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Extreme behavior after countless millenia

Heuristically and judging by rule of thumb, Tibetan “assassin” leadership working with the Dalai Lama or independently, through Soviet India to focus their “telepathic manner” directly from the enlightened intention of buddha-mind, work directly with the Armed Forces of the United States and NATO to relay info to the Taliban on how to proceed to kill the Pakistani middle class in an effort I believe to lose the stability of Pakistan to lob nuclear bombs at India and India to do it to Pakistan, confident that the Book of the Dead accurately portrays an exciting death time and the West aspiring to greatness defined as “bringing on Armageddon.”

Isaiah 29:13

Even in darkness and obscurity
Then the humble shall have increasing joy through the LORD,
And the neediest of men shall exult in the [Sacred Only One] of Israel and Judah
For the tyrant shall be no more.

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Cannabis Social Suicide

BBC had an article before they went “modern” that warned parents that Junk pot, Junk music, and Junk culture was for the youth of Britain, to simply kill themselves with.

Further to the horror, line or field psychiatrists determine in exceeding amount of schizophrenia developing with those smoking this Junk pot.

Now Britain has skunk pot, and the America hemisphere has developed other highly intensive THC compounds leading frequently or very frequently to schizophrenia. Or to severe cannabis brain disorder.

Joyful recreational pot was originally produced as a strain of cannoboid compounds to enhance the mind’s creativity.  This pot doesn’t seem to exist at this time, and as we go legal on cannabis, this strain is what the cannabis people want, and it supports the work world.  Users should take a part of a bud and cook it for a buzz instead of smoking it which only disables you from proceeding to live your life, get on with the work at hand, or do housework (counterproductive).

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Thesis for the 3rd Destruction of Europe and the World vs. Depth Psychiatry and it’s Affects on Applied Particle Physics

Heuristically, there is a thesis statement accepted as the epitome of Western Civilization maleficence which is considered “great” for its unfortunate, but necessary terribleness.  A Cro-Magnon/Neanderthal thinking that will leave us extinct, as they were.

In my disciplined considerations of objectivity in my environment, I have obtained a different conclusion.

Dangerous and lethal subjects mused upon, then asserted in a depth psychology/depth psychiatry affects these individuals psychology and psychiatry for a negative integer behavior that involves x to negative infinity.

It then branches out to affect via interpersonal psychology/psychiatry, affects others experiencing the antisocial behavior of a maladjusted  brain (adjustment disorder) in a two fold manner:  (1) the understood behaviors of abnormalities of a toxic psychiatric individual and the (2) toxic psychological behaviors of, maladjusted brain (adjustment disorder) leading to antisocial behavior and antisocial affect (emotion and mood)..  This is seeing human behavior as going, not just to zero in its value system and therefore aberrant, but recognizing and observing behaviors becoming negative in integer value to the full extent of a doomsday event of x to the negative infinity.

Now, to postulate what I assert strongly, is that this negative behavior, to x to the negative infinity event applies to assertions in depth psychology and depth psychiatry that result in a global disorder that can affect electronic behavior and transmissions.

If there is correct observation and progress in science both in applied particle physics and in social science, the human element would consider this innovative conception and working theory as “brilliant” work done with skill.  The U.S. American english definition would speak of skills that in the new economy of globalization are needed for survival, then any effort for thriving, when possible.  Genius lies, in the skills.  You can see a genius occur by watching a worker do their work. The scientific phenomenon is observable that includes the nature of the worker’s skills, the business’s existence, and worker know-how.  If the United States is to succeed, if the world is to produce workers advanced and using mental skills that are needed, the focus needs to be on the hands, head, and other body areas used for these skills and the genius that they do.  This is homo sapiens sapiens sapiens learning in his/her evolving form.

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Jeremiah 9:11 in the Beyond Post-Modern Era

“What man is so wise

That he understands this?

[the 500-1,000 year modern cycle]

To whom has the Lord’s mouth spoken,

So that he can explain it:

Why is the land in ruins,

Laid waste like a [dead] wilderness

With none passing through?

[and amassing a great deal of death, swaths of global genocide, from extremely fatal chemical toxins,

and toxic waste that 

makes you sinister,

wanting more of both categories of toxins.

They just screw porno and ignore the issue completely].”

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Superbrain by Chopra and Tanzi

The conflict between instincts and emotions teaches us that humans have evolved–with much pain and confusion–to learn.

If you believe, homo sapiens arrived on this earth from the Creator in Pakistan region 30,000 years ago, we evolved to homo sapiens 12,000 years ago, and now we are homo sapiens sapiens sapiens facing a new paradigm no one believes in but someone knows exist in the beyond post-modern reality.  Research exists in this 21st Century reality and a science of chaos has emerged in this reality.  As it develops into a revolution, answers can occur never imagined before.  With this in mind, things can look a lot different in 5 years from now or 10 years from now that we didn’t think was possible to do at the earlier time,  This has a plus side to the planet’s downside.  Never say, “die!”  Live! Learn! And open your eyes to possibility, and with luck we will make it through the narrow passage just like breaking the four minute mile. Or, threading ourselves through eye of the  needle to win 6 to 8 years.

Or, fit our earth through solar system button hole so we make our comment by pacing against death–which is, if you figure out, just pacing a living life fated to eventual death, but destiny of generations-to-come generations of human destiny from homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens to homo (sapiens)3 for 500 years to millenia to go.

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Tibetan Wisdom meets Beyond Post-Modern Revolution

From The Tibetan Book of the Dead comes moments of wisdom from (as I have learnt Hebraically Judaically) eternity to eternity.  This being the right millennium, right century, right decade, right year, right month, and the correct day for the coming of the Beyond Post-Modern Revolution in Western Civilization thought, read as “experience,” I quote from page xvi provided the foreword by the distinguished Dalai Lama who opens up the effort of many collaborators for a window into the history of experience.

“The notion of dependent origination lies at the very heart of Buddhist philosophy.  The principle of dependent origination asserts that nothing exists in its own right independent of other factors.”

A frank admission that gives great relief to the Western mind who must live existentially in order to make a living, support a family, and participate in sexual relations.  It also confirms the existence of social sciences that in the beyond post-modern revolution, need an improved regimen of recognizing and creating scientific laws of observation of the material incorporeality and spirit of each private personal unconscious tied loosely but inextricably to a common unconscious, a common thread.  That in my efforts and in other lives exist in a purposeful effort striven in parallel existences of Me and my Maker, that work diligently to develop and maintain psyche economy surplus intellect social against the myriad of dysfunctional causes many of which are a direct relation to amphetamine abuse or amphetamine like prescriptions which cause maladjusted brains (DSMIV-TR adjustment disorder) that leads to anti-social behaviors, affects and moods; likewise a social.  This social is driven by an undercurrent of porno drive from global influence that developed as a result of increased use of poison toxin chemicals that Eastern Europe is aware of and that Germany has long had to deal with personally.

It is necessary to come to grip with the need and delusion of zero demand for waste treatment sites by stopping our selfish drive known as NIMBY (not  in my own back yard), and accept the social science law of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens that the demand for these waste treatment sites does actually exist no matter how much beer or liquor we take or how strong the cannabis is.  The war on drugs is a U.S. history phenomenon that continues, but it’s the longest war lacking any categorical answers (all or nothing thinking).  It’s one thing to have your favorite recreational drug, it’s another not to recognize the sanity of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens that I present as (long name for a reason) Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.  Without answering inquiries to why exactly I use such a pen name for now, it must recognized the Fundamental Law of Social Science in Western Civilization has an existing duality know to some as their gut feelings (Max Planct Institute) or feelings, or to more enlightened, spiritual matters intertwined with a physical brain reality explained by beyond post-modern physics and chemistry working theory (the material incorporeality jew in U.S. history).

On aside, heuristically, Max Planct Institute, it seems a likely possibility that the American military forces and NATO forces, on one side, and the Dalai Lama, on the other side, have their own Superbowl game.  The story goes that they convey information in their material incorporeality jew on earth to the Taliban in Pakistan to decrease the stabilizing middle class professionals to increase the likelihood of Pakistan lobbing their nuclear bombs at India, and India doing the same to Pakistan.  This shows the balancing act that the Dalai Lama has in the 21st Century when Amendment 8 of the U.S. Constitution states “no cruel and unusual punishment” needs to include Natural Order Natural Law material incorporeality in global economics and international relations instead of horror of Total Chaos working theory of the unconscious.  Many people in the new economy know this to be true, and we need to follow their example of work and family fun in the global 24 hour clock.

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy

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Extreme Lethal Toxins

Toxicity influenced from Russia, Germany, former east; Eastern Europe now everywhere is  such that porno screwing is brutally pragmatic in the sense that it is compensation for “poisoning the green.”

Catch is not doing anything about it ignores the effort of, I believe, of Union Carbide to get listed all the extreme fatal chemicals that are opening the planet to large swaths of global genocide from NIMBY (not in my backyard) spills.  This is not just “kill planet” species, but kill human life in a big way.

There must be a historical imperative to come to grip with the applied entrepreneurial economic law social, that waste treatment sites have to be made earth-stressed proof to contain these extremely fatal chemicals and to develop the science of neutralizing them.

Although appearances would say this is a black affair glowing red symbolically, I say it’s very white indeed.  It used to mean bleaching the Great Barrier Reef with tourism.  Now it’s swaths of global genocide making humans white, then blue.

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