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Are we nit-pickin’ fatalists?

Regime change.  Stalinist, Nazi Jew, American friendly fascist Jew on the left and right.

Wasting people in religious identity while espousing religious freedom on America.

Statism that shares the spoils with the enemy instead of with the American people.

Civil rights jeopardized because the U.S. Constitution has not been amended 5,  10, 15 times to update it to present economy and politics.

Influence at the extremes.  Democratic Republic with liberal economics, Keynesian stimulus and Fed Reserve controls.  Fiscal policy initiatives. Present.

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

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Frustration with the low brow

I find it complete waste of time–such childishness. A continual Dragnet series.

With no hope of ending. An unending laugh track of below grade humor applied against anyone not nihilistic, chaotic, or pro-anarchy and apathy, an offense by a mad evil psycho genius comedian, a Bozo.


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Constructive effort

I initiated constructive effort.  I serve as the stepping stone for future constructive action and communication in feedback loops in intranets and at the intersection of the internet where manifests “the Medici effect” (and the book by that same title) at all levels barring anarchist, nihilism, chaos, and apathy. Flourishing positive and negative constructive PsyD’s.

Abraham Boulder

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Something I wanted to share.

Hi – I’m reading “The Freedom to Be Free: From Thinking Without a Banister (A Vintage Short)” by Hannah Arendt and wanted to share this quote with you.

“Only those who know freedom from want can appreciate fully the meaning of freedom from fear, and only those who are free from both want and fear are in a position to conceive a passion for public freedom, to develop within themselves that goût or taste for liberté and the peculiar taste for” égalité or equality that liberté carries within it*4 . . . . P. 16

Abraham Boulder:

I appeal to taste. There is not a helluvah alot more in this essay. It takes on discussion of the successful American Revolution. The caveat of the French Revolution. And the caveat of absolutism in the Russian revolution.

It then mentions Kant and discusses a point that is from Machiavelli.

It’s a good read. You can borrow it from the library, I think, but is worth the low price to own a copy anyway.

It’s one of the best short reads I ever encountered–enjoy!!

-Abraham Boulder.

Start reading this book for free:

Read on the go for free – download Kindle for Android, iOS, PC, Mac and more 

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The New York Times: How the Nobel Peace Prize Laid Bare the Schism in Russia’s Opposition

The New York Times: How the Nobel Peace Prize Laid Bare the Schism in Russia’s Opposition.

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Another moment of low IQ humor

PCB working with flu strain apparent from my sniffles and tearing eyes (moist) did not compromise immunity system yet.

Using flu-ammonia and lead-mercury combinations.

Trying to be big trouble and murder his relations for greediness. Trying to give the flu to the general population.


P.S. Titration with technique that sends liquid acid (mild) in my left eyeball.

May try in his evil genius comedian routine to direct strong acid into my eye now that mild strength acid succeeded.

America is a third world country in ethics and audacious tyrany at heart. And sometimes the evidence is right in front of you.

That upstairs unit has feces, urine, and body parts all around. Some of it and bones in the floor gutters is from children.


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Some different reading, perhaps. ?

I thought of you when I read this quote from “CIA Manual for Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare” by Duane R. Clarridge, Alethea Veritas –

“Communist, totalitarian, imperialist regime, indifferent to the needs of the population.”

Start reading this book for free:
Such a regime  indifferent to the constituents.  Who are seeking life!  Seeking to preserve life.  Not just six-week old fetuses.

And what of evolution?  We may have homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens, soon to emerge: homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.  All three are involved in evolution.  All three can have a major percentage of survivorship from war, famine, and natural emergencies.

Also there can be adjustments to Earth ecosystem dynamics.  Thus we can have homo sapiens alpha, homo sapiens sapiens beta and homo sapiens sapiens sapiens omega that physiologically adapts to the solar system we’re in.

Or by entanglement and nano series, of viral and homo sapiens DNA . . . galaxy travel.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

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PCB censors and our defending for our WQ offense

PCB censors term, “ethical responsibility” that originates from wisdom intelligence (WQ) from Mesopotanian Hebrew origins against his intellectual intelligence (IQ) ancient Greco-Roman Macedonian destruction (Dionysus’ murder and suicide).

Wisdom intelligence (WQ) awakens a contemporaneous urgency to “attentive now” for language that grasps upon “the requirements for flipping in 3 years what will actually take four.”

Therefore a 24-hour clock is practical and ethically responsible.

Also, the three-8 hour shifts’ employment based on internet feedback loops akin to Toyota’s Prius in thoroughness, time-sensitive mission, open communication, and discouragement of irrelevant “Man” fights yield the efficacy and productivity requirements.

Three sectors of the Earth-based solar time can handle the workers’ employment in 8-hour daylight shifts on the 24-hour clock, whereby headquarters can be maintained in host, origin nation-states.

Use the globe after nascent origin undertakings.  Globalization with America 1st.

Abraham Boulder.  -Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

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Beyond the Soviet: Soviet PhD. vs. PsyD. applied entrepreneurial liberal economics action

Till the cognition of the brain, must be added the experience of the soul.

-Arnold Bennett

Soviet pejorative propaganda machine pumps out lies for mad psychotic state which is defined as “much successful.”

Threatening the life of the steadfast rational who sees individual effort in team work that has profit for each member of the group.

Less ideological, more financially resourceful to actually pay the bills.  The individual strives to improve their productivity, pacing for literal dead-lines, working a priority schedule in flux, tied to a network of Earth sciences departments and their resourcefulness handling post-modern specifics while assuring beyond post-modern overseeing that fits flux priorities into work schedules.

And maintaining a continuous coordinated effort of a “mass Earth ecosystem” remediated quicker than just “ontime” to meet and surpass literal dead-line  time restrictions with feedback- loop networks of communication in the staff striving for productivity and to end most philosophical discussions.  Less “Ph.D,” more “PsyD.”

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Challenged, laddie and lassie?

You can overthink the match . . .

Enter the go-to-blazes hero . . .

He is a torrent of abnormalities.

He speaks not but a sincere psychotic whisper.

And what agony–a cascading nonsensical bafoonery that a particular organization is tickled pink with.

Misfortune, a maronic comedy show ad nauseum, a maronic comedy revue. Pure puke.

What man aches for sanity when madness is treated like a God.

Nietzche’s Dionysus.  Dionysus’ Nietzche.

The sex may be omitted.  And the female revelers may not eat the flesh of those borne as they do their rout.

But death is near.  And death whispers to the hero, “Kill them all!!”

Did you ever ‘ear such a bunch of crap–deafening! Greatest shit pile we can create. And then we don’t clean it up.

First, we have the ostrich feathers.  Then, we have the laggards unwilling to make a full committal.

Or did I hear wrong?  We give it a try.  That’s good.  But do better.  Do better.

Way to go for the beginning.  Start to accelerate.  Pacing on a 24-hour clock is demanded.  Perhaps, yes, perspiration on your brow, as well!

Abraham Boulder.

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