Beyond the Soviet: Soviet PhD. vs. PsyD. applied entrepreneurial liberal economics action

Till the cognition of the brain, must be added the experience of the soul.

-Arnold Bennett

Soviet pejorative propaganda machine pumps out lies for mad psychotic state which is defined as “much successful.”

Threatening the life of the steadfast rational who sees individual effort in team work that has profit for each member of the group.

Less ideological, more financially resourceful to actually pay the bills.  The individual strives to improve their productivity, pacing for literal dead-lines, working a priority schedule in flux, tied to a network of Earth sciences departments and their resourcefulness handling post-modern specifics while assuring beyond post-modern overseeing that fits flux priorities into work schedules.

And maintaining a continuous coordinated effort of a “mass Earth ecosystem” remediated quicker than just “ontime” to meet and surpass literal dead-line  time restrictions with feedback- loop networks of communication in the staff striving for productivity and to end most philosophical discussions.  Less “Ph.D,” more “PsyD.”

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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