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Why an iceberg? Why target that object?

You can easily say, simply, “Because it is there!”

But there’s more to it than that.

Let’s see, dancing and prancing about, intoxicated and in tuxedos, they promptly sailed the seas.

And what of it? Well, each, in some way, a distinguished guest.  All sure of themselves, all propped up in storefront glamour.

But in order to sail past an iceberg, with a mighty ship, you need to look below the surface.

Let’s look at Big Pharma; well, medicine rightly prescribed with effective dosage, or with feedback from patients, a half of a dosage of medication can go along way in ageing America.

But if politics has become the grand ballroom, and grand fake act, there is no reason not to think that “mellow years” of our candidates, assuming they need to take medication at any given time, can easily be made into a marketing scam on very large profit-taking run on Wall Street.

In other words, what he or she takes, is important to billions of people, and if it’s a dangerous drug, marketed as safe, then they are in a position to make a huge net gain in profit, before the drug nosedives.

Which brings me to appeal to the reader to put their attention on the candidates:

What we have here, is frankly, competition.  But the candidates may be prescribed something for them to relax themselves before the next venture, and list of assertions are made.

If you don’t look below the surface, someone, from the myriad of M.D.’s can quite legally prescribe something for the person that exactly has side-effects that hamper best judgement or correct judgement in it’s entirety.

This can go on throughout the Presidential Period.  The politician can be propped up, have command of a flashed speech across a screen, be involved with spin doctors, and mass marketing of agendum, and able to speak in formal ways–all the while–pumped up with drugs that Are Not medically advisable, and so, hamper judgement, sometimes: completely, and prevent sound advice.

Abraham Boulder

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Fabian Society Final Act–please pass the Paris accords.

As the immune system weakens from watchful eyes on ever increasing chaos, undisturbed, the viral entry into our genome continues–viral genes with human genes.

Forty percent of the human genome is already viral genes.  With the susceptibility, or sensitivity of the human organism to viruses increasing, more genes’ expressions will develop disorders above or below the brainstem (brainstem included above or below, depending on instance). What was– rare ailments–will increase exponentially. 

More mental disorder for those whose “brain” gene expression commands disorder. More major disease for the body from whose “body” expression becomes disordered.

The enjoyment of what was, will be interrupted by an intense development of genes whose expression consequently yields an assortment of diseases–increasing exponentially.

Never has there been seen such a pleasing outcome, for medical specialists, it is a pathologist’s ecstasy, his or her Nirvana!

Now they can buy their yacht!  But look at what kind of shape we all will be in, including the”healthy!”. Do you really enjoy luxury along with multiple major disease?!  (A lot of them, having been rare.)

Abraham Boulder.

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Too much!

It is nationalization of industry that has continued reliance of heavy metals, possible radioactive components, and disorder-causing hormones in Russia, India, and China, possibly Germany.

It is public-interest legislation that pushed for the Clean Water Act, and private-party special interests that stopped it in a lawsuit on constitutional legal technicality  that leaves us no better than Russia, China, Subcontinent of Asia, Brazil, and partially Soviet Germany!

It is these populations that want clean water, clean air, better, healthy environments. Subjected to these toxins, they may not be mindful to the task in a democracy or power broker whom understands the fatalism to their future and high level of birth defects they encounter now!

–Keven Jung Young Sanchez Hong

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Three lifestyles, not default nothing

Road to success in materialism–truly suffer what is essential in life to suffer–suffer Not needlessly! Through suffering, develop appreciation–discipline to credo.

Higher consciousness –suffer selflessly and meditate for specific brain waves, and for healthy physiology, Qigong: exercises for joints, muscle fiber, heart rate, some muscle development. Strength exercise: high repetitions, low weights.

Good religion –suffer self-less, with his or her own personal interpretation of religion and what it has to offer, and what it does not.


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Spirit. what of it?

spirit of a spiritual nature serves on this exoplanet, to be not left dead.

A quip?  a spirit

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Hong

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How to fail as a nation

Those that have the time, see my post, SocibioQuantum ethics, in

It is a Magnus opus. What is needed in this critical hour of homo sapiens’ existence. After 200,000 years of lived generations, see if you can give 10-20 minutes of your time!! –Keven.

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OnGoing War

They kill the homeowner.  Then they subconsciously have sex with the not-so-dead for intimacy to increase transpersonal psychology probabilities of being correct in the immediate present, inquiring, “Where’s the money?  Where do you keep it? Where do you keep the title of your house?

Killing the owner, burglarizing the house, sending it by air to warehouses for redistribution in 2nd world country to be sold in 3rd world nations.

Thinning of America is part of world transmigration.

We need a federal task force uniting separate state task forces whom work, to keep Americans in their homes, owned, leased, rented.  Heuristically purveyored and possibilty accepted (that scenario is ongoing) for foreign citizens to become America, period!!

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Behavior Slave

Are supercomputers gambling on human outcome as part of the financial markets, but in this case, it’s the government desiring a specific outcome through its placements of assets to win in long odds favorable to its continued existence or to national plurality, and to lose when investing in something Not happening is worth the expense.

The bidding may not account for the nation’s needs, or for that matter the world’s needs, even though the government’s supercomputers compete with other government’s computers. The Value Index may give wins big to -1<y<=0 values.Investment in my services may be politically motivated to failure because the Boulder Keystone Plan, later known as the Ms. Clinton Act of G200, Marshall Plan II, Science, Father, God looking out for His son for Isaac Newton’s 1,000 year Exoplanet Earth’s Presence on this earth Church Doctrine paralleling government’s G200 and world society’s Marshall Plan II, Science II
Abraham Boulder.

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Definitely wannabe, did he become, canitbe?

Dufus breath hits the Big Time. No one would care if he was left in Switzerland, but he’s killing good men in service to our country, United States.

The story is heuristically based. Judging what I know about good and bad, great and the terrible- he’s commiting serial murder–a purge!

Abraham Boulder.

P.S. You can always dismiss heuristcally derived stories. What if occasionally heuristics strikes the truth?

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SociobioQuantum ethics, or How this post will be a portal to disaster when bought and stuffed somewhere!!

Two types: extrovert, and introverted.

Critical study to measure Jung’s position of Sanity of introverted personality as a main thrust to dealing with Hobbesian terribleness for the social contract and thereby Natural Law.

Extrovert “puts their hands on” an inanimate object to be moved. He then sees for the first time, extrovertedly, that he, actually can do something with the object. Well, let’s say there are two ways he determines that the the object can be moved.

If it’s this way, it is wrong. That way is right. Well, it’s impossible how he will proceed unsupervised, because, for him, wrong may be the right way.

So what, then?

I argue that he has to act correctly. Carl Jung argued (always for Sanity health) that we must move beyond right or wrong.

I continue that argument by saying the correct way is the only way because any other way is a gun going off at point blank range at your head.

Under such settings which in the 21st century find ourselves, “the gun blast to the head” argument solves the issue of: (1) who’s right and who’s wrong and, (2) who do we follow at any given time, i.e., some argue to follow a constructive course during the day, destructive at night.  You have no opportunity for discussion or behaviors, other than do it! And I contend, do it correctly.  So, bluntly: where’s the Jew [this traditionally comes from “right is heaven, “wrong is in hell,” to be on Earth, speaking: is “speaking Jew!”]?

1) There already exists M.S. and Ph.D’s and if you get a 2-year college degree, you can start by looking for colleges website for technical degrees in Earth Sciences, chemistry, biology–lab techs and in the field, scientific techniques handled professionally for data processing (data processor) and professional document production and desktop publishing for finalized reports, hardcopy or electronically for the M.S., Ph.D, B.S., J.D., B.A., or M.B.A, PhDba [professing leadership of a love for humanity, instead of completed global genocide of groups, nations, or our existence in this universe] that sends the report out (mailroom personnel) that will “Jew you, up!” [it’s a compliment!]. And you then play down discriminatory practices in extroverted business, so that the historical business language serves a major sector of business and worker personnel, whom cooperate with the U.S. Constitution and state constituents for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to find reasons for living–not dystopic total annhilation.

2) Recruiters needed

Sell to CEOs for salary, info on high school students whom get “Jew” by the business (training by the business). The only other “Jewing” is done by the business, which means those whom are Jewish need to “park” their Jewish identity so that CEO and his/her management planners and schedulers and quality control lead, are the single business entity in Chi (energy)😆, and quantum movement involving the individual CEOs business universe (a legal fiction for a dimension quality; added to legal entity status–heavily influenced by the Protestant ethic that states  1) working is done for monetary profit and, 2) to sell services and products you do so in private markets, or sell to government Buyers.  Buyers are granted access to markets controlled enough to not threaten people, generally, nations, or the exoplanet from extinction.

The extrovert does the right thing during the day, and drinks his “wicked” beverage full of “spirits” at night.

Now, what of the introvert’s perspective. He, the introvert, says that right and wrong occurs at all times of day and night and that only wrong is whitewashed in various ways.

He may argue, as Hobbes did, that we all do wrong, so why do right?

If we say, we will do right now, we will do wrong instead, because we are predisposed according to Hobbes to do wrong.

If we say, as in Hobbes social contract, and, in addition, together, we say, “do what is correct for both of us, so that we can get our needs met separately”–what cannot consistently be done, if we spend time trying to kill one another–then, “what must get done, gets done for pay; and what doesn’t get done keeps us in the social contract, so your “I am not tracked down by bounty hunters or the Police,” for extermination of non-Signigicant Others.

Now what if just plain manslaughter is not conceived, but rape as well–a form of sexual–terror…

Rape violence and homicide vs. Love generation, such as The Make a Wish Foundation:

To love God, Our Creator, the Divine Host to the Universal Ceiling of Sanity, and practice love expression in healthy relationships, you need an “in.”

The competition between the genders is at this time peaking, and the bedroom can be a warroom.

The “in” needed is a paradigm shift, but to “get through the looking glass” without breaking it, or self-medicating yourself, you need to consider love in your heart or in actions, to begin the process away from the death wish, and reawakening or establishing, new beginnings.

What are these new beginnings?  To realize you’ve copped out of most things, which usually leads to your own fall–because you are not the 1℅, whom will rely on smart computer fill-in, robotics, to end humanity.

That way we keep with the notion that economists are the most intelligent,… and most suicidal.

Perhaps we begin again, clean slate, let’s revolve the portable chalkboard and begin again–fresh, new civilization–think in 300-500 year time frames–some 1,000 years– besides, bio-genetics will have new generations of human species living hundreds of years, before long.

What’s left?  It doesn’t have to be a movie, but volunteering can round some edges.  Not smug about: “you give, you’re good, we’re happy to know you”–lacks the committal to sit on a for-not-profit board, intern, or commit hours to a for-not-profit organization constructive in Earth Sciences, and dedication politically to a trinomial Value Index keeping records of acts of devastation (-1<=y<=0) to the exoplanet (to humanity too), whereas y=-1 is a nuclear winter action.

I think, with this trinomial Value Index on Behavioral Sciences of homo sapiens–spanning -1<y=0=z<=x<=+1.  We begin to not admit acts of devastation to a priest who passes a magic wand over us– instead we regain our responsibility and Accountability to solving Earth Sciences problems, rather than profusely making them worse.

The trinomial Value Index can be multiplied by the cost of a project, the product can then be an economic incentive by government, an addition, to eliminate some expenses for constructive Earth Sciences (0<x<+1} forever.

Economic disincentive taxes from the plethora of devastation wreaking exoplanet Earth for our demise, or death wish, can be subtracted from the profit margin by government for private enterprises.

Economic disincentives’ totals can be used as government assets for economic incentives in the private sector.

Abraham Boulder.

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