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This is not for mass murderers (skip this!)

“Soviet comedians including black comedy which is a Kafka-esque and . . . .”

We need to think in the 21st Century.

In order to do this we must define what the 21st Century is.

As for what it is not.  We take the moment in history Thomas Carlyle is quoted as saying “no[t], no[t], Yes!”

And to what does he assent?

That the mind can accompany good character that a bricklayer can form a house that stands the rigour of the seasons, and not collapse.

Back now:  eccentric, ardor madness is pseudo pathos from a Soviet bot with MIT  snuffbox to turn (a) stench (b) body waste (c) conception wastes; to having sex to murder life completely as a “gentlemen’s” desire.

That a 9.0 and 8.0 shakes need lemons made into lemonade, or actually vegetable and fruit [puree, soffeese, shakees, burpees, herpes–now I’ve gone off subject–rabies (how’s the dog doing?) Oh yeah. Smoothies. Smoothies. Smoothies.

It seems the Russian ballet and Aryan death and Nazi imbalance is all-American play.

That if the “wheaties” box of cereal is not available on the store’s shelf and American football is not drug-crazed assailants dancing on the ballet or battleground then there cannot be peace on earth.

A little less pressure on the NFL.

What are you doing to make money now?  What can be made–end results for selling– on a frugal budget with multipliers that are possible additional workers and profiteers in a co-operative business (liberal economics in effect–this is not a commune.  It is a lot different from Karl Rove doctrine of population eradication.)

More investment in time, possibly money, and on-the-fly creativity bordering on innovation defined as simple genius, or skills from actual learning (no trauma time meant) that has an input and output that is frugal, novel, efficient, effective, desrable, and appealing. Profit-making.

Go to it!

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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The Joker at-large

Are you even aware of how insidious, pompous, assinine PCB is.

I mean . . . who knew . . .

Maybe kill more of the great stuff with his form of logic simply because we are better for challenges not worse.

That charity starts at home

With foodbanks circled on a calendar and instructions well in hand how to apply to get food free.

How to use government services (county and state government: Department Health and Human Services (DHHS) in your Washington State’s county government DDHS offices.

You can get $400-500 per month if necessary for a year.

Some trainimg for jobs exist. And working at minimum wage jobs can have Washington State DHHS.

Some online colleges exist and may be the first to open

Central Washington and the Governors’ University are just two to consider.

School may be out for a while. A locally accredited college is a valid reason for online (same as a campus) degree.

What this is is a matter of practical reasoning instead of laziness.

A hiring agent who chooses you for completing a B.S. or B.A. may test you in employment to see if you do in fact learn satisfsctorily in the offices, at home, or at the job sites.

Good luck.


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And they always think they win.


My turn.


Think differently. Your creative talent is ample.

It’s force is creative, effective, frugal, practical (not an 8-trac player).

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In hysterical thinking, sound judgment needs to be implemented.  Any principles in this form of engagement relevant and stable?

All-out war is symbolic of 8th civilization demise remains in people and culture.  Zombie living.

9th World civilization with Japan and Europe America1st G200 G40 from the crosswinds of the Sinai peninsula.

Homo (sapiens) (sapiens)  sapiens. Destiny.

What is very, very acute IQ and rot at the toga party. No hope.  Winnable by no win win only. It’s “inevitable.”

Nazi (an imbalance: an abuse of power of IQ) to EQ AQ (affect intelligence) SQ (healthy values and healthy meaning) WQ (wisdom intelligence: what does not put you to sleep. What, instead, takes you by the collar and shakes you in your timbers;
in order to stop and consider the third stroke.)

Since the first stroke strike the target and the second stroke drives the first stroke to the target–the third stroke is the “jew stroke” which begs the question, are we on target?

And whether this is in fact the correct target at any given time? And whether or not if there is something else?

And what is it?  Speak up and state your name at the finish of your part of the discussion.

What is to be discussed and driven home and then stopped in midtrack to consider something else more important than the present strike.

An alternative strike.  Or, something entirely different than the present strike, or any other strike.  A question driven by the Jew in us.

Abraham Boulder   –Keven.

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What are you waiting for?” -Nickleback

“I want electronics!” you say.

Well, why don’t you build “Human Command” for newly developing AI tool.

And while your at it, develop anti-AI virus because you know! they’re going to develop AI virus just to get you!!

You’re going to need all the brain thinkings you can muster.  The way you click on that mouse on the computer you’ll need plenty  of AI brain thinkin’s . . . and “home base” or Human Command.

“Try “pulling-software” that sets up project management as  a computer Director to human command that lets you approve functions of your own computer Assistant generated by the same project management software (but modified by Human Command). To halt decision-making on any parts of the project handled by  the computer Director and run human-approved diagnostics of a causal nature whereby decision-making was the computer Director’s (the cause) following datasets of results of the computer Director. The effect winds up being, “questioning the integrity or soundness of decisions made by the computer Director in a counterpoint checked  with human-generated diagnostic tools serving as computer assistants to effect a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” on computer AI-generated decision-making of the computer Director’s

Isn’t it time to develop human intelligence in computer software that advances to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens–keeps human command in computer programs and diagnostic generators for human control of computer tools.

Abraham Boulder.  Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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“Little ditty ’bout Jack and Diane, two American kids doing the best that they can” -Mellenkamp

Simply put.

Karl Rove doctrine speaks of global professionals versus general population.

But the new economy comes from start-ups which have a playing field of innovation, novelty, hatd-to-beat good sense.

So why does PCB’s mafia Ph.D seem to corroborate with that doctrine.

Let me introduce you to a few truths in this world starting now.

People on hard times seeking legal business, seeking legitimacy: once “doing” winds up with every God forsaken idiot playing genius roles on their business to apply the outdated “chaos theory” that needs to be applied on every professor who ever spoke the subject.

Without sounding jingoist, but holding our Defense Department accountable to use intel to stop waves of “disaster-creators” sicing people who ferment their ideas and send them on their way by way of the vagus nerve‐-to heart and mind.

The ideas to sell something, build something, work in groups for the best pay in cooperatives where each and everyone must come through to meet mandatory deadlines for profit, solvency, and prospering.

A Defense Department with Special Forces to gun down those who act against Mom and Pop starting a business.

Defense Department intel that learns the connection of anarchist-touting and communist-touting state operatives from Europe, Japan, and the Middle East that connects with fellow economic pushers, pimps, human traffickers doing what they can to shut down: independent acting families and indepedent seeking practical solution finders to life’s everyday problems.

Instead of thinking “how to knock a family held business out of the ‘race;” think instead, “whst is it I’m hearing these people need now and orhers like them.”

“What would aid in a business doing good business and on it’s way to suceed”

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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Dark, dark humor intent and ideal, how destroying intellectual property and personal lives is not acceptable.

Kafka-esque and Najinsky and black comedy.

Jokers before “The Joker.”  Embezzlers and character assasinations before sophisticated punch lines of gilt facade of dummies.

Who use tri-state sources as a cover for illegitimate buiness and intel for personal business.

Who is kidding here?

Who works with a white national extremist who ovesees thousands of educated Jews repeatedly zapped with high-voltage tasers to death. Is this humorous or genocide?

Black comedy of Najinsky and Russian ballet, Kafka-esque Nazi cabaret insinuating “nobody is safe” from a “Joker’s” literally deadly humor that character assasinates brutally and cruelly with gutter guffaws and illegal business and rip-offs to displease society and ransack and burglarize and auto-theft going against Amendment 14 of U.S. Consttution and Washington State constitution that together state John Locke’s “rights” of “life, liberty, and property.”

Decency takes second fiddle to black comic criminals stealing, debasing, and destroying reputations of men and women in a less- than-perfect world.

Abraham Boulder

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When faeries fill the field

Carrying wands in their hands for fun and action, these said male faeries fly around and fill the betting world with competition to see who can make the U.S. a greater loser nation than other faeries’ ability based on how “high” they get people under their wing.

Doctor’s legally or illegally prescribe too much opoids and satisfied that they dump these drugs in their client’s blood system.

This incident is extreme rogue activity of 1984 or Brave New World style.

In practical terms just getting drugs as available chemicals is what some are concerned with.

But medical doctors including a psychiatrist who prescribes these medications can have discipline to not overmedicate and listen to the patient to adjust their medication.

A patient not put in psychiatric disorder with opoid substances can cope better than the status quo and the amounts of dosages prescribed can be minimized instead of maximized which is charlaran‐doctor’s expertise.

Correctly prescribed dosages, utilizing possibly 1 or 2 mg pills as part of fine tuning the total dosage may be in order.  And maintain an actual order of comfort, without stressing the consumer with brain-disorder status, effects.

Abraham Boulder

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Seek solace, relief in prayer

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Dark metaphysics: sparks of chanq

Divine illumination concealed in physical material: Corning glass (c.).

Capable of handling the ocean’s shores with possible modification to fortify at the sea shore.

“deny ha-Shem? Something to die for” Judaic principle

Contrarily, Nietzsche “says God is dead!”

Freeing the philosophical mind to consider an agency of man, the Higher Self, that by definition of “faith” is the Higher Power “sacred carrot” of Alcoholics Anonymous; and all endeavors that matters.

Because we keep ourselves in company with constructive Spirit as social brains and goodness and love affirmed in heart at ideal moments and as a continuing idealogue.

Except that “we are unable to do what we need to do ourselves.”

It is for this reason that our minds are trained by our brains to be social: accompanying focus on others, significant other, and sacred Other: the source for human singularity in metanormal energy (chanq), with matter, or subject: “of constructive achievement by literal dead-lines.”

Coupled with “correct behavior” right or wrong, good or bad, left or right—even exteme right and extreme left–whatever the day is, whenever the time comes, there is a correct action to be perceived and acted on at the moment of no return: now!

-Keven Jung Young.

Abraham Boulder.

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