The Joker at-large

Are you even aware of how insidious, pompous, assinine PCB is.

I mean . . . who knew . . .

Maybe kill more of the great stuff with his form of logic simply because we are better for challenges not worse.

That charity starts at home

With foodbanks circled on a calendar and instructions well in hand how to apply to get food free.

How to use government services (county and state government: Department Health and Human Services (DHHS) in your Washington State’s county government DDHS offices.

You can get $400-500 per month if necessary for a year.

Some trainimg for jobs exist. And working at minimum wage jobs can have Washington State DHHS.

Some online colleges exist and may be the first to open

Central Washington and the Governors’ University are just two to consider.

School may be out for a while. A locally accredited college is a valid reason for online (same as a campus) degree.

What this is is a matter of practical reasoning instead of laziness.

A hiring agent who chooses you for completing a B.S. or B.A. may test you in employment to see if you do in fact learn satisfsctorily in the offices, at home, or at the job sites.

Good luck.


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