Intimacy with the universe on the subsubparticle level

(1) Belief in God of universe established.

(2) God is the Higher Power.  This results from man incapable of saving himself from extinction due to the toga party.

This toga party explains that man’s IQ (and not other intelligences, including EQ and AQ, SQ, WQ) is too high and reasons classically that he must show total will power to murder and commit suicide for total control on life. Therefore man is the highest Power.

In other words, Man smashes into the iceberg on purpose on the Titanic dancing in top hat and tails and eating caviar to show complete, absolute intelligence possession; full control, and so-called absolute sanity; a fallacy of a ill-defined, ironic terminology.

(3) Because of the nature of intimacy of man with the universe on the subsubparticle level,
Man believing in God affirms behavioral science of DNA command on the cellular level making allowance for the effect that man now has the capacity not to murder, commit suicide with the assistance of the Sacred Carrot.

(4) The belief resonates a confirmation of man-to-universe that emphasizes the cosmic significance to human existence and resonance in its infinite complexity at the subsubparticle level of both of man and universe, manifesting the awe, or sheer profundity of the complexity that therefore manifests as an existing god, the Higher Power (the Sacred Carrot), resulting from the infinite.

(5) And Destiny, the future of homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens is Driven from generation to generation by the Higher Power.  Destiny fulfilled.

Concluding, Man too full of himself goes extinct. Man fuller than himself survives.

Abraham Boulder

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