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Korea under fire

What some would call “skirmishes”* may be identified as all-out battle


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Is it possible

Egg noodles in a box–is killing for sport as the most heinous crimes against constituents of WA constitution civil rights and U.S. constitution and amendments civil rights.

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This is fiction. Read it anyway

Effort has been undertaken to dismiss people on their land.
U.S boundaries.

Genocide for trade.  Injecting totalitarian-subjected humans onto American terrain fostered by enemy governments, claiming legal rights on the property that cede our U.S. and state law.

I’m not exaggerating. Some people are getting killed.  Military personnel are assisting their populations of these totalitarian regimes fighting in the United States.

It’s occuring on the Pacific Coast in Washington State tonight.

May take the entire Pacific Coast in WA, OR, and Northern CA.

See if there is any truth to this fictitious story.

A much-needed, overdue phone call will do to someone you know there.

And expect pounding at the seawall by their navy.

Abraham Boulder

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Read through.

“There is a brokenness Out of which comes the unbroken, A shatteredness out of which blooms the unshatterable. There is a sorrow Beyond all grief which leads to joy And a fragility Out of which depth emerges strength. There is a hollow space Too vast for words Through which we pass with each loss, Out of whose darkness we are sanctified [light] into being.

There is a cry deeper than all sound Whose serrated edges cut the heart As we break open To the place inside [that] is unbreakable And whole[ness], while learning to sing,”

-Author unknown.




cultural exchange

Russian ballet




Answering the call for dark metaphysics, whereby the state comes to the conclusion that the “Crisis in Democracy” is solved utilizing the “Gotlieb maneuver,” ie., eradicate, eliminate, discriminate, extinguish community and society by keeping them personage biologically alive, but destroying their personal ID constitutionally, eliminating the person except what the state makes of you, living then a nightmare hangover of suppression, depression, oppression, state retention, severe reduction to non-existential reality, while providing acute and full torture with “look Ma, no hands” dynamics from state to physical mass [person-to-person]  
You don’t have the power to solve your own problems and knowledge is severely restricted.

“Non-win.”  Now you know what you want “to be free of” when you want freedom. Now you know  what people risk their lives for.

Now you know the “good war” instead of the “greedy war.”

The “just war” instead of the war of the damned who believe they’ll go to heaven for blowing up and burning and smelling excrutiating stink.

That itself, they believe, will get them through heaven’s gates.

Contrast that with those who are born in hell, live in hell, and die to hell.

Their misfortune does not mean they don’t want to live on the good earth that we remediate and save (not all of it will be saved, of course).

They see being alive as a potential blessing, an opportunity for eternal remembrance.

Not as an excuse to blow it up and ride the express bus to heaven.

Not to blow it up and live free and die into Lucifer hell hole your trained to live–a life you come to know, respect and eternally die in.
And a blessing is a blessing. Separate from the rest.  From sacred things come blessings.  Whose to say, or do we even listen whom are contra to “when you die, your consiousness can experience blessings, not accursed methods in spirit of destroying ourselves and ruining the Earth

“To come to rest in peace no matter my remains buried in the past or occult-powered for Death central and the elimination, annhilation, eradication of homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens from the Boulder period of 276 million years (when dinosaurs lasted 173 million years).”

Instead, we do it nasi balance of IQ, EQ (emotional intelligence), AQ (affect intelligence), SQ (spiritual intelligence or values and meaning) WQ (wisdom intelligence): metaphysics equals correct, constructive, light intelligence.  Not Moses, not Buddah except constructive nasi, not fatalistic–300,000-year wisdom (state-of-the-art), correct intelligence(s).  The light in our darkness.  The ideas that matter. 

Strumming string of subsubparticles to the beat, go to the tune of “going out of our way to the get a sustainable idea” to camp. 

And figuring how to make the necessary profit margin and get high-volume blockchain, sales persons to be sold on the idea!”

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Coup d’etat


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Light to the Dark

300,000 years homo sapiens 10,000x potency than Fenyan(?) Big shipment Coup d’etat of Christianity and Hebraic Destiny (generations to come) and Jewish beliefs. PCBs contacts.

New York. D.C. Seattle China

Can this be? Is it wild and creative imaginings?

Rational in a way.

Too devious for mankind.


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