Behavior Slave

Are supercomputers gambling on human outcome as part of the financial markets, but in this case, it’s the government desiring a specific outcome through its placements of assets to win in long odds favorable to its continued existence or to national plurality, and to lose when investing in something Not happening is worth the expense.

The bidding may not account for the nation’s needs, or for that matter the world’s needs, even though the government’s supercomputers compete with other government’s computers. The Value Index may give wins big to -1<y<=0 values.Investment in my services may be politically motivated to failure because the Boulder Keystone Plan, later known as the Ms. Clinton Act of G200, Marshall Plan II, Science, Father, God looking out for His son for Isaac Newton’s 1,000 year Exoplanet Earth’s Presence on this earth Church Doctrine paralleling government’s G200 and world society’s Marshall Plan II, Science II
Abraham Boulder.

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