For what it’s worth.

Freudian, animating principle for the living.

Animation principle for “the dead.”

Creation Chi energy, living or dead, “alive.”

Now, look at this:

Spirit, the God of unity, or not (balanced we pray for redemption or salvation and behavioral science, to work in society, good; provide goods and good (excellent) service, or

Vacancy in present tense, to the extent that an atheist cannot think for himself (cognitive function turned off and brain mass lost–needing brain plasticity for day-to-day function and discourse on political science, economic science (to think independently requires liberal economics because involves self-interest–help yourself without destroying the moral imperative that Adam Smith published that family be served, new or redifined meaning of family, generations of the past, spouse, generations “to come, and conservative economics of serving those at-large, also.

Both, Adam Smith sentiments and philosophy towards an objectivity, not subjectivity of the heart, that is science with moral actions.
Vacancy and the quantum computer (and before) and a rip in the universe, or beyond “black is beautiful” and bleaching of the coral reefs is way too much.

What we in this vacancy, or void, have here, is a stop, a cancelation of Etrernity, spirit, and any afterlife. That God Nietzche said is dead, is blighted from history and forever, not opposition, not contrast, no personal belief, and living in the State as a non-entity.

Spirit tbecomes strictly brainwashing pejorative propaganda. Your head, the State, without you in it. Neither bad nor good, great spirit or terrible spirit–complete vacancy. This is my take from Kant told by a professor on his work.  This Carl Jung absent of Universal consciousness.  His snake with the Jesus figure in the star-studded or exoplanets sky.

The hell is a continuous going dowmn to a worse and worse state, to. . . Neither better or worse. Belief stops now.  Afterlife, gone.

This came from Isaac Newton.  The challenge is real.

Abraham Boulder

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