This is not for mass murderers (skip this!)

“Soviet comedians including black comedy which is a Kafka-esque and . . . .”

We need to think in the 21st Century.

In order to do this we must define what the 21st Century is.

As for what it is not.  We take the moment in history Thomas Carlyle is quoted as saying “no[t], no[t], Yes!”

And to what does he assent?

That the mind can accompany good character that a bricklayer can form a house that stands the rigour of the seasons, and not collapse.

Back now:  eccentric, ardor madness is pseudo pathos from a Soviet bot with MIT  snuffbox to turn (a) stench (b) body waste (c) conception wastes; to having sex to murder life completely as a “gentlemen’s” desire.

That a 9.0 and 8.0 shakes need lemons made into lemonade, or actually vegetable and fruit [puree, soffeese, shakees, burpees, herpes–now I’ve gone off subject–rabies (how’s the dog doing?) Oh yeah. Smoothies. Smoothies. Smoothies.

It seems the Russian ballet and Aryan death and Nazi imbalance is all-American play.

That if the “wheaties” box of cereal is not available on the store’s shelf and American football is not drug-crazed assailants dancing on the ballet or battleground then there cannot be peace on earth.

A little less pressure on the NFL.

What are you doing to make money now?  What can be made–end results for selling– on a frugal budget with multipliers that are possible additional workers and profiteers in a co-operative business (liberal economics in effect–this is not a commune.  It is a lot different from Karl Rove doctrine of population eradication.)

More investment in time, possibly money, and on-the-fly creativity bordering on innovation defined as simple genius, or skills from actual learning (no trauma time meant) that has an input and output that is frugal, novel, efficient, effective, desrable, and appealing. Profit-making.

Go to it!

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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