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Enthalpic action, in action!

I believe in enthalpic action.

I believe we can use our cognitive faculties and our affective intelligence to focus, concentrate enthalpy energies for the betterment of our species (applied wisdom).

This is the very essence of redeveloping a civilization and populations.

This meeting of 200 countries at the end of the year will be the historic moment (cognitive and affective) of becoming homo sapiens sapiens sapiens from homo sapiens sapiens, as the greatest cultural event of our species: Earth 1st, Me 2nd!

Our placement of ourselves behind the Earth in importance, takes us to the next level of evolution. Think salmon swimming upstream to spawn, and to retire after making it to that the higher level.

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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the 11th Commandment: NASA lives, let us let the Earth “live” also! (614th Commandment)

China-U.S. relations demand a fair decision in environmental economics, and action in applied entrepreneurial economics to set up a second “NASA” with just as important a mission as going to the moon.

China, too, goes to the moon. Let there be a second “China space agency” with just as important a mission that going to the moon has for China.

That agency, and the mission that it embodies, is an environmental agency with the logistics of setting up new applied technologies to conquer fusion power demands, and authority to provide tax breaks to corporations able to compete with Toyota with the 200 patents Toyota makes available to help businesses build their version of the hydrogen car. Toyota’s hydrogen car rolls out 2016.

This can be done in India and Brazil whom need these energy sources once they become online, so do the industrial nations of Europe, Canada, United States, Mexico, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and interested parties in Chile and in other Central America and South American nations. Patent royalties should be minimum expenditure for the construction of these motors and generators, and a percentage of profit provided once start-up occurs

This needs to be an agreed work-in-progress by the end of this year when they will have a meeting.  It’s do! or Die!

The bottom line is jobs. And if the energy jobs are in alternative fuels. Pursue this mission on this great scale, and the energy corporations will be satisfied with the profits they make from the privatization of any federal mission ensuring billions in revenue from newly established energy technologies.

Let private enterprise compete with federal government efforts for royalty rights to new applied technologies that will make hydrogen and fusion power a reality on a large-scale.

Bringing in the jobs that replace the oil industry jobs. Bringing in the billions in profits the energy corporations need to do their jobs. Securing and stabilizing a no-longer threatened global economy. The oil can then be used for the genuine industry that needs it—plastic technologies (e.g., aeronautical engineering).

If we want war, let it be a war to meet the demands of Earth 1st, Me 2nd. And solve the fusion-technology problems in present-day history; the way the atom bomb was determined to be needed, immediately, urgently, a discovery urged by Albert Einstein.

I liken myself not to Einstein, but to Halley (of Halley’s comet fame!) whom convinced Sir Isaac Newton to write his Prinicipa!

Let private corporations compete with government efforts for patent rights to hydrogen and fusion power. Let’s roll up our sleeves, and get to work!

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