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Extreme Lethal Toxins

Toxicity influenced from Russia, Germany, former east; Eastern Europe now everywhere is  such that porno screwing is brutally pragmatic in the sense that it is compensation for “poisoning the green.”

Catch is not doing anything about it ignores the effort of, I believe, of Union Carbide to get listed all the extreme fatal chemicals that are opening the planet to large swaths of global genocide from NIMBY (not in my backyard) spills.  This is not just “kill planet” species, but kill human life in a big way.

There must be a historical imperative to come to grip with the applied entrepreneurial economic law social, that waste treatment sites have to be made earth-stressed proof to contain these extremely fatal chemicals and to develop the science of neutralizing them.

Although appearances would say this is a black affair glowing red symbolically, I say it’s very white indeed.  It used to mean bleaching the Great Barrier Reef with tourism.  Now it’s swaths of global genocide making humans white, then blue.

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