the central government and the fifty states, the power lies with the constituents.

Amendment 8 specifies “no cruel or unusual punishment” that includes government not interfering in the personal life of the citizen. Not physically. And no absolute power, “look ma no hands” manipulation capability found in tyranny, that suppresses (undue pressure felt by the general public), depresses (physically and mentally), will not carry out a policy of oppression (wrongful imprisonment and murder), and tortures by Soviet psychiatry, depth psychiatry, psychology, depth psychiatry, behavioral science, depth behavioral science, medical techniques and “whole” integrative medicine.

These methodologies on action are unconstitutional, and felonies, or greater punishment (seditious).

Abraham Boulder

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Is PCB the one? Can the president find a shared vision of continuous huge (not obscene) profits with the green energy field subsidiaries of Parent oil companies that will be established? Is $25 trillion from green energy something to consider, like stock options in ventures of this sort of New market, that includes green start-ups competing, or bought outright by the large corporations. Promised after presidential power is released from the president?

Extensive use of PCB as a archetype in common subconscious encourages linguistic’s verbal command, and sentence construction modeled on language centered on PCB’s personality.

Working at irreputable establishments, owned by old, tired, and utterly uncaring leadership (sincerity), although outcomes can be persuaded from business universes needing to ask “what’s-in-it-for-me after 8-year tenured President Trump goes private, agreed to today in well-established, ever adaptable, and competent energy industry?

Of course, pay back needs to be gotten for such cooperation. When oil companies, or the energy field leadership asks for $40 carbon tax with the economically correct and superior Nature Conservancy and Conservancy International environmental stewardship groups, and the money returned as assets for the $2 trillion dollars debt incurred now, we ask the president to be reciprocal, and return the honor to the American public in kind!

We are philosophivally rot–putrefecation–plague driven in Western Civilization.  World civilization energy comes from salmon swimming upstream although entropy flows downstream.

life force vs. death wish in intuitive, functioning in common subconscious and syndicated, loosely in organized intel associations cooperating fully with one another, or terrorist cells via shared sentiment (affective intelligence organized by specific goals delineated on the internet), and intuitive rearing.
Thank you, Mr. President

Abraham Boulder, constituent of U.S.A.

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You want to know about central Asian trade relations: start with what is their primary motivators in psychiatric commerce!!

To my understanding, a “black” Asian is more interested in communication by chemicals doing less harm than good as a working human species organism associated with natural, other, working species organisms; than an intelligence of intellectual ballyhoo-ing about discussions outside the field of play, and unrelated to the immediate goings-on, involving the acquisition of enough currency, or money, by commerce, or financial-institution members to “earn a living, or better that.”

Cigarette motivators and brain comprehension of present status.

Industrial chemistry and State action.

Related to earning a living, or better achievement, is confidence in the financial markets that we will be here tomorrow, and that goals are in place for project scheduling and management of periodic assessments of meeting actual dead-line commitments; and how to correctly facilitate the handling of urgent matters, and bottom-line results.

True North ascendacy entailing State-sanctioned industries using behavioral science motivators, emphasizing long-term planning goals of 5-year intervals, 20-year intervals, 50-year intervals, and 100-year intervals for a 200-300 year window-deadline spread.

Let me say this, Freud didn’t seem to be clear on the species’ death and destruction, he understood a healthy loving stature, but genocide was not fully grapsed by him.

What we have now is an interruption   “We are late in civilization” said by the esteemed professor in The Great Courses on “Why does evil exist?”

What we learn is that a new civilization starts early in a late, previous civilization.

A world civilization amongst world societies, and nature preserves within local sovreignties.

-Keven Jung Young

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“The Edge Effect”

The good doctor, author Dr. Braverman speaks, in his book, “The Edge Effect” of the “Electrical Edge.” He writes,

“We use four measurements to determine the relationship between brain function and the creation and delivery of human electricity to the rest of the body: voltage, speed, rhythm, and synchrony.”


  1. Hypothesis 1: the “physics portal” opportunity of children, and separately, to a major extent, adult creativity, relying on child-like impulses of electricity involving an “universal,” integrated health approach of biome response, evolves (entails/involves) quantum physics animation and decision-making that requires a thorough check-in prmarily with your significant Other, or in freeing up the sex response: others. Also, family input via communication, within the individual adult (Parent, or parenting) “portal of opportunity” of quantum physics animating principle, related to spirit; or Chi energy vital life force.

Such a portal of decision-making has been quoted in literary form as centimeters or 100th of a second.

And so goes literary expression that I, Abraham Boulder, believe it’s more aligned with a millisecond of quantum physics animation (spirit animation principle on matter, or Chi vital life energy, nourishing and revitalizing, or reborn), with decision-making from “aliveness of color” from feeling integrated health, and confirmed or disapproved by conscience and significant Other, in a complete body, particles physics, affect-intelligent circuit, instead of passage, to and from, the brain via electricity steming from brain neurons to body neurons, and back.

This complete circuit of biome may involve introducing idea quanta subparticles shifting from color-tone-to-color-tone, and involves a response of microbiome from head to toe, in subparticle motion, delivery, and consequent body–to-head feedback. Not something desired repeatedly, without end. A product of rearing and Parental love, in behavior.

Challenged by competing anti-biological-to-life, and, therefore, I posit, anti-matter physics that disturbs synchrony, rhythm in electricity, and causes anti-affect intelligence in depth psychiatry, depth psychology, depth socioeconomics, and depth historical analyses that include conscious observation and hindsight, and also depth, intuitive function in the “hidden brain” of the common unconscious, from sources like the Soviet, Communist Party, Fascism, Totalitarianism, and democratic and republic deadweight foresight, of liberal and conservative political philosophy.

Sometimes, history answers, instead of group interaction. Answers to falseness in Straussian philosophy, and responses disfavorable to post-Straussian legal enactments under false pretenses and suppositions as unconstitutional lawmaking, and calling into play-action, the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

In an Age of Crisis, amendments in a series, should be studied for global economic engagement, and internal socioeconomic strife, and voted on for inclusion in this living document constituted for piloting in the 21st Century.

Abraham Boulder.

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Future questions that may, or may not apply, in some future time . . .

Either fight, die, or live morally through a war, and the public counterparts.  Then sign official document for peace, or we die immorally worldwide. If this is civil war, we have allies.

Is it more important the State of Totalitarianism or democracy? Is the Declaration of Independence calling for us to dissolve this present state government and protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and 50-state constitutions, or reach the Fall, apocalyptic vision, realized?

Is Eternity forever or Man stopped. Do souls exist or deconstructed? Are we too IQ smart, leading to murder and suicide, or do we adjust to WQ, wisdom intelligence that “bites at you” the truth, like over zealous police dogs, or do we pretend that there is only wisdom that puts us to sleep very quickly?

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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